Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park (formerly Vinpearl Nam Hoi An)

In addition to historical and cultural attractions, nowadays Hoi An also has a couple of amusement parks to entertain. Definitely, they’re ideal places for families with children and groups of young travelers. Right inside the town’s centre, the Hoi An Impression theme park is on an island and it’s famous for world-class the Hoi An memories show. The other one is the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An.

Have opened to the public since April 2018, the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park (formerly Vinpearl Nam Hoi An theme park) has the first waterpark ever in Hoi An. Since then, during hot months, it has become a popular destination for families and groups of friends. Here, fun seekers will enjoy adventuring rides and rolls, play many water games, know more about local handicrafts and folk arts, and take pictures at colorful buildings from different cultures. For sure, all members (participants) have a great time and relive life and work stresses.

This article, we provide everything about the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park to ensure that your family’s trip will be easier.

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Table of content

What is the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park?

The Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park (or Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An waterpark, Vinpearl Hoi An theme park) is an amusement park to the south of Hoi An. Its grand opening is on 28th April 2018 as the first waterpark in the area. Since then, this 60-hectares ground has emerged to be one of must-go attractions for families and groups of friends, especially in the summer. It comprises a waterpark, outdoor and indoor entertaining activities, a safari, local traditional handicraft displays and restaurants. Additionally, in its centre, there are two trading streets simulating Hoi An (Asia) and Europe, divided by an artificial river.

Next to the Vinwonders park, there is Vinpearl Resort Nam Hoi An, a large complex for leisure with 429 rooms and 130 villas by the beach. This owns the largest infinity swimming pool in Hoi An. Its 18-hole golf course meets international standards. So, travelers can consider staying here and spend time to have fun in the amusement park later.

Note: Children below 14 years old and 1,4 meters in height must go with family (or adults).

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Opening Hours of Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Amusement Park

The Vinwonders Nam Hoi An amusement park’s opening hours is 9 am to 8 pm every day, including weekends and Vietnamese national holidays. However, different sections of this park have their own specific times to operate.

– The water park: 10 am to 5:30 pm

– The Folk culture island: 9 am to 5:30 pm

– The safari: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

– The Adventure land (outdoor games): 9:30 am to 7 pm


The Best Time to Visit Vinwonders Hoi An Amusement Park

During the dry season when it’s always sunny (February to September), the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park is a popular choice for tourists and locals. To avoid the crowds, visitors should come earlier than 9 am (if possible, reserve tickets in advance). The Safari is often crowded, and the queue can be skipped for early (first) comers. Additionally, the temperature is not too high at that time either. On the other hand, if visiting the park later (especially around lunchtime), it’s busy everywhere. Long lines of tourists waiting for experiences may make kids impatient.   

Using an after-4pm ticket pass to enter and enjoy entertainment in the park is another good choice. For those who don’t like to spend too much time here, it’s more proper (especially if traveling with elders). At night, visitors can witness two shows regularly, and one more show from Friday to Sunday. The last performance begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 7:50 pm. Therefore, it’s really possible to stay in the park until its closing time. After the Vinwonders, Hoi An’s old town is most perfect to continue discovering the area.

Note: Before going to the Vinwonders Hoi An theme park, visitors should bring a swimsuit, swim glasses, sun cream, sun glasses, bottles of water, cash money and a small bag to contain that stuff. If traveling kids, stroller, hat/cap/umbrella, snacks, and other necessary things need to be prepared in advance.

Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park Tickets

Entrance Fee of Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park

Each adult or visitor taller than 1,4 meters will pay 600,000 VND. It’s just 450,000 VND for children with height between 1 and 1,4 meters, and free of charge for kids (under 1 meter). If adults are older than 60, this entry fee is down to 450,000 VND. The inclusions are the entry to all attractions and all entertaining games/activities/shows within the park. Any meals, beverages, transfers, guiding and other services are excluded.  

After 4 pm daily, the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park entrance fee is 420,000 VND and 320,000 VND respectively. Above-60-years-old people will pay only 320,000 VND. The inclusions and exclusions are the same to full-day tickets.

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How to Buy Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Ticket?

Visitors can come to the official counters near the entrance to buy directly. Both cash (Vietnam dong only) and cards are accepted. Besides on-site spots, it’s possible to reserve and get Vinwonders Hoi An tickets at reputable online sellers (companies, travel agencies, etc). The price may be cheaper. Along the highway to the park, after Cua Dai bridge, there are a few roadside booths (to the right hand side) to buy too. However, buyers should go with someone who is reliable and helpful, such as tour guide or Vietnamese friends.

Get around the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park


Visitors absolutely can access all places in Vinwonders Nam Hoi An by walking. From the Entrance, the distance to the waterpark is only 100 meters, and it’s the same to the Adventure land (outdoor games). The furthest attraction – the Folk culture island is 700 meters.

Sections of the theme park are arranged around the central river that is in its centre. So, it’s not difficult to reach and navigate. From the Entrance, to the left, the waterpark is firstly seen. After that, clockwise, there are the Hoi An-style quarter, the Safari, the Folk culture island with the Hill of wishes, 4D film castle, the European quarter and the Adventure land.

By Buggy

If would like to use an electric buggy to get around the park, the fee is 100,000 VND per adult and children taller than 1,4m. It’s 80,000 VND for kids with a height between 1 and 1,4 meters, and of course, free of charge for smaller ones.

After entering the Entrance, looking to the left, the ticket counter there and the waiting area is opposite. One buggy is comfortable for a group of 7 people (or less), so family members absolutely can go together. Solo travelers need to tell staff or the driver to have a proper seat (the cars are not privately booked so when needed, just take!). A paper-made ring will be tied around the wrist of visitors paid to make sure that the right service is for the right people.

After dropping passengers where they want, the driver leaves and doesn’t wait. It means that there is no same driver all the time. To get to another place, visitors should stand at regulated pick up/drop off points, and just hail any buggy drivers if available.

By Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is another way to get places quicker. Right by the entrance, visitors will see bicycles for rent and the counters to pay (cash only). Within an hour, the fee is 90,000 VND, and it’s 150,000 VND for 2-hours rental. If like to hire more than 5 hours or until 5:30 pm, it’s 400,000 VND. Deposit is required, and the renters must leave 500,000 VND (cash only again). We recommend this service for solo travelers or couples.

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How to Get to Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park

Location of Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park

The Vinwonders Nam Hoi An amusement park is in Binh Minh commune, Thang Binh district, to the south of Hoi An. It’s 16 kilometers away from Hoi An centre – the Old town and An Bang beach area. From Cua Dai beach area, the distance is 14 kilometers.

Free Shuttle Bus from Hoi An

In Hoi An, the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park’s shuttle bus will pick up visitors at 4 places: Vinpearl Resort & Spa at 9 am, Cua Dai beach at 9:05 am, An Bang beach at 9:10 am, and Hai Ba Trung St at 9:20 am. The bus arrives at 9:50 am. The last station is closest to hotels in Hoi An’s centre, and its exact location is by the crossroad with Nguyen Cong Tru St (or near Cam Pho people’s committee building). Vinwonder’s logo there makes visitors easier to recognize. Because there is no parking service in this pick-up point, should reach it by taxi.

For the way back to Hoi An, visitors need to go to the Customer service to get tickets before 12 pm.

Free Shuttle Bus from Da Nang

Free shuttle bus to the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park is also available in Da Nang. It will start from Vinpearl Riverfront Hotel (341 Tran Hung Dao St) at 9 o’clock in the morning, and then comes to Vincom shopping center. Two more pick up places are Vinpearl Luxury Resort (today Marriott Resort, 3 Truong Sa St) and Vinpearl Resort Danang (23 Truong Sa St). The bus arrives at 10 am.

Da Nang visitors need to come to the Customer service to get tickets for the way back by 12 pm.

By Car and Taxi

Car and taxi are proper transport options for families and small groups. Compared to Vinwonders Hoi An theme park shuttle bus, there is more flexible. Visitors can request to start the trip anytime and if like to visit somewhere else, it’s easier to adjust the plan. A roundtrip private car rental from Hoi An costs from 600,000 VND (pick up/drop off at the hotel), and from Da Nang, it’s from 800,000 VND. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to book.

By Motorbike

Vietnamese visitors often ride motorbikes to get to the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park. Parking there is by the main entrance, and it’s free of charge. Staff will give a card for security. If loose it, visitors must prove their ownership and pay a punishment of 50,000 VND.

From Hoi An’s beaches, just need to follow the coastal road (Lac Long Quan St or Au Co St) and then find the shortest access to Vo Chi Cong St. After Cua Dai bridge spanning Thu Bon river, go straight for about 8 kilometers and the park is to the left hand side. It’s big, so very easy to recognize.

From Hoi An’s Old town and the surroundings, Tran Nhan Tong St is most convenient. At the traffic light (when it encounters Vo Chi Cong St), turn right and cross the bridge.

If stay in Da Nang, the coastal road is still the best choice and most simple to navigate. From the hotel, visitors should check the shortest way to see it (Vo Nguyen Giap St or Truong Sa St on the map). After that, just ride southwards to Hoi An and across Cua Dai bridge. In the crossroad between the coastal road and Vo Chi Cong St (traffic light near Boutique Hoi An Resort), remember to turn right and follow that boulevard to see the park. If forget and keep riding straight, the distance will be longer.

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What to Do in Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park (MUST READ)

The River Safari

This is the first safari park in Hoi An and Da Nang. It’s home to many animals coming from different continents of the globe and some of them are extinct in the wild. The collection includes tigers, elephants, gibbons, monkeys, kangaroos, gazelles, hippopotamus, giraffe, deer, camel, flamingo, swan.

To tour around and watch animals, visitors must take a boat ride. Its duration is around 25 minutes. Right at Safari’s entrance, it’s needed to stand in the queue and big groups are prioritized to go together in a private canoe. The guide/attendant who speaks Vietnamese mostly and knows basic English, will let passengers know something about the animals. The boat stops at the Elephant island for 5 minutes. There, people can buy fresh fruits (sugar cane, pineapple, etc) for a couple of elephants, one male and one female.  

Private boat ride is the additional service to skip the lines and to enjoy privacy. Its price is 2,500,000 VND (in 2023) for a group of 15 people maximum. A bottled water, food for animals and a photo for the whole group are also included. The Vinwonders park advises to book 1 hour before.

To the left of the pier, the Bird house shouldn’t be missed. Children can buy food and feed the birds, or stand at a close distance to them for a photo.

Note: This place is suggested to first visit in the Vinwonders Hoi An theme park. After entering the park, visitors should go directly to it.

The Waterpark

The waterpark of Vinwonders Hoi An theme park opens from 10 am to 5:30 pm. It is a series of 10 play areas, including a wave pool, a lazy river and slides to provoke emotions. Definitely, here is the best option in hot weather. Especially for kids, they can keep entertained throughout their time. Remember to see the board on which operational hours of each game are shown (near the “entrance” of waterpark).

Locker service is available from 10 am to 6 pm at the house behind the big sign of “water world” and a cafeteria. If have valuable belongings (jewelries, phone, etc) and money, please come to the reception to leave them there. The price is 30,000 VND each time (no deposit needed). To keep non-valuable items, visitors have to get the key from the reception, and walk in the room behind it to find the locker. In this case, it’s needed to leave a deposit of 100,000 VND (will get it back when return the key!). If someone in the family/group doesn’t go, he/she can keep for other members.

Towel and slipper rental cost 50,000 VND and 30,000 VND respectively. However, to hire a towel, visitors must leave a deposit of 200,000 VND by cash.

The Adventure Land

This section is also for fun and excitement seekers. It comprises indoor and outdoor grounds that are for all ages. There are 17 rides in the open-air area, and some of them require children to go with their parents. The Swiss tower is the tallest drop tower in Vietnam (85 meters), and the player’s height has to be 1,3 meters minimum. The closing time is 7:30 pm, so players have so much time to participate and keep themselves entertained.

Musical fountain show here is available at 7:30 pm. It lasts 20 minutes, providing fantastic performances. In the 4D film Castle (near the Hill of wishes), visitors can watch 4D film (at the moment, the Meg and the Lost scepter). It begins every single 30 minutes from 10 am to 6 pm, and its length is 15 minutes. Viewers are advised to be there 5 mins earlier, and they can sit and wait in comfy chairs around.

The Island of Folk Culture

The Island of folk culture is innermost from the Entrance. It’s home to the Hill of wishes – a tall spiral tower inspired by ancient Mesopotamian civilization, and displays of different cultures in Vietnam. From the top of the tower, visitors can view the entire Vinwonders park and distant mountains and islands on the sea. It’s quiet kool.

The journey into the village should be started from the traditional-style entrance gate. Behind it, that is the space for Dong Ho woodblock painting and mask painting crafts. Keep touring around, visitors will see and learn about silk weaving, wood carving in a northern Vietnamese house, paper flowers making in a central Vietnamese house, pottery making and kilns in a southern Vietnamese houses, embroidery weaving of northern ethnics (on the hill), and a village of central highlands tribes. The surrounding of each building is exactly the same to what we can see in reality. A guide (lady) will welcome and give the guests information about the place.

The show “Sailing home” is on stage here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Its time is from 10:30 to 11 am, and from 6:15 to 6:45 pm. Furthermore, at the Community yard (next to Cho Que restaurant), visitors have the chance to watch northern ethnic’s folk performances at 3 pm (20-mins duration). Unesco-registered Hat Then and Hat Chau Van will be shown this year. The 3D mapping show takes place at 6:45 pm in the Hill of wishes. In the central highlands’s space that is not far away, a 15-mins-long performance of gongs is available at 4 pm.


Eating in the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park

Note: Visitors are not allowed to bring foods and drinks from outside into the park. Foods for children, disabilities, people on special diets (due to disease) will be accepted.

Buffet Restaurants and Prices

There are two buffet restaurants in Vinwonders Hoi An theme park: the Harbour Corner and the Deli Land. Both of them stand near the Park’s entrance. Their opening hours are the same, between 11 am and 3 pm (lunchtime). Each adult will pay 300,000 VND and it’s 150,000 VND for children from 1 to 1,4 meters in height. It’s free of charge for smaller kids. If want to have a buffer for lunch, visitors should pay for ticket combo to save. The current price is 855,000 VND (900,000 VND if buy separately). 570,000 VND and 710,000 VND are prices for children (1 to 1,4 meters tall) and above-60-years-old visitors respectively.

After scanning the combo ticket to enter the park, keep in mind to keep it carefully to use again for the meal. Another way is to take a picture of its QR code and save it in the phone to show when needed.  

Other Options to Eat

In the middle of the Folk culture island, Cho Que restaurant serves Vietnamese and local dishes. It opens from 9 am to 6 pm daily. For visitors who book Vinwonders combo ticket with the inclusion of a set menu meal, they’ll come here to eat. A Korean barbeque restaurant is in the European town, inside the Indoor game building.

Vinwonders Nam Hoi An Theme Park After 4 pm

After 4 pm daily, the entrance fee of Vinwonders Hoi An theme park is lower (to know how much, please see details in the above section). The park closes at 8 pm, so visitors will have 4 hours to explore and have fun.  These are things should know:

– The waterpark still opens until 5:30 pm

– The Folk culture island opens until 5:30 pm (here, the 3D Mapping show is at 6:45 pm in the Hill of wishes, and the Sailing home performance is at 6:15 pm in nearby theatre, from Friday to Sunday)

– The safari opens until 4:30 pm (so please ensure that you come to the Vinwonders and get tickets by 4 o’clock to have time enough for the last boat ride)

– Rides and rolls of the Adventure land are available until 7 pm

– The musical fountain show occurs at 7:30 pm (may be the last activity of the day)

– Due to short distance, visitors have choose a restaurant in Hoi An (old town, An Bang beach, Cua Dai beach) to dine out after the visit. 

Note: If too many people visit the park, visitors may miss some activities and experiences because of spending too much time in the queues. Our advice is to go in weekdays (instead of weekends).

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Basket Boat Ride and Vinwonders Hoi An Theme Park Tour

From Da Nang or Hoi An, the Coconut village with basket boat ride and the Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park are in the same direction. Therefore, travelers can combine these fun-packed experiences in one day.

The park opens at 9 am, so it’s possible to enjoy the boat ride first (can depart from the hotel at 8 am). Then, travelers have time to entertain themselves in safari park, waterpark, rides and rolls, or try their hands at local traditional crafts. Lunch is optional, buffet or a set menu with Vietnamese foods or self-arranged. If like to start the day trip later, the basket boat ride will be after the park (around sunset time).

See full details in Vinwonders Nam Hoi An theme park tour

Vinwonders Nam Hoi An on Google Maps

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