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In addition to day trips, travelers have many options of half-day tours in Da Nang to choose from. Not to spend a full day at different places, maybe far from the hotel, it’s more relaxing with one or two attractions to explore for many people. After sightseeing and learning many things, they can have more time to enjoy high-quality accommodation and services (especially when paid a lot for them!). Hanging out in a couple of hours with a local is a balanced way between leisure and exploration. Somehow, it’s good to save, but not always go alone. Usually, meals are excluded and available upon request. In this article, we introduce all guided half-day tours in Da Nang.

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Da Nang Half-day Tour to the Marble Mountains

The best Da Nang half-day tour includes the Marble mountains and the Monkey mountain (Son Tra peninsula). Visitors can choose to depart from 8 am or 1:30 pm. Depending on the weather and convenience, the Marble or Monkey will be the first place to visit. In the Marble mountains, it’s needed to climb many stairs to go to centuries-old Buddhist temples, natural caves and peaks. All tours cover a short visit to local workshops where people have been producing stone sculptures (many for exportation!). Traditionally they exploit the marble from nearby hills.

In the rest of the trip, visitors have the chance to see Da Nang’s largest Buddhist pagoda and especially, the 67-meters-tall Lady Buddha statue. Panoramic views from the hill these landmarks stand, is also loved so much by viewers. In the afternoon tour, it’s possible to watch the sunset here. Naughty monkeys are another interest of the mountain. Read details in the Marble Mountains and Monkey Mountain tour.

Read before you go: The Marble mountains, Linh Ung pagoda, Lady Buddha in Da Nang, the Monkey mountain.


Half-day Golden Bridge Sunrise Tour from Da Nang

The Golden bridge (aka the Golden hand bridge) is one of the best known tourist attractions today in Da Nang, although it’s just constructed in 2018. This 160-meters-long pedestrian bridge has inspired many travelers in the world, a dream for instagrammers. Its glamorous golden handrails and huge supporting hands became not strange anymore. To avoid the crowds, visiting it in the sunrise (or early morning) is the best choice. Read details in the Golden Bridge sunrise tour.

In the Ba Na hills, a former French hill station, visitors can see flower gardens, 1923-built wine cellar, 37-meters-high Gautama Buddha, Linh Ung pagoda, the French village, Fantasy theme park, or climb to the top of Da Nang (1,487 meters). The cable cars reaching Ba Na hills are the longest all over the world. From the cabins, natural scenery is untouched, featuring hills with dense jungle, outcrops and midst.

Read before you go: the Golden bridge, Ba Na hills, Ba Na hills cable car.


Half-day Hoi An City Tour from Da Nang

Hoi An ancient town is 30 kilometers south of Da Nang, so a half day is also enough to visit it, learn about history, culture and cuisine. From 15th to 19th centuries, this charming town was an important trading port in Southeast Asia. Its townscape is unchanged from that time, making it get the world heritage site title from Unesco. There are more than 1,100 ancient buildings preserved now, much of which dated back from 17th and 18th centuries. In the walk, visitors will come to iconic places, such as the Japanese covered bridge, Hoi An central market, old houses, Chinese temples. Besides, souvenir shops, tailor shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and street food vendors are a lot around the streets. So, visitors have many opportunities to go shopping and taste local dishes.

A lantern making class with artisans is included. In which, can make a lantern by your favourite fabric, color and style. The lanterns will be meaningful when bringing them home. Read details in Half-day Hoi An ancient town walking tour.

Read before go: Hoi An ancient town, Hoi An lanterns


Hoi An Night Tour from Da Nang

Hoi An old town at night can’t be missed. It’s famous for the gorgeous beauty of countless lantern lights, vibrant atmosphere and fun activities. Especially during the full moon, locals organize the lantern festival in which all families hang up lanterns lit by candles in their houses. By the Hoai river, they also release paper lanterns to pray or even take a boat to do it. Other experiences visitors can expect are strolling in a chaotic night market, trying street foods, listening to folk songs, playing traditional games or watching amazing cultural shows. The most famous show is the Hoi An memories show, Vietnam’s largest outdoor visual art performance. Read details in Hoi An night tour.

In the evening, visitors have many chances to taste local food specialties, such as cao lau noodle, mi quang noodle, banh mi sandwich or grilled pork.

Read before go: Things to do in Hoi An at night, Hoi An lantern festival, Hoi An night market, Hoi An lantern boat ride, Hoi An memories show, Art of Bai Choi


My Son Sanctuary Tour from Da Nang

My Son sanctuary is 45 kilometers southwest of Da Nang city. This holy land is a series of Hindu temples dating back from 4th century. It’s established by Cham people and emperors to worship Shiva god (or God of destroying). After being abandoned in 14th century, it’s “swallowed” by dense jungle and a French man rediscovered it by mistake. Visiting My Son allows travelers to learn about the history and culture of an ancient kingdom in Vietnam that has disappeared. In 1999, it became a Unesco world cultural heritage site. Besides forests and temples, traditional performances of the Chams and bomb craters are other interests. Read details in Half-day My Son sanctuary tour from Da Nang.

Read before you go: My Son sanctuary travel guide


Da Nang Cave Tour

Da Nang has many caves, mostly located in the Marble mountains. It’s a complex of five majestic hills rising suddenly from the plain, just like a little Ha Long bay on land. Formed millions of years ago, caves here have something unlike elsewhere around Vietnam. Every cave has an open ceiling where rays of the sun, the rain and roots of the tree can fall in, and many temples. So, if visiting, travelers not only see beautiful natural formations, but also learn about local Buddhist culture and folk beliefs. For adrenaline seekers, this cave tour allows them to explore hidden (dark) caves, climb steep stairs, etc. During the Vietnam war, Vietcong communists hid in caves of the Marble mountains. A half-day is well spent for that reason. Read details in Da Nang cave tour

Read before go: Da Nang caves, the Marble mountains


Hoi An Countryside Tour from Da Nang

Outside the world heritage site, Hoi An’s countryside is also stunning. Visitors can visit 4 villages and each one has their own differences. There are Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que vegetable growing village, Cam Thanh water coconut village, and Kim Bong carpentry village. In the first village, local artisans are excited to instruct new friends to make pottery (pot, vase, pan, etc) at their hands, from scratch. In 2nd village, farmers will show and teach visitors how to grow herbs using traditional skills. Here, local families provide cooking class and foot herbal massage. In Cam Thanh, fishermans carry visitors by a basket-like round boat around a well-preserved palm forest. Experience in Kim Bong may be “poorer” because visitors see wood carvers, boat builders at work and buy souvenirs made by locals.

In addition, a water buffalo ride is also popular (if you like animals, skip!). Instead of cars, many travelers love cycling to see rice fields, life of people and hidden temples. Read details in Hoi An countryside tour.

Read before you go: Thanh Ha village, Tra Que village, Cam Thanh village, Kim Bong village, Hoi An basket boat ride, Hoi An cooking class.


Half-day Son Tra Peninsula Tour by Jeep

Son Tra peninsula (aka the Monkey mountain) is in northeast of Da Nang. It’s famous for dense tropical forests where the last populations of red shanked douc langurs are living, and fascinating coastlines. Rising up to 715 meters, its summit is visible from everywhere around the city. Its shape, like a clam, giving the name “the clam harbour” from Chinese people for Da Nang. By the southern coast, the 3rd Linh Ung pagoda was built, including the tallest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam. Since then, not just nature lovers and locals, more foreigners visit the peninsula. Read details in Son Tra peninsula tour.

Due to rugged terrain, jeep (or motorbike) becomes the best vehicle to discover the Son Tra peninsula. In this military car, travelers can take a deep breath with fresh air, see up-close the wildlife (if lucky, the langurs), lush forests and scenic coastlines. Up the mountain, there are outlooks where people can have panoramic views. Read details in Son Tra peninsula tour by jeep.

Read before go: Son Tra peninsula (Monkey mountain)

Da Nang Street Food Tour

Da Nang cuisine is known by many people in Vietnam. Both day and night times, visitors have many chances to try food specialties and local beverages. Famous dishes are mi quang (noodle), banh xeo (rice pancakes), nem lui (grilled pork skewers, rolled with rice papers and veggies), bun cha ca (fish cake noodle), bun thit nuong (grilled pork noodle), banh trang cuon thit heo (boiled pork rolling with raw vegetables, dip with anchovy sauce) or oc hut (the snails which people have to suck to eat!). Most foods are found in traditional markets, such as Con market, Son Tra night market, etc. Besides walking, visitors can expect to have a food tour by scooter (even driven by local ladies wearing traditional dress) or by jeep. Read details in Da Nang food tour.

Read before go: Da Nang food specialties

Hai Van Pass Tour from Da Nang

Hai Van pass is 19 kilometers away from Da Nang city. It’s a famed 20-kilometers-long mountain pass traversing a spur of the Annamite range jutting into the ocean. So, this natural wonder is packed by outlooks where travelers enjoy bird’s eye views so far, stretching from high mountains down the coast. Its natural beauty is enhanced by fog and clouds. On the top, at an elevation of 500 meters, a 19th-century military base was built, surrounded by concrete bunkers. On the other side of the range, Lang Co lagoon is another must see. Visitors love to see its turquoise water dotted with oyster farms, towering mountains and forests behind. Of course, here, it’s possible to try fresh oysters at a cheap price. Read details in Hai Van pass tour from Da Nang

Read before go: Hai Van pass, Lang Co bay and lagoon

Fact: Hai Van pass is the best coastal road in Vietnam. It appeared in an episode of the Top Gear: Vietnam Special of a world-famous British motoring programme.

Half-day Da Nang Museums and Bridges Tour

Da Nang is a city of bridges and museums. Its first museum, the Da Nang museum of Cham sculpture was opened in 1919, to exhibit priceless artifacts from Cham’s culture. Cham people owned a kingdom from 2nd to 19th centuries in the contemporary central coastline of Vietnam. Today, more museums are built, with different themes. On the other hand, the first bridge spanning Han river is the Han river bridge, completed in 2000. It provides the passage from the old city to the beach. Other well-known bridges are the Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, and Thuan Phuoc bridge. Read more details in Half-day Da Nang museums and bridges tour. This tour excludes the Golden bridge (or the Golden hand bridge) on Ba Na hills.

Read before you go: Museum of Cham sculpture, the Dragon bridge, the Han river bridge, Da Nang war museum, the Da Nang museum.


Than Tai Hot Spring Park Tour from Da Nang

Than Tai hot spring park is one of the best choices for families, in the summertime in Da Nang. Set by Ba Na hills’s national park, in an untouched nature, this attraction provides services of hot spring bath, mud bath, Japanese-style onsen bath, massage and small water park for entertainment. Staying overnight here is also stunning, thanks to calm and fresh surroundings. Read further information in Than Tai hot spring park tour.

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Da Nang Private Tour Guide

If you need a private local tour guide who speaks English fluently, is friendly, responsible and knowledge, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827.

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