Hoi An Tour Guide: How to Find a Private Tour Guide in Hoi An

Most tour packages in Hoi An cover “ a guide”. He or she may be the first and closest local to the visitors, who lead the group to enjoy the whole holiday. Not only a staff with duties and responsibilities, this new friend is a part of the experience. In which, he/she introduces, shares, tells and explains everything about his/her home country and the sights in the itinerary. Unlike a history book, the story teller says knowledge that is easy to remember and understand. By that, the visitors know better and love the place they are in, but still keep relaxed all the time. Tour guide is an ambassador who also connects individuals of the group and local people. This article we outline is to focus on tour guides, one of the keys to make the tours run and end well. We highly recommend seeing other writings: Tour Guide in Hue Vietnam, Da Nang Tour Guide if planning to visit two tourist cities in the north of Hoi An.

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Do I Need a Tour Guide in Hoi An?

A tour guide is necessary when traveling around Hoi An and nearby cities Da Nang and Hue. The city is rich in history and culture, a melting pot between different groups of people up to date. Proof that its historic centre, called Hoi An Old Town, was inscribed by Unesco as a world heritage site. Each nationality, ethnic and religion leaves here its own properties. If following a local guide, he/she will design the best plan for yourself, in which all highlights are included. In different situations, he/she knows which is the best for you.

By experience and knowledge, good places to eat, drink, shop and rejuvenate are quickly given the name, to fit your personal requirements. So, you never need to do any research on the internet by yourself (it may be long!). Your precious time is saved. Language barrier is the next reason to book a guide. English is popular, taught in schools but only a few people out there fully understand what you say. The guide can help to communicate with locals while you are interacting with them. It’s helpful when he/she advises to not choose overpriced things, and should buy more affordable ones.

In addition, day trips often include Hoi An town with other historic-rich attractions. There are the Marble Mountains, My Son Sanctuary, museums and more. Information there is poor and quite poor, so listening to explanations from the guide is more stunning than reading a book. In some areas, without a local guide, touring around is quite confusing and complicated. For example, while exploring the peaceful countryside around Hoi An, you may not navigate quickly and right, to get planned places. Buildings and houses of people are never mentioned in the map or guidebook, to look for them.


General View about Hoi An Tour Guide


To date, there are around 3,800 licensed tour guides in Hoi An and Da Nang. More than a half of them speak English, the language taught in every school across the country. The others are fluent in French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Portuguese. Furthermore, bilingual guides are also many, mainly who communicate well with Vietnamese and English. These are commonly booked by overseas Vietnamese (and their family).


To legally travel with tourists, the guide must be a Vietnam citizen and have a license issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Previously, he or she needs to graduate a university or college, and owns a foreign language certificate that its scrores meet national standards. After permitted by law, trainings are held annually to update the legal knowledge. The guides can work as a freelancer or in a travel agency, up to them.

Pay Rate

Pay rate for private, family and small group tours is from 30 to 50 USD one day, depending on English skills, knowledge and other services. If leading a big or VIP group, this may be more than 50 USD. In different companies, itineraries and destinations, tipping is included or excluded.  

How do I Find a Hoi An Private Tour Guide?

Local Tour Operators

Most local tour operators have their own guides who are on duty in all of their itineraries. The staff are interviewed and trained frequently to ensure that they provide the best services in their ability. So, no doubt that these operators are a great “source of guide” to find one. In addition, thanks to the close relationship with freelance guides, it’s not too hard to fill the gap when all “home guides” are busy or during high seasons. If requiring not English or Vietnamese, should contact early to dependable companies to book.

Dependable Online Travel Sites

Online travel sites can assist to seek a local guide if travelers contact and ask for help. Should select Hoi An or Da Nang-based ones because they have more and better relationships. So, it’s not too difficult for them to recommend a name in the low seasons and easier in the peak seasons. Because information provided for free (without a commission), the tour guide cost is usually cheaper. Keep in mind to get in touch soon, especially if traveling to Hoi An in busy seasons or requiring a knowledgeable and English-fluent guide. Dedicated to instructing how to explore the region well, we can assist. Text in our whatsapp number +84968009827 or email centralvietnamguide@gmail.com.

Organized Tours

All organized tours in Hoi An and Da Nang include a guide as an inclusion, according to Vietnamese laws. When booking, travelers can chat directly with the salesman about personal requirements, like language and level of fluency, experience, age, male or female or even appearance. After that, responsible persons will try to book the one meeting those as much as possible. Because of being overbooked, the guide may be “rare” during the high tourist seasons. To ensure a guide living up to the expectations, contact the tour sellers early.


Hotels have wide and good relationships with tour operators and many people working in the tourism industry. That allows them to quickly contact to find a dependable guide for their guests. Organized tour options are always available in the reception, and travelers can ask for details and book.

On Site Tour Guide in Hoi An Tourist Attractions

In Hoi An Old Town

For groups of 8 visitors minimum, it’s free to travel with a well-trained guide around Hoi An old town. The tour lasts around 2 hours, and in which, the new friend introduces the highlights of the area, from sightseeing places, traditional performances to handicrafts. In each stop, he or she shares in-depth knowledge about what visitors look.

In Thanh Ha Pottery Village

A local tour guide will be provided without an additional fee, for a group of 8 visitors minimum. When buying the ticket, announce it to the cashier if needed. He or she takes them to a workshop where potteries have been produced. There, a mini class to make a pot or bowl from scratch occurs. Then, after touring on paved lanes inside the village, small temples and a local house where each member receives a gift, are the next places. Ticket price is 35,000 VND.

In My Son Sanctuary

If traveling in a group of 10 minimum, the visitor can request a guide, to introduce and explain everything in My Son Sanctuary. Coming to the ticket counters and telling the cashiers there, and then just waiting for a couple of minutes. To ensure the visitor’s experience with quality, the last announcement should be made before 3:30 p.m (closing time is at 5). English of course is the most spoken language, but it’s still possible to sightsee with a French or Chinese guide. If being a solo traveler, small family or group of friends, booking by yourself also in the counters. The price is around 200,000 VND, without tipping. More excellent than many other colleagues, knowledge of on-site guides here is deeper, as they’re trained by history masters.

In the Marble Mountains

Sightseers can book a private on-site guide in any ticket counters of the Marble Mountains. The cost is 50,000 VND for a tour, without tipping. Only Vietnamese and English are available to book now. The advantages are again in knowledge, especially about local belief and religion.



On Site Guide or Private Tour Guide in Hoi An?

Private tour guide is better, especially when travelers have a day or multi-day trip. He or she is fluent in the language(s) the group prefers, knowledgeable about the area and open-minded. As a mine of information, it’s not difficult to customize everything just for yourself, very helpful to save time. In the beginning of the day, he/she recommends a proper time to depart, to fit what’s going on. For example, the weather, health status of the travelers, road construction, traffic congestion, and more.

On the way to get to the destination, stories around it are told, some of which are never mentioned in guidebooks. Many guides show their talent in singing, gaming or joking on the bus, giving the travel time less tired and more fun. In each attraction, his/her explanations help sightseers deepen their understanding so far. When interacting with locals, it’s so helpful with a translation from him/her. Other benefits are recommendations, help, assistance, advice and tips.

Looking for a Hoi An private tour guide? We may help, basing on our knowledge and relationships. First of all, please let us know your requirements, by texting in whatsapp number +84968009827 or email centralvietnamguide@gmail.com.


Audio Guide – The Digital Hoi An Tour Guide

To enhance the visitor’s experience, the audio guide is available in some attractions in the Hoi An ancient town. There are the Japanese Covered Bridge, and museums. Now, six languages are provided to choose from, including Vietnamese, English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. When entering each mentioned place, the sightseers should use on-site wifi or their own internet, to connect and listen to the introductions.  

Pros: cheap cost (even free), availability in some unpopular languages

Cons: not all places, lack of interaction between the guide and visitors, can’t ask questions

Tipping Culture in Vietnam

Before colonial times, tipping culture in Vietnam didn’t exist yet. Today, step by step it has become a part of Vietnamese daily life and more popular in the tourism industry. Many tour operators, especially the ones with good-quality guides and experienced drivers, may request a few dollars per day for their staff. Travelers can give directly to the managers or hand over, up to their liking. Tipping policy in small tour providers is different. For them, tipping and how much depends on the satisfaction of visitors. However, lots of people give money to the guide and driver, to help them to improve their income. In the restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other tourist facilities, how much the guests satisfy is also used to decide the tipping. A few places require a service charge.


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