Golden Bridge Da Nang – A Guide to The Iconic Da Nang Bridge

Recently-built but at the present time, the Golden Bridge Da Nang is one of the awaited attractions in Vietnam. On a slope of high foggy mountain, this delicate bridge and its images have inspired countless travelers. In the peak year, nearly 9 million visitors come here, explore and bring home amazing pictures. At any time of the day or every season of the year, its architecture is still inspirational. Since it has made a boom in social media worldwide, there are many bridges inspired from it, visible in the Philippines, China or inside Vietnam.

Located within another attraction, called Ba Na Hills, the visitor experience is definitely memorable. There, besides sights near the bridge, a French village filled by church, restaurants, café, teahouses, temples and theme park, always welcomes the discoverers. To get to all of them, a cable car is a must and the rides are loved by so many people. The scenery below the cabin just makes wow feelings. All in all, there is nothing to complain about the trip to the hand bridge. This article provides everything you need to know about Golden Bridge Da Nang.

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What is the Golden Bridge?

In Central Vietnam, Golden Bridge is also known as the Golden Hand Bridge, Hand Bridge or Cau Vang in Vietnamese. It’s located in Ba Na Hills, a nationally-famed mountain resort and entertainment complex, 40 km west of Da Nang center. Providing an easy passage from cable car stations to the flower gardens, this 150-meters-long bridge is absolutely for pedestrians. It features a 5-meters-wide deck, paved by wood panels and gold-plated railings on either side. To support it, two giant stone-like hands are designed, and their fingers are just within reach of the visitors. Thanks to being located at an elevation of 1,414 meters, this sight provides a scenic outlook, over below hills and cable cars. Because of its unique and inspirational architecture and fabulous setting, Golden Bridge soon becomes popular in social media and press. Now, it’s among Da Nang’s best tourist attractions.  

Golden Bridge Vietnam Meaning

According to the director of the Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge Da Nang is a string of golden silk, priceless and gorgeous. God of the Mountain uses his hands to give it to humans in the world. Many people say that it’s linked to a religion, but really not in fact.

Why was the Golden Bridge in Vietnam Built?

Golden Bridge Da Nang is an artistic and easy passage from Marseille cable car station to Le Jardin D’Amour flower gardens. Without it, visitors have to walk over many steps due to the mountain location of the place. Moreover, the bridge provides the chance to view beautiful sceneries, rather than from glass walls and breathe clean air. There are more photo opportunities also. Above all, this bridge itself is a tourist attraction because of its wonderful architecture and inspirational design. It’s the next stunning addition into Ba Na Hills, one of Vietnam’s most famous places. Nowadays, Golden Bridge is a reason for instagrammers around the world to visit the hill station. Lastly, its construction minimizes the impacts on hills and forests nearby.

Golden Bridge Vietnam Materials

“What is the Golden Bridge in Vietnam made up of?” is among the most popular questions the travelers ask. According to the architects, because of the special locational setting, they choose materials that are light but ensure visitor safety and are friendly to sunshine. Concrete is used for the main structure (bridge) and the beam is made of steel. The surface above is paved by hopea pierrei wood which is durable and hard to get termites in usual conditions. On either side, the railways are gold-plated titanium stainless steel, looking very shiny in the sun. Two hands are sculpted by fibreglass and wire mesh.

Golden Bridge Vietnam Construction and Cost

Golden Bridge was designed by TA Landscape Architecture Vietnam, a Ho Chi Minh city-based company headed by reputable Vu Viet Anh architect. It’s built from October 2017 to April 2018, and by over 100 workers and artists. During the construction, people overcame many difficulties and challenges from the weather of Ba Na Hills. The mountain resort pays nearly 2 billion US dollars for the bridge and relevant landscapes.

History of Golden Bridge Da Nang

Due to increasing tourists, lines of Ba Na Hills cable car are overloaded and to resolve, a new line construction started in 2012. One year later, Line 4 was opened and held four world records. It carried visitors from the foot of the hills to the Flower gardens and the Gautama Buddha. However, once again crowds of tourists made pathways from the stations to the main attractions were so packed. To serve a better experience and skip the steps, the Sun Group (owner company) requested to build a pedestrian bridge. The idea about two hands supporting the bridge came from one of the company directors. At that time, he stood on the mountain and imagined him in the hands of God.

Bridges Inspired from Golden Bridge Vietnam

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge has been an inspiration for numerous buildings in the world, and its sisters can be seen in the Philippines, China and some other countries. Materials and meaning may be changed, however, many of which are nice to visit. 

The latest rate of Golden Bridge entrance fee is 850,000 VND for adults and teenagers above 1,4 meters in height. For childrens between 1 and 1,4 meters, it’s 700,000 VND and free of charge for little ones under 1 meter. The price includes Ba Na Hills cable car, entry to all sights, activities, nearly all of the games in the theme park and a buffet lunch. Travelers can buy tickets in the counters by cable car stations, via travel agencies or online. Even in high tourist seasons, the number of tickets sold is not limited. But if reserving or purchasing in advance, travelers may skip long lines or have cheaper deals. 

How Much Time Do I Need to Visit Golden Bridge?

If aiming to visit Golden Bridge Da Nang only, you need to spend a minimum of half a day. The time includes transfer from your hotel (in Da Nang or Hoi An) to the Ba Na Hills, buying tickets, getting cable car rides up and down, visiting the bridge, taking pictures, taking breaks and returning. During the high seasons, you may spend from one to two hours extra, because of long queues anywhere. However, in common, travelers choose to have a day trip, to visit the entire Ba Na Hills and have lunch in buffet restaurants. Depending on what you need, planning the itinerary properly. 

Closer to the sun than anywhere else in Da Nang, sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary things to bring. Camera or phone is a must because the Golden Bridge motivates anybody to have at least one picture with it. In the sun, it’s shiny and goldish. Weather in the area often changes and sometimes temperature decreases really quickly. Ensuring that except shorts and T-shirt, more layers are in the bag before leaving the hotel. Because of many steps during the visit, wearing a pair of proper shoes!. A couple of water bottles is also important, to treat your thirst, however there are many beverage stalls up the mountain. Snacks are for sale in all corners there, with prices more expensive than in the city. Should buy some if having a full day experience. In the wet season, don’t forget an umbrella, raincoat and waterproof shoes.

Golden Bridge is a part of Ba Na Hills, so their nicest months to sightsee in the year are the same. Read our own guide for Ba Na Hills weather for further information. In the case of the day only, the best time to visit Golden Bridge is easier or later than when crowds of tourists come. During the high seasons, the attraction is packed by pedestrians, making visiting or photographing not too comfortable. For a better experience, many people choose to return if their first walk is not fully enjoyable.

Early morning is the best choice, because besides the Golden Bridge, visitors also need a couple of hours after to explore other things to see and do. The earliest cable car line opens at 7:30 a.m, so try to get one cabin of it. If that’s Line 4 which heads straight to the bridge, there is nothing more to be . Morning is also perfect to wander around flower gardens nearby. If staying overnight in the hills, you may be the first person to see the bridge in the day.

If prefering to come to Ba Na hills in the late afternoon, try to be on the Golden Bridge before sunset. At that time, the sunlight still supports good pictures and the temperature is cooler than midday. Viewing the sunset from the bridge absolutely is off the beaten path, worth it to experience. After it’s dark, French Village with fairy lights will be the next stunner. Definitely, it’s free from crowds and noise. Dining restaurants are available there to eat out. 

Golden Bridge Vietnam Location

Golden Bridge Vietnam is located near Marseille cable car station of the Line 4 which runs from Hoi An station in the plain. So, the quickest way to get to it is by Line 4 (which is holding four world records). In an evelation of 1,414 meters, this new wonder is also close by Le Jardin D’Amour flower gardens. In upper terrace, visitors can find Bordeux station to reach the French village.  

Ba Na Hills Cable Car – Gateway to Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills cable car is only way to get to Golden Bridge now. Amongst three lines to depart, Line 4 is the best, as it provides the fastest ride. From its arrival station (Marseille), visitors dont’s need walk upstairs much to see the bridge, to the right. Natural sceneries from a cabin of Line 4 may be most fantastic. See more information about Ba Na Hills cable car, the first kool experience in

If for some reason, Line 4 (the quickest way) is not operated in the day you visit, you may arrive in French Village or below the Buddha. In first case, the nearest station to get a transfer to Golden Bridge area is the Morin, but the shortest one is from Louvre station. In second case, anyway your cabin lands in Ba Na station. Within a walking distance, it’s easy to find a furnicular ride, to reach up a place near the bridge. Cabins from Morin station also drop off passengers in a station that just need to take a short walk to get the furnicular station.

How to Get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang

Just with a 40mins-drive, travelers can escape from busy downtown of Da Nang and start the exploration to Golden Bridge. There are many choices to pick for the transfer: taxi, private car, bus, shuttle bus, motorcycle and jeep. Not only riding by yourself, guided tours by these vehicles are available to book, in local operators. Thanks to being located in city centre, it’s easy to take a transfer from Da Nang airport (the largest and busiest in the region). See details in our article

Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

Some 40 km northwest of Hoi An old town, all road vehicles are convenient and easy to book to get to Ba Na Hills. Lots of travelers choose a guided tour package by private car or bus, but many others love to ride by their own bikes. It takes around one hour for the drive only, excluding picking up if join a group tour. No matter which option you will select to explore the Golden Bridge, you can find full guide in our article

Golden Bridge Da Nang Private Tour

Joining a private or small-group tour with a local guide, is nice to optimize the experience in Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills. Firstly, travelers can start their trip anytime they request, for example in the early morning to avoid crowds and the heat. The guide who comes to the attraction many times, is knowledgeable and knows how to make a proper itinerary. In which, his travelers don’t miss out any highlights but are still off the crowds. Not just about things to have fun, history stories also are interesting to learn.

Instead of being in long queues to buy tickets, travelers just need to relax with a cold drink and receive them quickly later. Compared to join-in-group tours, travelers also save time because don’t wait much to pick up other friends. If looking for one private or customized trip, contact us via whatsapp (+84) 968009827 or email, to know our recommendations. 

Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge Full Day Tour

A full-day trip is the best choice to explore Golden Bridge and greater Ba Na Hills. It’s possible for both Da Nang and Hoi An cities. In which, travelers have enough time to visit every attraction and participate in every activity there. Each day in Ba Na Hills is characterized by a four-seasons weather, so one day is perfect to know different “seasons”. During the high months, the queue is in all places. So, if having a half-day trip, the time is partly for standing in line and waiting. Should spend some additional hours to make the experience more relaxed.

Contact us via whatsapp number (+84) 968009827 to know our recommendations for the best day tours now. A tour often covers round trip transfer to Ba Na Hills, entrance fee and cable car ticket, lunch, English-speaking guide and experienced driver. 

Golden Bridge is an attraction within another attraction, called Ba Na Hills. The wider tourist draw provides many stunning sights and activities to see and do. Visitors may know its colorful flower gardens, huge Buddha statue and French Village including an amusement park. So, a full day trip is often made, to have enough time to enjoy them. Read our official travel guide to Ba Na Hills for more details.

Golden Bridge Vietnam Map

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