My Khe Beach: A Complete Guide to Da Nang’s Best Beach

Da Nang is a lovely seaside city with many beaches, and the best is My Khe. Located on the eastern coastline, it’s between little-known beaches near the foot of Son Tra Mountain and well-known Non Nuoc Beach lined with luxury resorts. This summer paradise is not only famous for domestic and local swimmers, but also foreign sunbathers and surfers. Visit it at sunrise, there are citizens doing exercise, cooling down, meditating and selling fresh fishes on the sand. All make the scene of life so lively. American soldiers loved and used it for recreations during their time in the Vietnam War. Now, the post-war period, its outstanding features are for Vietnamese veterans and tourists. Lots of tall hotels are built, followed by restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, and fun activities.

This comprehensive guide provides all you need to know about My Khe Beach, one of the best free-and-easy attractions. Should also note that there is another My Khe beach in Quang Ngai city but not prominent like the one in Da Nang. It’s close to the Memorial of My Lai (Pinkville) Massacre, a sad event in the Vietnam War. So, be careful when researching online, to avoid the information being wrong or not updated yet.  

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Introduction about My Khe Beach in Da Nang

What is My Khe Beach?

My Khe Beach (or Bai bien My Khe) is the municipal beach of Da Nang, a part of the Gold Coast stretching until famous An Bang and Cua Dai beaches in Hoi An. It owns a lengthy strip of fine sand fringed by clear, unpolluted and rock-free water. On that, there are lots of sun beds to lounge by coconut palms, breezy restaurants and bars. It’s possible to expect water sports to entertain during the sunny hours, such as surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, etc. On the other side of Vo Nguyen Giap (general) Rd, sea lovers have much hotels and resorts to choose to stay overnight, and enjoy brilliant sunrise from the window. At night, the atmosphere here is calm but sometimes broken by live music in nightlife spots.

Other facts you may be interested:

  • My Khe pronunciation (How to pronounce My Khe): /mi: kwue/
  • My Khe meaning in English: “the beautiful stream”
  • Nickname for My Khe in Da Nang: the China Beach (called by American soldiers during the Vietnam War), Phuoc My (called according to the name of Phuoc My ward where it administratively belongs to).

My Khe Beach Forbes

Da Nang’s My Khe Beach is the top 6 sexiest beaches on the planet by Forbes in 2005. This rating boosts growth of tourism here and many new constructions are added nearby followed by. In addition, this little paradise on the earth is also in the list of Vietnam’s 10 most beautiful beaches, Asia’s 25 best beaches by TripAdvisor or Asia’s 10 best beaches by an Australian magazine.

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History of My Khe Beach

My Khe Fishing Village

My Khe is the name of a Vietnamese fishing village. It means “the beautiful stream” because there was a stream that existed in the area. It’s tagged on the map for the first time in the 16th century, in the reign of Le Anh Tong King. Same to every village across the region, this was established by Tien hien “the founders” and developed by Hau hien who are Tien Hien’s childrens or people coming later. A communal house was constructed to worship them. Nowadays, the temple overlooks the Nguyen Cong Tru – Ho Nghinh crossroad 400 meters from My Khe Beach. On 22nd August 1945, villagers and communists protested and overthrown the French-led regime, and found the first liberal one in Da Nang. After the Vietnam War, some cultural heritages here were lost against dizzy transformations of the city. Belief in worship of the Whale is still alive in the dragon-roof temple on the beach.

My Khe Beach during the Vietnam War

China Beach is the nickname of what Americans called My Khe Beach during their time in the Vietnam War (1965-1973). The reason is that the beach is a part of the South China Sea. An evacuation hospital and R&R (rest and recreation) facility were built by its shore. After the battles ended, just the hospital still stands on the ground and it’s transformed into a center where Vietnamese veterans are taken care of. Boring sand dunes are replaced by luxury hotels, resorts and modern constructions. In recent times, “China Beach” once again is a hot topic, related to Vietnamese maritime sovereignty. It’s banned to be used in public.

Fact: China Beach is also an American dramatic television series, debuted in 1988 and its last episode was in 1991. It’s based on a book written by a real former US army nurse who was in the Vietnam War.


Things to Do in My Khe Beach during the Day

My Khe Beach Activities on Sands

Swimming and Sunbathing

My Khe Beach is blessed by the God that owns a shallow, rock-free, warm and unpolluted water, coupled with gentle waves. It’s familiar, visited by local families and swimmers nearly all year around. In the most crowded area, flags, signals and little nippers are placed on the sea to indicate the safe swimming zone. Rescuers are always in busy hours, the early morning and late afternoon, and well-trained to identify and help quickly swimmers in trouble. They come from nearby villages, so they understand how the beach is from a young age. To wash or shower, fresh water is “for sale” here with a very cheap price. If swimming in the south part of My Khe Beach (in front of hotels), it’s not available.

Thanks to spacious sand expanses, My Khe Beach is idyllic to sunbathe and sunbathers. On a sunny day, just choose a spot giving you enough convenience and privacy. In the best times (morning or afternoon), somewhere up the north or down the south of the main swimming spot is good to away from crowds. Under the coconut palms, the sun chair rental price is around 40.000 VND for a day. If taking something from the menu, it may be free.

Kid Playground

My Khe Beach definitely is a great place for little ones. They can run around the sand expanses without any traffic, build a sandcastle or have fun with waves. In Dana Beach, slides, balls, and some others are available for kids if their parents take something from the menu. In addition, teenagers can join football or volleyball matches with locals or fly a kite with new same-age friends. Teenagers are allowed to learn and entaintain on a surf or stand up paddle board too.

Watching Sunrise and Sunset

My Khe Beach is one of the best spots to view the gorgeous beauty of nature when the sun rises. On the sands by the Whale Temple, there are lots of local watchers every morning and exercisers who come to play sports, dance, run, swim, practice Tai Chi and cool off. Around the golden horizon, fisherman boats gradually approach the shore, to offload their catches of seafood. Together with sounds of waves, birds, music from crews of street dancers, all make the scene of life really lively. Coffee shops and breakfast eateries are many in off-the-coast streets, to boost the energy before sunbathing in the sun.

Note: Parking in the Whale Temple square or on the roads is prohibited. If getting to the beach by your own bike, leaving it in legal parking lots. Price is 5,000 VND.

At the end of the day, “traffic” becomes busy and the scenery looks mesmerizing once again. Travelers can go to a beach bar, to chill out with a cold drink, savour yummy seafood platters and enjoy live music. For an idea of things to do in My Khe beach at night, stroll down to find out.   

Early Morning Fish Market

On a little-known expanse to the north of My Khe Beach, a fish market opens every early morning. The sellers there are the wifes in fisherman families and sell what their husbands just catched in previous hours. Therefore, the seafood are really fresh. No surprise that beside locals, many tourists also come to buy. This is the only chance to see a traditional market on the sands in the same coast. Things here are nice content for photographs, from authentic scenes of local life, colorful fisher boats on the water to basket boats that are unique to Central Vietnam. 5 to 6 a.m is the nicest time to experience, and the right location is the front of Beach Front Villa.

Da Nang Beach Festivals

My Khe Beach is the ionic beach of Da Nang, so it’s the host of many celebrations, from sport, food, music to art, more. The largest event is the 2016 Asian Beach Game in which nearly 2,200 athletes from 41 countries compete to win the gold medal in 22 sports. Throughout the year, travelers can attend festivals themed in kite, basket boat painting, local dishes, beer, and tourism promotions. The Whale festival is held here on some days in February. Fishers aim to pray for good weather, safety and bumber catches. For them, the whale always saves the boat in trouble and it deserves to be respected and venerated.

My Khe Beach Activities on Water

My Khe Beach Surfing

Da Nang’s My Khe beach is a popular place for surfers in the country. The best time to spend time with a board on waves here is from September to March. Sun, clear skies, warm water and winds with a moderate speed and without gusts, all ideal during the period to surf. Choice of both rentals and schools is limited. Two most dependable places now are the Da Nang Surf School (in the Temple resort), in the north and the Shack Surf in the south. Read our guide to Da Nang surfing for further information, and you also may know Lang Co beach and An Bang beach to compare and choose the best for yourself.

Members of the China Beach Surf Club, an association founded in 1967 by American solders, were the first surfers in Da Nang.

Jet Skiing, Parasailing & Other Water Games

Parasailing has been available in My Khe Beach since 2014. Travelers can join it throughout the summer time and especially, in April and May when domestic tourism is at its peak. A ride costs 500.000 VND for one person and 800,000 VND for two persons. The time on air is from 15 to 20 minutes. Jet skiing is the next fun water game, charging 500.000 VND for a ride, for two people in 15 minutes. If would like a longer experience, travelers will pay 650,000 VND and 900,000 VND for 20-minutes and 30-minutes respectively. A group of 3 to 5 people can book and have fun on a banana boat. The price is 950,000 VND (15 minutes). Wake boarding costs 1,2 million and 2 million in turn for a 15-minutes and 20-minutes ride. To participate, if can’t see any ongoing activity on the beach, travelers can come to Dana Beach (entertainment center).   

Stand-up Paddleboarding

The northern water of My Khe Beach is home of SUPing organizers. In the Temple Resort, the Da Nang Surf School has two options of paddleboards to select, the soft and the epoxy. Each hourly rental charges 10 USD and 15 USD respectively and the price is 20 USD and 30 USD for a 3-hours package. Wetsuit and lashguard are available to hire also. All costs include leash, wax and life jacket. If the wind is strong, the waves are big and travelers don’t wear the life vest, the requirements are refused for safety reasons. Lessons are for sale too, all levels of expertise and ages welcomed.  

The other reliable place for SUP-ers is the Da Nang S.U.P club. Every sunrise, it provides a package of rental with guiding from members, costing 100,000 VND per person. Before rowing, basics about the sport are introduced briefly. Travelers have free bags to store personal belongings and a phone cover. If would like to reach further to the coast of Son Tra Peninsula to snorkel, an extra fee will be charged. The location where the boards depart is Bai But below the Lady Buddha in a special option. It’s also non touristy.

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Things to Do in My Khe Beach at Night

My Khe Beach Bar

After the dinner, travelers have many choices of bars in My Khe Beach to go, both on the sands, the top floor or in inner streets. Generally, most in the An Thuong area in the southern tip where western venues are located. It’s without difficulty to seek a divine drink or cold beer in a cozy, stress-free atmosphere there. Looking for live music accompanied with the sound of waves? Heading over to the coast, a couple of places serve it. Don’t forget to check out rooftop bars in seafront hotels, the picture-perfect view enhances the experience so far. If getting there earlier, a killer sunset around the horizon is seen. Stroll down to the section “My Khe Beach Bar” to know the recommendations.

My Khe Beach Night Market

250 meters from the water edge, An Thuong Night Market is often called by tourists “My Khe beach night market”. It owns dozens of food, beverage and souvenir stalls run by friendly locals. The cuisine is quite diverse, including European and Asian dishes. That allows visitors the chance to taste different flavours but don’t need to walk too far. Selling price is not too costly.  

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My Khe Beach Restaurants

Restaurants in My Khe Main Beach

My Khe main beach is the area around the most popular swimming spot, Vo Nguyen Giap – Vo Van Kiet crossroad. To the left of the sands, there is a row of restaurants, mainly Vietnamese style and all serve the menu with a focus on seafood. The most talked-about places are the For You (4U) and My Hanh where the kitchen prepares fresh and living ingredients only. Located on the 20th floor, the Sky View provides a dining experience enhanced by a family-like atmosphere, glorious view over the coast, excellent service and staff. It’s in the same building as Sky 21, an unmissable rooftop bar.

In the inner streets like Ha Bong, Ho Nghinh or Nguyen Cong Tru, travelers definitely find more restaurants with a local feeling. Seafood again is what the cooks there serve best. The Brilliant or Moc Quan are highly recommended by citizens. Authentic local dishes are available in two widely-known brands, Mi Quang Ba Mua and Com Ga Ba Buoi. The second has a more limited menu, specializing in Hoi An-style chicken rice. A top Indian restaurant is close by, and if walking further up north, it’s possible to find out Da Nang’s most delicious vegetarian foods.

*Highly recommended to see the map at the end of the content, to see a certain location of each place.

Restaurants in South My Khe Beach

At the end of My Khe beach promenade, Hai San Pho is a seafood mecca where the guests have plenty of living seafood to pick from aquariums. Price is pre-announced, little expensive, and no difference between local and international tourists. Atmosphere here is busy in peak hours, should reserve a table if possible. Before or after dinner, travelers can go to the DanaBeach Color next door, to chill out on comfy colorful sofas placed right on the sand.

Nearby, Hoang Ke Viem and Ngo Thi Sy St lead to a variety of eating places to choose from, within the An Thuong area. Fast foods, cheap eats, local flavours, Asian and western styles, fine dining and market with food carts, all are around it. From breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner to late night meal, hungry souls are no hard to search one. Many kitchens are led by foreign chefs who prepare their hometown quintessence, allowing the guests enjoy beguine tastes. See the bests in our separate guide to the area in

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My Khe Beach Bars

Sky 21 Bar

Location: Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel, 216 Vo Nguyen Giap St – Opening hours: 6:30 p.m to midnight

On one of the highest places near the coast, travelers can find signature cocktails to sip and enjoy wonderful scenery here. The rest of the menu covers aperitif, local beer, mocktail, spirit, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. Wines are carefully-selected, imported from France, Chile and Italy. The last order is made at midnight. During the special occasions (Christmas, international and Vietnamese new years), a special set menu is provided and a reservation is required.

Chickland Lounge

Location: Chicland Hotel, 210 Vo Nguyen Giap St – Opening hours: 5 p.m to midnight from Sunday to Thursday, 5 p.m to 1 a.m on Friday and Saturday

On the highest floor of a tree-covered hotel, this chilly oasis is great to escape from the busy beach and traffic below. Running along the pool, it provides barrier-free spaces with lots of seatings placed around the bar and a long beverage menu. Here, the bartenders not only make cocktails using classic recipes, but also special wine glasses with local ingredients.

Apocalypse Beach Club

Location: 51 Vo Nguyen Giap St – Opening hours: 10 a.m to 2 a.m

Opening from brunch time to early hours, the menu of this easy-breezy coastal venue serves up both foods and beverages. Funs here actually start after the sunset. Travelers can expect entertainment such as exciting music played by DJs, dynamic dances from flaming dancers while slowly sipping divine cocktails. Parties filled with joys, happy hours all night and cheerful, social atmosphere are other expectations.

Dana Beach Color

Location: 51 Vo Nguyen Giap St – Opening hours: 8 a.m to 3 a.m

Located in the southernmost tip of public My Khe Beach, this breezy entertainment center closes later than any places. Colorful comfortable sofas on the sands also make it more special, drawing local youth to take pictures and chill in a scenic sunset. In the same area, a beer club with foreign artists and female Djs, a lounge with a warm atmosphere and a full-equipped karaoke room keep the guests entertained throughout the whole night. Before the sun goes down, watersports are available to have adrenaline experiences. 

BNF Pub & Grill

Location: East Sea Park – Opening hours: 5 to 11 p.m

Ideally located on the most visited sand expanse, this venue is not strange to locals who come to seek icy drinks and live music shows. It has the first and only outdoor stage on Da Nang’s beach to serve citizens and tourists. On some selected nights of the week, attractive performances from singers and DJs stir up the atmosphere here and its surroundings.

The Holiday Beach Club

Location: Vo Nguyen Giap St (in front of Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort) – Opening hours: 5 to 11 p.m

This seaside hotel facility opens its door to all travelers who visit to get a cold beverage and unwind. Foods are also served, with a quite pricey cost. Flamenco night is from 8 to 10 p.m everyday, and will be in 15th-floor venue if the weather doesn’t support it.

Off-the-coast Bars

Near the coast, there are many choices of bars and lounges in the An Thuong (aka Da Nang Western Quarter). Unlike seaside venues, international tourists are major guests. That provides the chance to seek new fellow friends and share about the experiences in the day with a cup of icy beverage on the hand. Some people come here to be away from chaotic crowds and loud music there. See the best places to spend the precious night in our article about the area, in 

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My Khe Beach Hotels (Da Nang Beachfront Hotels)

Main article: My Khe Beach Hotels

To the left of My Khe Beach’s boulevard, there are a lot of accommodations to choose from, including high-rise and luxury hotels. Near the main swimming spot (where the road is widest), a series of tall ones is built from the large roundabout to five-star Four Points by Sheraton. Some of the best seafood in the city are located around. There, the guests will see living (freshest) ingredients for a quality meal. Only 5 minutes are needed to arrive at Da Nang’s most iconic night scenes, the Han riverfronts.

Down south, it’s possible to seek more rooms and more facilities in famous brands, including sun chairs for the guest only on the beach in their front. If selecting one here to stay overnight, travelers can spend time on the sands without crowds, a minute walk from the lobby. Distance to An Thuong area (aka Western quarter) is walkable. Options for eating and drinking there are varied equally to the downtown.

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The Best Time to Visit My Khe Beach

Travelers can expect lots of sun during the dry season, from January to July, and cooler temperatures in the rest of the year (called “wet season”). The hottest months are May, June and July, with an average degree of 28oC minimum. Sure, it’s higher in the midday (from 12 to 3 p.m) and lower when the sun is not high (or disappears). Therefore, the early morning and later afternoon onwards are most ideal to stroll along the wateredge with barefoot, swim, sunbathe, photograph or join water games. The coldest months are December, January and February, featuring a little rainfall and monsoon winds. It’s still nice to visit when the rain doesn’t happen, but most outdoor activities are closed. To enjoy surfing, should come from September to March. We recommend reading Da Nang weather guide when planning a trip to the city, whether it includes a visit to My Khe beach or not.

The “third season” in Da Nang is the period between October and December when typhoons hit the region. Heavy rains, the highest rainfall of the year, and flooding on streets are followed by. Locals and tourists often don’t go swimming at this time, not only to keep safe, but also because of cold waters and strong waves. Keep in mind to bring a raincoat or umbrella if liking to see My Khe Beach. Above all, checking the weather forecast is most important.



How to Get to My Khe Beach & Parking


My Khe Beach is just less than 2 km from any areas between the Han River and the coast. Tourist hotels are often built on the seafront and in branching roads of Vo Nguyen Giap Boulevard, their distance is really short to start a sea pilgrimage. One of the most international traveler hubs, An Thuong Area is also a few hundred meters away.  

Taxi and Private Car

Distance from the area between the airport and Han River (left riverbank) is from 2,5 to 4,5 kilometers. It’s nearer to hotels in the right bank. Correspondingly, the cost of a 4-seat taxi is from 35,000 to 70,000 VND to get to the main swimming spot (Whale Temple square). Absolutely, these are cheaper if departing from a place between the river and the beach. Airport taxis charge around 70,000 VND.

Motorcycle and Bicycle

My Khe Beach is easy to get by motorcycle and bicycle. Its shoreline is the end of horizontal wide roads running from the city downtown, such as Pham Van Dong, Vo Van Kiet, Nguyen Van Thoai and Ho Xuan Huong. If staying on the left bank of Han River, cross any bridge near the hotel and ride straight away. No turns please. From the airport, Nguyen Van Linh St and Duy Tan St provide the quickest (shortest) way to the beach from international and domestic terminals respectively. It takes around 10 minutes by motorcycle no matter which place. Bike parking in My Khe Beach is 5,000 VND. 


There are 4 buses available now to get from different parts of the city to My Khe Beach, especially the portion from Pham Van Dong to Nguyen Van Thoai crossroads. Three of which are public, including No.5, No.12 and TMF. The frequency is 30 minutes and the ticket price is around 5,000 VND per passenger. Although each has its own route, all pick up and drop off along the palm boulevard between Vo Van Kiet and Pham Van Dong intersections.

The last choice is Da Nang hop on hop off bus, touring along the coast road next to the beach. It gets around the city following 2 routes. Both begin from the domestic terminal of the airport and cross over the Dragon bridge. One stops at the Lady Buddha and the other allows passengers to leave in the Marble Mountains. The operating hours are from 7 a.m to 9 p.m but may adjust in tourist and weather seasons.

Getting to My Khe Beach from Hoi An

My Khe Beach is 25 km north of Hoi An old town, the centre of Hoi An city. It takes 30 minutes by car and a little more if riding the motorcycle. The quickest road to get to it is the coast road Lac Long Quan-Truong Sa-Vo Nguyen Giap. There are no public transports touring along this because just resorts and tourist facilities lining it. If aiming to have a self-guided trip, don’t forget to sightsee the Marble Mountains and the sculpture village on the half-way to My Khe. As one of Da Nang’s best attractions, many local organized tour operators recommend stopping and seeing the beach. Packages on a car, bus, jeep, bikes and side motorcycle are all available to book.

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My Khe Beach on Google Maps

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