What to Do in Da Nang At Night

Between the sunset and midnight, there are many things to do in Da Nang that travelers should know before getting to bed. Thankfully, different styles of traveling, budget or ages can find their own fitted one(s) to get entertained. The recommendation may be a leisure walk in the richest-decorated streets and landmarks, or a fun-filled party all night long in an atmospheric bar. If liking to follow the pace of the locals, travelers (especially men) are recommended to visit a beer restaurant. There, communal, social ambience and delicious foods with authentic flavours definitely make a memorable experience. For Vietnamese, drinking beers and chatting with fellow friends are a way to destress. One of the most iconic images of Da Nang is taken in the Dragon Bridge fire show. Attendance is a must during weekends. No alcohol or feel busy enough in the daytime? Having a massage to treat the body and soul.

This article introduces things to do in Da Nang at night, not just the ones mentioned above. We recommend reading the guide to Hoi An lantern festival which takes place every full moon. It’s the most featured cultural event of the whole area, so no reasons to miss your time in Da Nang. Locals also usually visit to admire the gorgeous beauty of the town made from fairy lights of countless lanterns. Hoi An is just 30 km away or 40 minutes drive from the city center.

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Dragon Bridge Fire Show

This 30-mins outdoor show is one of the most popular things to do in Da Nang at night. It takes place at 9 p.m every Saturday and Sunday. In which, the dragon of the Cau Rong (Dragon Bridge) breathes fire and water from its mouth. Traffic is unallowed on the road to provide spaces and safety to viewers. There are many options to see it: near dragon’s head, riverside parks, a river cruise, a coffee shop or restaurant overlooking the riverfront. Read our traveler guide to the Dragon Bridge to know further information.


Han River Waterfronts and Da Nang Bridges at Night

Strolling along the banks of Han River is a favourite thing to do for locals, not only for exercise but also for getting refreshed. Both waterfronts are lovely, clean and deserve to wander along, representing a new Vietnam emerging. The highlights are outlined as following below:

– Bach Dang Riverfront (the left bank, old city bank): the best for the first time, stretching from the Han River Harbour to Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The busiest portion is between Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge because it has spacious paved areas, a breezy atmosphere and is lined by many trees and flowers to the left. From anywhere on it, two neon-lit bridges are easy to see and nice backgrounds for Instagram pictures. On the other side of the one-way boulevard, there are top bars, rooftop bars and pubs in town that are awesome to get a cocktail and socialize. The southern section, between the Dragon Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge, newly designed parks and promenades are going to be a next pedestrian draw. Snack, drink and souvenir stores will be there soon.

– Tran Hung Dao Riverfront (the right bank): featuring a paved walkway lined with palms by the water edge and trees in the other. Between the yacht and the Dragon Bridge, there are iconic statue of “Carp Transforming into Dragon”, the Love Lock Bridge, and the bustling Son Tra Night Market. This side is the best place to witness the Dragon Bridge fire show every weekend. It takes 5 mins to go to the nearest seafront, and top bars in Bach Dang St.

– Nguyen Van Troi Pedestrian Bridge: next to Tran Thi Bridge. It’s built in the American war for military activities, and now only dedicated to pedestrians. Before it’s dark, the grassy park on the right bank is filled by sunset watchers.

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Da Nang Boat Trips

Han River waterfronts and bridges are unmissable while staying over in Da Nang. All become sparkling, graceful with millions of lights, in different colors after the sun disappears. Near the water edge, there are parks filled by trees and flowers, symbolic architectures, tall buildings and flickering lights from motorcycles moving in river-parallel roads. The bridges are best loved, featuring an overwhelming color-changing LED lighting system or neon-lit. On the weekend, the Dragon Bridge fire show is another reason to embark and enjoy. To view this scene of prosperity and vibrancy, getting on a river cruise is the best choice. See details in our complete guide to Da Nang boat trips.


Nights Markets in Da Nang

Da Nang has many night markets, located in the city center and outlyings. Read our guide to all of them here, to find answers for wondering questions. Only 3 of which are long-lived and house numerous stalls where travelers can shop around to buy reasonably-priced products and taste new dishes. See information in brief as following below:

– Son Tra Night Market (aka Da Nang Night Market): a tourist market with over 150 stalls dealing in food, souvenirs, fashion items, and a live music stage. Near the Dragon Bridge, it’s packed by visitors before and after the fire show on the weekend. On the weekdays, only busy during high seasons.

– Helio Night Market: in the proximity of the Asia Park (amusement park), it’s popular to both locals and tourists. Foods from different cuisines, souvenirs and seatings are many to choose from. A good option for what to do in Da Nang at night in the week days.

– Le Duan Local Night Market: known for stalls lining a small lane of Le Duan St. Visitors can see genuine slices of local life, from sellers to buyers. Things to buy here are cheap clothes, fake watches, phone accessories, local brand shirts, leather items, and fresh fruit cuts with chilli salt. 


Asia Park and Da Nang Ferris Wheel

Main article: Da Nang’s Amusement Parks

Travelers can easily spend the night with a visit in the Asia Park (or Sun World Da Nang Wonders). Buffet is available, so its restaurant may be a choice to have dinner before exploring the surroundings. The 125m-tall wheel is most famous, one of the largest of its kind on the planet. It has 64 cabins, able to convey 380 observers at the same time. From there, an amazing view of all the colorful bridges over the Han River is provided, and of course, many impressive instagram pictures can be taken.

On the ground below, there are 21 indoor and outdoor games just designed to make the players full of joy and fun. Some of which are dedicated to kids’ entertainment. Asian wonders in a much smaller size such as Angkor Wat, are seen not far away. For instagrammers, these are awesome contents for social media posts and videos. In a walking distance, Helio night market and kid center absolutely are what the little ones like and feel interested in. A cinema is also close, offering both Vietnamese and foreign films.

Cultural Shows in Da Nang

Charming Da Nang Show

This show begins at 7:30 p.m every night in the Culture House of Labour Da Nang (2 Cach Mang Thang Tam St). Its performances are full of Vietnamese spirits and depict different slices of the culture by language of art. The audience may see dancings of the Chams, contemporary songs with a theme in life of people or folk musical instruments. All are performed by nearly 80 professional actors, actresses and singers who wear traditional costumes to express the pride about their ancestor’s creations. Script for the whole night is made by a couple of mother and daughter, both have experiences for some decades.   

Nguyen Hien Dinh Theatre

This is the only stage in Da Nang where people can watch Tuong (opera), a form of Vietnamese theatre that might have been introduced from China in 13rd century. It features stunning plays depicting ancient stories and legends. Here, the performers are professional actors trained by the troupe who served soldiers’ entertainments in the Vietnam war. Before the lights are on, each wears a traditional costume and has makeup that expresses the personalities of the characters. Based on the colors, the viewers can guess, such as red representing bravery and straightforwardness, or blue representing intrigue and bad behaviors. There are many musical instruments used during the performances.

*Nguyen Hien Dinh (1853-1926) is a great contributor to the development of Tuong, borned in the city.

Watching the art of Tuong in Nguyen Hien Dinh Theatre is a less popular way to learn about local culture, a special experience. See reschedule and updates in the official webpage in nhahattuongdanang.com.

Da Nang Nightlife: Bars and Clubs

A perfect night out can’t exclude a bar where excellent beverages from the bartender and social, fun-filled ambience are provided. Read our own guide to Da Nang nightlife to know the best venues to spend the time before going to bed. These are what travelers can expect in town:

– Bars near Han River waterfront: inside streets of Bach Dang Rd, including both local and international places.

– Rooftop bars: most in the top of hotels in Bach Dang St, to allow the drinkers view glorious Han river and bridges from above.

– Beach bars: located on the sands of My Khe Beach, serving a variety of drinks, and different kinds of entertainments such as live singing, dancing, magic, games, more. There are some rooftop bar options with a cool sea breeze, great for chilling out. If looking for international/expat vibes, radaring An Thuong Area nearby.

– Night clubs: the most well-known one is just a few minutes drive from the Dragon Bridge and night market. It’s possible to seek a late night party with loud music, lots of fun and so many local buddies in the surrounding area.

Hoi An Old Town – 30km South of Da Nang

An evening experience in Hoi An Old Town is very popular with travelers sleeping in Da Nang. The world heritage site owns twinkling lantern-lit walking streets, a bustling night market with many tasty street foods and cheap souvenirs. That’s really ideal to stroll around. There are some awesome activities to do as well, like a boat ride along the canal, dropping candle lanterns down the water or watching Bai Choi (a folk art). Hungry? Restaurants in the area are so many to dine out, varied in style, price and quality of services. It’s not hard to find a bar and pub in the surroundings.  

The best time to see the Hoi An Old Town at night is in the full moon when the Lantern festival occurs. See complete guide to it here.

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Getting a Massage

A massage is a deserving reward to the body and soul after a busy day of exploration. Top spas are located in different parts of the city center, so the seekers sometimes just need a short transfer to start fully-enjoyable treatments. In the high seasons, should make a reservation in advance. If looking for a luxury experience, getting in touch with beach resorts, to book their service and well-trained therapists. Read our article to know where to go for the best massage in Da Nang.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

This largest festival in Da Nang is held annually in June or another sunny month when the rainfall is lowest. During its time, locals and travellers love enjoying extremely creative and colorful performances of lights. Together with perfectly-matching music, the audience’s emotion is from one wow to the other. Many country’s representatives compete to win and in the female night, the winner is announced. One of the candidate teams represents the city, as the host. No doubt, if visiting Da Nang when the festival occurs, travelers have a great idea for an activity after it’s dark. Cruise with drinks and food is available also, not only seats on the stage. See more information in our guide to festivals in Da Nang.

What to Do in Da Nang at Night like a Local

If staying overnight in Da Nang long enough, doing what citizens do is also a way to understand the deeper local lifestyle. Travelers may come to a beer restaurant where men often come to drink beers with ice, eat foods and chat with best friends. Local beer brand is Larue, and its name was used for the first time in 1927 on the bottles produced by a French company. The menu has a long list of dishes, giving 100% authentic tastes of Da Nang. And some of which are never seen in tourist places for some reason. Additionally, the atmosphere there is more social and communal than anywhere else, because Vietnamese like to share. After the party, people tend to go to a karaoke room to sing for fun, and then to a bar to dance. On the other hand, other locals like more chilly things to do, such as coming to public spaces by bodies of water.


Street Food Tour on a Motorcycle

Street foods and motorcycles are parts of Da Nang’s local culture. On the wheels, travelers will head over to different corners of the city, see life of people and explore secrets behind tasty dishes. Evening is the perfect time to arrange a food safari, due to the largest variety of food, cool temperature and chance to feel most local vibes. If prefering to an easy-breezy option, should book a guided tour. Read our guide to Da Nang street foods and Da Nang’s food tours to get more details. 


Visiting Da Nang’s Attractions at Night

Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills opens from the morning until 9 p.m, so travellers absolutely can visit it by night. Local people recommend getting a cable car in the late afternoon, to see beautiful scenery, and then the sunset from the Golden Bridge. After the darkness falls, the hill station provides a romantic, chilly and calm atmosphere, and cool temperature. Don’t forget the French Village on another mountaintop. Its underground theme park and restaurants haven’t closed yet.

The Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda

A visit to this Vietnam’s tallest female Buddha in the evening is so quiet and cool that travelers may not feel it in the daytime. The chance to listen to chantings from the monks is a possibility.  


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