Da Nang Night Market: A Thing To Do in Da Nang at Night

Different from day markets in Da Nang, night markets are held open-air and on streets where traffic is active during sunny hours. A visit there provides the chance to understand better local products and culture, from food, drink, handcrafted objects to different slices of life. Some of them are exotic, unique in the city only. Things for sale allow visitors to try new dishes, enjoy shopping and photographing while strolling leisurely around. Not only tourist markets, local places also open in outlying districts where the foods are really authentic and the products are really cheap.

This article focuses on Da Nang Night Market – one of the most popular activities in Da Nang after it’s dark. The best-known ones to tourists are located by famous attractions where traffic is convenient, making a visitor’s experience easy and fun. No surprise that many nightlife venues are also in a short walk and there, the night is kept entertained. Besides, we recommend reading our guide to Da Nang’s day markets if you would like to visit and get insight into one of the most-lively worlds in town.

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Son Tra Night Market or “Da Nang Night Market”

Location and Opening Times

Located in the district of the same name, Son Tra Night Market includes around 150 food and souvenir stalls. It’s held daily on Ly Nam De St and a part of Mai Hac De St, from when it’s dark to 10 p.m. However, the closing time may be later (until the crowds leave) during the tourist seasons. Because of being near the Dragon Bridge, this nightlife spot becomes busier when its fireshow occurs on the weekend. The peak time is before and after 9 p.m.

What to Expect

One of the first reasons that locals like to come to Da Nang Night Market is food. Stalls in it sell a variety of dishes, from city’s specialties, fast foods, snacks, sweet bites, delicious eats from other regions to seafood barbecues. All are for sale with a not expensive price. It’s possible to expect crispy and yummy banh trang nuong, grilled rice paper with different toppings and sauce, or banh trung cut nuong, rice cakes cooked in ceramic bowls on an open charcoal grill. Classic dishes in Da Nang local cuisine, such as mi quang, pork rolls with raw vegetables and anchovy sauce, and caramelized seafoods. Fresh fruit, drinks, ice cream and sweet soup and cakes are what visitors can think about savoring after the main.

Souvenirs and cheap readymade clothings are other products on offer. Not plentiful like Hoi An, lanterns can be seen, with a limited option to buy. Gifts, postcards, paintings, local candies, bowls, trinkets, accessories, handicraft objects and more, are enough to choose at least a memento to bring home. Touring along the Mai Hac De St, shirts, footwears, leather items and other fashion things are there. Local people often bargain, but it’s up to each visitor. Near the bridge, live music and dance perform on the weekend. Walking further, visitors have the chance to know better about the Art of Bai Choi, a Unesco intangible cultural heritage.


Visitors should take some notes before making their first visit to Da Nang Night Market. Because it’s usually crowded, keep in mind to keep eyes on personal belongings, to not be stolen by pickpockets. If traveling with childrens, ensuring that they’re always around. Like any markets in Vietnam, the first selling price is often much higher than common. Not only international tourists, people from other cities also know this and they decide to bargain to get better prices. Do what locals do, until feeling happy to pay. However, bargaining is not for foods and drinks.   

Things to Do near Da Nang Night Market

Within a walking distance from Da Nang Night Market, visitors have many other options to see, do and enjoy the city’s nightlife. On the Han riverfront, the statue of Marina DHC or “Merlion of Da Nang” depicts the carp transforming into a dragon. It sprays water from its mouth every night. Next to, there is a café with a view to shimmering waters, and a Love Lock Bridge where couples leave their locks to express the everlasting love. The Happy Yacht is also nearby, including restaurants with a menu from Asia to Europe, and chilly bars. This fantastic place allows visitors to dine out and enjoy refreshing beverages from bartenders. On the opposite riverbank, there are many bars and pubs lining the Bach Dang waterfront, many of which sitting atop buildings. In the inner streets, other best bars in Da Nang are located.

Get to Da Nang Night Market & Parking

Da Nang Night Market is near Han riverfront within the city center. Distance from My Khe Beach is only 2 km and from other areas of the downtown area is 4 km maximum. Therefore, it’s convenient to get from the hotel to it, no matter which road vehicles. Price of the ride on a 4-seat taxi is 60,000 VND or smaller. There is no extra fee and travel time is just about 10 minutes. If the market is within walking distance, that’s nice to design an evening walk and explore. Motorcycles are a popular choice to domestic tourists, because they often hire a full day rental. Parking lots are many around pedestrian streets of the market and under the bridge. The fee is 5,000 VND for a bike and when the stalls close, the owners need to return to take the bike.

After the Dragon Bridge fireshow, taxi costs to the places on the opposite riverbank will be more expensive than usual, because the cars have to travel a longer ride (via another bridge). 


Helio Night Market

Location: 2 Thang 9 St – Opening hours: 5 to 11:30 p.m – Bike parking fee: 5,000 VND

Near Asia Park, the name of this night market is the same as Helio Center, one of the best kid entertainment venues. Including over 150 stalls, it’s visited by locals and tourists because of the variety of food, souvenirs and vibrant atmosphere. There are so many choices of dishes to sample, from Da Nang’s specialties, Asian to Western cuisines. crispy rice pancakes, fried corn spring rolls wrapped with mustard leaves, mi quang noodles, and more. Seafood stalls provide many kinds of fresh seafood, and grill visitor’s selections on an open charcoal barbecue. Different from Da Nang Night Market, tables are available for free here, under the roof or outside. On the weekend, live music is on, giving an energetic and festive atmosphere.

Thanks to the city center location, visitors just need to get a short ride to get to it. If riding by yourself, it’s easy to navigate also. In the surroundings, your little ones can find some playgrounds to entertain, both daytime and evening. The largest one is the Asia Park, home of over 20 thrilling games, one of world’s tallest tourist wheels and miniature buildings of some wonders. So, a trip to the area may be fitted to all members of the family. Half-day is recommended.

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An Thuong Night Market

This small market includes dozens of food and souvenir stalls, arranged along short An Thuong 3 St. If looking for something to taste, flavours from all around Vietnam and Asia are available. Price is affordable. In its surroundings, dinner restaurants and nightlife venues are many, to allow visitors to eat and entertain before calling it a night. Because it is located in the Western quarter, it’s not difficult to seek a European or American menu, or a chance to meet other international travel friends. To get to An Thuong, visitors can take any road vehicles because of its convenient location. From the My Khe beach’s hotels and resorts, the distance is walkable.

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Le Duan Night Market

Location: 144 Le Duan St – Opening hours: 5 to 10 p.m – Bike parking fee: 5,000 VND

Some dozens of stalls selling in clothings, leathers, phone accessories and more lining a lane of Le Duan St, is what this market is. Because it is small, the atmosphere is usually crowded, busy and a little stuffy. Thanks to being not popular with tourists, foreign visitors can see authentic slices of local culture. English is actually not used here, but it’s still okay to sellers if talking about the price. Around the entrance, parkings is available and at the end of the lane (Hai Phong St), there are some sugarcane juice and food stands. Should keep belongings careful from pickpockets.

Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

Location: Yen Khe 1 St, Thanh Khe – Opening hours: 5 to 10 p.m – Bike parking fee: 5,000 VND

This was the 2nd night market in Da Nang, established just after the Son Tra Night Market by Han River. It includes more than 200 stalls stretching 1-km pedestrian street. Because of being near universities and colleges, visitors can see many daily-used utensils, makeup kit, fake-brand accessories and clothes, children’s toys, football kits and more. Price is local, so very affordable. However, it’s far from tourist areas, requiring a long ride to get to.

Hoa Khanh Night Market

Location: Le Duan St – Opening hours: 5 to 10 p.m – Bike parking fee: 5,000 VND

Held outside of Hoa Khanh Market from when it’s dark to 10 p.m, this night market is the furthest in Da Nang. There are about 200 food and cloth stalls there. Without many tourists, it’s still busy, because of being near some universities. Price is definitely reasonable but visitors should go around and check prices at different places if aiming to buy something. Food options are varied, including banh mi sandwich, noodles, barbecues, steamed and fried rice dishes, snacks and more. It’s possible to seek an icy cup of fresh sugarcane juice, tropical fruit waters, and soft drinks. 

Da Nang Night Market Tour

Half Day Da Nang Museums and Bridges

This half-day tour option includes Son Tra Night Market if travelers choose to depart in the afternoon. Before strolling along there, other stops to sightsee in turn are the Ho Chi Minh and the Fifth Military Zone Museum, and Museum of Cham Sculpture. In the sites, local guides explain about different artifacts dating from the Vietnam war, and historic stages of Champa kingdom. Two of the most famous bridges in the city, Thuan Phuoc and the Dragon are introduced from the car. At the end of the ride to see bridges, travelers keep exploring the Han River right bank where Da Nang’s Merlion statue and Love Lock Bridge are located. On the weekend, if would like to watch the Dragon Bridge fireshow, riverfront, market and it will be after the dinner. 

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Half Day Marble Mountain, Monkey Mountain & Dragon Bridge

This half-day experience introduces visitors to three highlights of Da Nang, and Son Tra night market if departing in the afternoon. After picking up, all secrets of the Marble Mountains and Non Nuoc marble village are revealed, from nature, history to culture by a knowledgeable guide. Then, the car cruises along the coast to get to Son Tra peninsula where the Lady Buddha stands in the Monkey Mountain. It’s the tallest of the kind in the country, 67 meters in height. At a close distance, the 2nd Linh Ung Pagoda in the day is the next highlight, featuring a grand architecture and bonsai gardens. Before starting a leisure walk in Son Tra Night Market, it’s time to view the romantic Han River and photograph the Dragon Bridge, one of the world’s 30 most unique bridges. Dinner may be included if .

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Da Nang Night Market or Hoi An Night Market?

Most travelers staying in Da Nang visit Hoi An Old Town, a Unesco world heritage site 30 km to the south. And of course, its night market is in their visit. Including over 150 stalls along Nguyen Hoang St, variety of foods and souvenirs in this place makes it title “a paradise of foodies and shapaholic”. In its surroundings, lantern boat rides, nightlife venues, live music restaurants and art cultural shows are available throughout the night. You can see details about what to expect in our comprehensive guide “Hoi An Night Market”.

If Da Nang and Hoi An night markets are compared, the Hoi An’s is better because it’s next to the Old town where all visitors want to visit in the evening. The town owns colorful and lightful lantern-lit quarters, and a shimmering river with floating candle lanterns. Hoi An’s lantern scene at night is epic, very popular in social media. There is no surprise that it’s busy every night, and crowded during the high seasons. Many travel experts say that this is a must for first timers and recommended to repeat the visit if staying nights in town. On the other hand, Da Nang night market is actually packed on the weekend when the Dragon Bridge breathes fire. So, for those who love a stroll free from crowds, that’s great. If wanting to buy souvenirs to bring home, things here may be cheaper because of not too many customers. 


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