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No surprise that now, when travelers make the plan to tour around Vietnam, there are many cable car rides recommended. Some are top things to do in its cities. The aerial journey may be from the plain to top of mountains or across the waters. Many of which held and are holding world records, such as the longest, tallest supporting towers, heaviest cable. To enhance tourist experience, amusement parks, indoor and outdoor activities, restaurants, coffee shops and more are added around the arrival terminal. Thanks to placement in god-blessed areas, it’s possible to see natural creations also, like hills, forests, streams, waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, and more. All ensure that visitors keep entertained throughout the trip.

Da Nang is among the first cities to have a cable car network in Vietnam. The construction was the best solution for efforts in tourism development at a former French hill station and nature protection. Because of being safe, quick, convenient, a bit curious and very nice views, the number of tourists increases over years. Since then, the owner company of the first cable car built several more lines in the same area, and around the country later. Today, cable cars are its million-dollar brands. In this article, we introduce all built- and planning constructions in Da Nang. We recommend reading about Ba Na Hills, the attraction which the best cable car ride carries to, and the Golden Bridge, a must-visit place there.

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Ba Na Hills Cable Car I

On 25th March 2009, the first cable car in Da Nang opened to tourists, called Ba Na-Suoi Mo. This event made a turning point in the history of the Ba Na Hills and the city’s tourism in general. Meanwhile, the amazing engineering work held two Guinness world records, the longest one-wire cable car (5 km) and cable car of the largest elevation difference between first and final stations, ≈1,3km. Now, the duty of its 94 cabins is to transport 1,500 visitors from the plain to the top of Nui Chua Mountain, the Da Nang summit. The construction costs 300 billion VND (≈13 millions USD), and lasts 12 months under the collaboration of Austrian and Vietnamese engineers.

Each cabin is designed like a bell, representing the emblematic flower dao chuong (bell-shaped peach blossom). It provides a ride with such beautiful views, including majestic mountains, white-water falls and creeks, old forests and clouds. After some 10 minutes, the passengers can start their visit to pretty landscaped gardens, a huge Gautama Buddha and the Golden bridge nearby. See more information in centralvietnamguide.com/ba-na-hills-cable-car.


Ba Na Hills Cable Car II

On 29th March 2013, on the occasion of the 38th commemoration of Da Nang liberation day, the second cable car in Da Nang was inaugurated, again in Ba Na Hills. Meanwhile, a representative of the Guiness announced 4 world records about this, 2 of which broke the records its older brother ever held. There are the longest cable car (5,8 km), largest elevation difference between the first and final stations (≈1,400m), largest total length of cables (≈11,600 meters) and heaviest cable (≈142 tonnes). Providing the quickest ride from the plain to Ba Na Hills French Village, it has 25 supporting towers and 86 cabins. Each cabin accommodates 10 people maximum and all of them carry 1,500 passengers every hour. 32 million USD was spent to build it in a couple of years, under the collaboration of Austrian, Swiss and Vietnamese engineers.

Easily seen from pre-built Ba Na Hills cable car I, a ride on it also gives visitors a wonderful experience. Endless tropical forests, giant long-lived trees, small streams, outcrops, purple mountains in the horizon, sea waters around Da Nang, the Monkey Mountain, clouds and more, will be “showcased” before the eyes. The most surprising thing to see is Toc Tien waterfall, a 700-meters tall cascade of water. It’s the highest in Da Nang and the best of it is observed from a cabin of Ba Na Hills cable car II. See more details in centralvietnamguide.com/ba-na-hills-cable-car.


Ba Na Hills Cable Car III

To shorten waiting time for passengers in stations, a new cable car was constructed in Ba Na Hills in 2017. Its ground terminal is named Hoi An (surroundings designed with an inspiration too) and Louvre is the official name of the mountaintop terminal. This latest construction includes 2 legs: from the plain to the Golden bridge (≈5,9km length) and from there to the French Village (800m length). The longer ride carries from 2,500 visitors hourly and the other serves from 3,000 to 4,000 visitors. This cable car provides the quickest reach to the world’s emerging wonder, the Golden Bridge. No instagrammers want to miss out on the itinerary to Da Nang or Hoi An.

A ride on Ba Na Hills Cable Car III is a fabulous experience, made up of great engineering works and picturesque natural beauty. The Austrian and Vietnamese engineers masterly placed the towers, to allow the passenger’s travel to be memorable. During nearly-20 minutes, the cabin moves across an untouched environment, Ba Na-Nui Chua nature reserve with vast woods. Especially, huge outcrops rising impressively above them, absolutely amaze all passengers. See more details in our article via centralvietnamguide.com/ba-na-hills-cable-car.


Ba Na Hills Cable Car IV

This cable car construction is still ongoing and will be operated in the near future. Generally, it provides the ride from the highest station in the foot area of Ba Na Hills, to the French Village. So, the route is similar to the Ba Na Hills Cable Car II. Once again, its role is to reduce the congestion of tourists, especially during the high seasons.


Son Tra Mountain Cable Car

Cable car construction project in Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain is on the roadmap. Local authorities, conservationists and engineers want to research carefully, to minimize the impact to the Son Tra nature reserve. According to recent meetings, The lower station is built in the Water park near the Lady Buddha, and the upper station is near Ban Co peak, top of the mountain.

If being accepted to construct, travelers have the chance to view breath-taking landscapes and seascapes during the ride. Instead of moving a long distance, now, reaching Da Nang’s best outlook is so much easier. However, the wildlife protection in the mountain is the biggest barrier to make plans on paper become true. Son Tra harbours the largest population of red-shanked douc in the country, 1,300 individuals. It’s amongst the rarest primates of the world and titled “the queen of all monkeys”.

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Bach Ma National Park Cable Car

55km northwest of Da Nang, Bach Ma Mountain was a French hill station in 20th century, before World war I began. There are many buildings constructed there, at an elevation of ≈1,500 meters, including nearly 150 villas. After a long-time abandonment, many parts of this famous colonial tourist attraction were covered by the jungle. In lower altitudes, pristine forests are in Bach Ma National Park, home of ≈5,000 flora and fauna species. Thanks to the highest rainfall in the country, the park owns one of Vietnam’s tallest waterfalls (300m). It’s the source of 2 river networks, the Perfume River and Cu De River.

To restore the golden age of Bach Ma hill station, the authorities and private corporations aim to build cable cars. Besides drawing tourists, protection of the national park is another leading goal. The first cable car may be from Khe Su Stream, featuring a length of ≈4,1km and 34 supporting towers. It carries 1,750 passengers maximum every hour. The other may be from Ngu Ho (the Five Waterfalls) to the peak. Its length is 1,6km.

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Bang Am Mountain Cable Car

The peak of Bang Am Mountain is 830 meters above sea level, some 50 km southwest of Da Nang. In the near future, a cable car will be built, to provide the ride from Khe Tan Lake area to it. Around the arrival terminal, Buddhist temples and buildings for entertainment are added, to enhance visitor’s experience. Not far away from here, there is My Son Sanctuary, a Uneco world heritage site. Local authorities expect that two attractions will help tourists easily complete a day trip from Da Nang.  

Other Cable Cars in Vietnam

Ha Long Cable Car

This cable car is 2,2 km long, allowing the passengers to view a part of Ha Long city and the bay, one of 7 new wonders of the world. It has only 2 cabins, but each can accommodate 230 people, the largest capacity globally. So, there are about 2,000 visitors hourly carried to the Sun Wheel. The other world record belongs to the supporting tower. One of its two towers is the tallest on the planet, particularly ≈190 meters.

Cat Ba Cable Car

Opened to tourists in 2020, this 4-km cable car carries passengers from the mainland to Cat Ba Island, one of most famous holiday places. Additionally, it helps to reduce the congestion in the ferry nearby. This is a part of the Cat Ba cable car network that has a length up to 19,5 km. There are 60 cabins, and every hour, 4,500 visitors are transported across the estuary.

Sapa Cable Car

This cable car allows the visitors to reach the Fansipan (Indochina summit, 3,143m) after 15 minutes, instead of 2 days like in the past. It holds two world records: the largest elevation difference between the first and last stations, 1,4 km and the longest three-wire cable car, ≈6,3 km. Constructed from 2013 to 2016, now its 33 cabins carry 2,600 passengers hourly.

Nha Trang Cable Car

Operated in 2007, this 3,3km-long cable car is the first of its kind in Vietnam, and the first across the sea also. It carries the visitors from the mainland (Nha Trang city) to an amusement park and vice versa. Each one of 47 cabins accommodates 8 people maximum, and hourly, there are from 1,000 to 1,500 passengers landing the theme park island.

Da Lat Cable Car

As one of the best things to do in Da Lat, this 2,3km-long cable car provides a ride from the Robin hill to Truc Lam Temple. It has 50 cabins and 10 supporting towers that serve 900 passengers maximum every hour.

Phu Quoc Cable Car

Serving first passengers in 2018, this world’s longest cable car is ≈8 km long. It provides the quickest ride from Phu Quoc island to a smaller one, Hon Thom where an amusement park stands. There are 69 cabins, 30 visitors maximum in each one, and 6 supporting towers. Every hour, 3,500 visitors are transported to the other side of the strait. Travel time is only 15 minutes, half off compared to the canoe ride previously.

Ba Den Mountain Cable Car

This 1,9km-long cable car carries 4,400 visitors hourly, from the ground to South Vietnam delta’s summit (≈1,900 meters above sea level). Inaugurated in 2020, it has 113 cabins, 10 passengers in each one, and provides a 8-minutes ride, instead of 4-hours-long trekking like in the past. There is a Guiness world record it holds, the largest departure terminal. 


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