Da Nang Things to Do: Guide to What to Do in Da Nang Vietnam

Unquestionably, Da Nang deserves a holiday trip from all types of traveller. Firstly, due to the weather. It has a longer sunny time than the north but less hot than the south. During the wet season, it’s least affected by typhoons and floods compared to two neighbours – Hue and Hoi An. While the northern provinces face low temperatures in the last months of the year, this city “enjoys” its warmth thanks to shelter of the towering Hai Van pass range. That is magic. In the Ba Na Hills (roughly 1,500 meters), cool weather is all year round. Friendly people, diversity of foods (especially seafood), fantastic attractions and beaches are other reasons to make it a beloved destination. Not only to visit, Vietnam’s 4th largest city is the best choice to live for locals and many expats, due to the unpolluted environment and reasonable costs.

This guide provides you things to do in Da Nang, from the top 10 to smaller, more specific groups. See Da Nang’s best things to do and reasons if don’t have much time and want to use it best. No matter if you aim to take a self-guided or guided trip, those are things you should know to smartly select or design the travel plan.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Da Nang – Our Choice

The Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills

See details: The Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills

This couple of famous attractions are located in the top of Da Nang, at an elevation of nearly 1,500 meters and within a nature reserve. To get to both, travelers will experience a world-record cable car network across exceedingly beautiful and well-kept environments. The Golden Bridge is best-known, featuring a gorgeous yellow-hued walkway holded gently by amazing hands. Recently, it became a new icon of Da Nang. On another mountaintop, Ba Na Hills owns a French town filled by restaurants, hotels and shop houses, an underground theme park and temples on the summit. It’s the host of exciting outdoor celebrations all year around.

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The Marble Mountains (Da Nang)

See details: The Marble Mountains Da Nang

This reputable place is a cluster of 5 spectacular limestone islands moved to the mainland by geological activities so many centuries ago. Every hill is different to each other, and represents an element in the Five-elements theory. The largest, tallest and most visited one is the “Water Mountain”. It boasts of Da Nang’s oldest Buddhist temples, incredible caves and grottoes, and peaks with a panoramic view along the hiking trails. Around the foot of the hills, locals have been carving stone sculptures for sale since 16th century.

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Hai Van Pass

See details: Hai Van Pass Vietnam

Known as Vietnam’s best coastal road, this 20km-long scenic route is famous for hairpin bends, picturesque sceneries and rumors about danger. Its name means “the Ocean Cloud” and on its top (1,500 meters asl), different states build a military stronghold due to importance in national defense. Many people love to take a ride along it, including the hosts of the famed Top Gear motoring show. By the northern foot, there is Lang Co town sided by an unspoiled lengthy beach, and lovely turquoise lagoon with reflection of rugged mountains.

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Dragon Bridge Fire Show

See details: Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Providing the shortest passage from the airport to the beach, this heavy steel bridge with a dragon is only in Da Nang. It features a yellow-painted dragon looking towards the sea, placed on a median strip between 6 lanes. By night, thousands of color-changing lights make it become a must see. Every weekend, its mouth breathes fire and water, drawing crowds of viewers.

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My Khe Beach

See details: My Khe Beach Da Nang

This is the most well-known beach in Da Nang, stretching for a few miles between two iconic mountains – the Monkey and the Marble. It boasts of powdery and clean sands fringed by unpolluted water with gentle waves and lined by coconut palms in the back. That is ideal to swim, play sports and join exciting activities. In the proximity, visitors will see plenty of seafood restaurants, bars and accommodation options. During the Vietnam war, My Khe was loved by American soldiers and they nicknamed it “China beach” that later became the title for a film.

Than Tai Hot Spring Park

See details: Than Tai Hot Spring Park

This is a natural source of hot water in the foot of the Ba Na Hills range. Opened in April 2016, visitors can expect clean, unpolluted hydrothermal streams within a peaceful environment, to swim and soak. Wellness treatments, Japanese onsen bathing, 3D to 5D films and a water park with slides and pools, are what to expect next. A visit here not only provides a chance to escape from noise and bustle, but also to refresh the mind, soul and body. Little ones can join games and learn about the nature (if possible take them to the hottest place “the souce” where people boil the eggs).

The Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda

See details: Lady Buddha Da Nang, Linh Ung Pagoda

Standing on the top of a hill by Son Tra peninsula’s coast, these Buddhist jewels are Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha statue – 67 meters and Da Nang’s largest pagoda – 20 hectares. Surrounded by bonsai gardens, both overlook the city and shelter its citizens from disasters. Here, visitors also find some picture-perfect panoramic views, especially in the sunset. Due to being close to a nature reserve, naughty monkeys are around and make the place become more interesting.  

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Asia Park – Sun World Da Nang Wonders

See details: Amusement Parks in Da Nang

Asia Park is the only amusement park in the city centre. It’s famous for one of 10 world’s tallest Ferris wheels – 115 meters and the miniatures of some cultural wonders on the earth, like Angkor Wat. To keep entertained, visitors have 20 thrilling rides and games as well as exciting activities and celebrations all day long. Many facilities here have been holding world records.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

See details: Festivals in Da Nang

First held in 2008 to be a signature event to the city, this annual festival is a competition between the host Da Nang and teams from different countries. The winner has an amazing performance that best tells the theme of the year, such as Han River or Marble Mountains. The latest organization lasts 5 weeks, including 4 semi-final nights in June and the fenale in the first week of July. All matches occur on Saturday, to allow travellers and locals arrange time easiest to attend.

Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

See details: Museum of Cham Sculpture

This museum houses the largest collection of stone sculptures carved by the Chams in all of Vietnam, 2,000 at the moment. 400 of which are exhibited in different galleries that each focus on a famous historical place in Champa Kingdom, including My Son Sanctuary. A visit here (with a guide if possible) allows visitors to understand much better about the culture and history of a fallen Hindu-followed state.

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Best Things to Do in Da Nang Based on the Season

In the Dry Season

The dry season in Da Nang from January to August, characterized by high temperatures, many sunshine hours, shortest nighttime and lowest rainfall of the year. This time is ideal for outdoor things to do, such as sightseeing, beach activities, underwater adventures, biking, trekking, hiking, camping, and so on. Due to strong heat in the midday, the morning and mid-afternoon onwards are choices of most people to hang out. The bulk of festivals and celebrations in the dry season, such as the firework competitions. Read our article for Da Nang’s best things to do to find your own ones.

In the Wet Season

Da Nang’s rainy season lasts from September to December. During it, the rains are seen more than 20 days a month, and the rainfall reaches the peak of the year. In addition, the sun is covered by clouds, making the scenery not too bright to feel best and the light not too perfect to photograph. This period, especially “typhoon season” from October to December, is the worst for beach and high mountain trips. However, its temperature is lower than the dry season, especially in the evening.

That’s really nice to walk around and explore the city or sightsee (if it doesn’t rain). Indoor things to do are still priorities. In Da Nang, there are many featured museums to learn about local history or taking fun pictures, and cooking classes to learn better local cuisine. The Marble Mountains is home of many magnificent caves, and an underground exploration inside there is another stunner. See details in Da Nang’s caves and caverns.


Things to Do in Da Nang at Night

Read also: What to Do in Da Nang at Night

After the sun below the horizon, it’s cooler and visitors have a couple of stunning things to do in Da Nang. Locals often come to Han river waterfronts to see lightful neon-lit bridges and colorful lights from streets. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Dragon Bridge breathes fire and water and no doubt, this event becomes a highlight. Nearby night market is a nice place to stroll before or after, to try street foods and buy souvenirs. Top-rated bars and rooftop bars in town are also in a close distance, serving a great beverage menu, upbeat music from DJs and social atmosphere. During the fireworks festival, the best thing to do in Da Nang is to watch amazing performances of lights from different countries. As a foodie, you must know walking food tours guided by a local.


Best Outdoor Things to Do in Da Nang

Read also: Da Nang Outdoor Activities

There are so many outdoor activities and adventures around Da Nang during sunny months. The ones occur on the sandy coastline, high mountains, bodies of water, nature reserve and more. In the air, travelers can choose to get high and see the city from above while paragliding or by helicopter. On the beaches, water sports and games are seen. Amusement and water parks (or hot spring parks) are perfect choices for families or groups of friends, to have a fun time together. All ages are possible to join, have a rush of adrenaline and conquer the fears. For thrill-seekers, the hike in the Marble Mountains or trails through untouched jungles of the Monkey Mountain are what they definitely will do. In the first place, its limestone caves and grottoes are nice to explore, absolutely not just bats. Other must-do activities are riding up the Hai Van Pass, trekking to a hidden waterfall inside nature reserves, rafting or climbing cliffs.

Best Indoor Things to Do in Da Nang

Visiting Da Nang’s Museums

Read also: Museums in Da Nang, Museum of Cham Sculpture

If prefer an indoor thing to do, museums are not perfect but definitely stunning to visit. The most famous museum in town is dedicated to sculptures made by the Chams who ruled the area from 2nd to 19th century. To see the overall view of the city, the Da Nang Museum is the choice and it’s based on an old fortress. Ho Chi Minh Museum aka the War Museum showcases numerous artifacts that tell us different stories about the history of the area during the Vietnam war. Fine art, 3D and Upside Down museums are other stunners in which all members of the family have good memories together, for sure, take many fun pictures.

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Cooking Class

Spending a few hours with local people to learn how to cook different foods is fun and interesting. Da Nang’s cuisine is widely known for its variety and that is the reason why many travelers love to try. Although there are not lots of organizers like in Hoi An, travelers have some professional ones to book and have hands-on experiences in the city.

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Romantic Things to Do in Da Nang

Han River Cruise

Read also: Boat Trips in Da Nang

Viewing the sparkling, colorful Han river at night on a cruise is recommended. The most popular ride is between the Han River bridge – the first bridge and Tran Thi bridge. Of course, during it, visitors have the chance to see and photograph the most unique bridge – the Dragon. On Saturdays and Sundays, a fireshow occurs there and “from the boat” is amongst the best options to watch. Likewise, when the international fireworks festival takes place, the cruise will stop in a perfect location to witness amazing performances of lights.

The Love Lock Bridge

Every couple in the city knows this bridge. It’s on the Han river waterfront (left bank) and near the statue of “carp transforming into dragon” that tells a true story about Da Nang. Here, all people in love like to leave a lock, to express their sincere, strong and permanent love to the other half. In the evening, it’s a wonderful place to view the river and buildings along the water edges.  


Unique Things to Do in Da Nang

Red Shanked Douc Langur Photo Tour

Son Tra Mountain’s nature reserve is home of the largest population of red shanked douc langur, about 1,700 indiviuals. This species is one of the rarest primates in the world, and nearly endemic to Vietnam. Thanks to five colored hair, it’s titled as “the queen of monkeys”. Places to book a tour in which visitors see them and photograph, are limited and the organizers require a reservation for a couple of weeks. However, if found your own guide, the experience absolutely will be unforgettable ahead.   

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Visit Katu Hill Tribe Villages

There are about 102,000 Katu people residing in Laos and Vietnam (western mountains of Da Nang) today. Compared to 80 millions of Viet tribe, this ethnic has a small community but it doesn’t mean that their life and culture are not featured. To discover Katu villages, travelers should join a guided tour from local organizers. Apart from day trips, some of which recommend a stay overnight or a longer duration (to explore the surroundings). Motorcycle riding is the king of transportation.

Cheap and Free Things to Do in Da Nang

Riding up Hai Van Pass or Son Tra Mountain

A ride by motorcycle or bicycle in these spectacular mountains, stands out due to winding coastal roads and packed by scenic landscapes. No matter what you choose to explore, the experience provides lots of nice memories and beautiful pictures. Because of being a part of Vietnam’s busiest highway – QL1A, Hai Van Pass is better known. It is a 20km-long route traversing a spur of Annamite range jutting into the sea and reaches an elevation of 1,500 meters. Less popular but not less stunning, Son Tra aka Monkey Mountain allows the riders to cruise along quiet routes through well-protected forests. By the southern coastline, there are a couple of huge Buddhist landmarks and monkeys!.

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Dragon Bridge Fire Show

Watching the dragon of this bridge breathe fire and water from its mouth, is free and popular to tourists. It occurs at 9 p.m and lasts for 30 minutes. Read details in Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

Sunrise and Sunset

Watching the sunrise on My Khe Beach and sunset on Son Tra Peninsula are not strange to both locals and visitors. There are the best spots to see two brilliant moments of the day. To see the dawn, Thuan Phuoc bridge is also a nice place. To the sundown, should approach parks by Han river and bridges, you never feel disappointed.

Strolling along Han River Waterfronts

Walking leisurely along the parks and water edges of the Han River, is one of favourite activities to locals. Pedestrians will feel cool from winds, see lots of trees and flowers and uniquely-designed bridges at all times of the day. In the sunset, the orangish reflection of the sun on the water is mesmerizing. In Nguyen Van Troi bridge, local youth often sit on the grassy lands and witness the beautiful disappearance of the sun. After it’s dark, lights on and the area looks so colorful, glimmering and perfect for pictures.

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Markets in Da Nang

Any visit to markets is free of charge, no matter tourist or local, day or night. Visitors will see a variety of merchandise and authentic slices of local people’s life. For those who would like to seek and buy cheap things to bring home, these trade centers are one of the best choices. Keep in mind to make the bargaining to lower the selling prices. In addition, foodies also loved to go there, safari yummy dishes and try fresh cuts of tropical fruits. The flavours are non touristy, and that’s really nice.

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Da Nang Private Tour Guide

If you need a private tour guide who speaks English well and is knowledgeable, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827.

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