Hoi An Memories Show: The Best of Hoi An Impression Theme Park

The Hoi An Memories Show is a famous series of outdoor performances in Hoi An at the present time. Thanks to its exceptional production and great cultural stories, it becomes a must in the itinerary of many tourists. If looking for a show that doesn’t disappoint, this may be your choice.  

As Vietnam’s largest outdoor visual art show, the Hoi An Memories Show is planned to be “born” for such a long time, before 2018. It tells the audience the history of Vietnamese people in Hoi An from the beginning to today that have been 400 years already. Hoi An’s signatures are also brought to the stage, such as old trading quarters, lanterns, ladies wearing traditional dress, rivers and boats, etc. Music, light and other designs are also great. Thanks to these productions, it’s well worth it.

In this article, we provide everything that travelers need to know about the Hoi An Memories Show and the Hoi An Impression where it’s in.

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What is the Hoi An Memories Show (Ky Uc Hoi An)?

Debuted in 2018, the Hoi An Memories Show (Vietnamese: Ký ức Hội An) is the largest outdoor visual art show in Vietnam. It’s a part of the Hoi An Impression theme park. This spectacular show happens at night, with participation of around 500 artists. Because of its incredible production, exceptional qualities and being well linked to local history, it becomes a once in a lifetime experience. Hoi An Memories Show is within an hour.

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Hoi An Memories Show Review

The music and songs in the Hoi An memories show are in Vietnamese, in order to express the best spirit of Vietnamese people and their culture. Storytelling is in English. 

Story 1: LIFE

LIFE is the opening performance of the Hoi An memories show. The audience will see a happy fisherman family including parents and a small child, in their thatched-roof bamboo house. The Mother is also pregnant. While she is collecting something in the field (or river), she’s in labor and then the Father carries her back to their house, the safest place. A new member is given birth. Ladies wearing white traditional long dress (called ao dai) move and pose, to describe the labor of all women. That is the beginning of LIFE on earth and Hoi An.

The next performance depicts the arrival of Vietnamese people on the land. Young and strong men come, with long bamboo sticks, to build and create a new life. Later, they use a bamboo tray which is to release water from rivers to catch fishes or pour water into rice fields. And also, play in the river. This part of the show tells the audience the beginning of land owners at the very first history in Hoi An.

Story 2: WEDDING

In true history, Hoi An is in the area that is one of the wedding presents from the emperor of Champa kingdom – Simhavarman III give to the Vietnamese kingdom. He wants to marry the beautiful Vietnamese princess – Huyen Tran, the daughter of Tran Nhan Tong king. Their wedding was in 1306, making a turning point for both countries. It represents the friendship between Viet and Cham people.

Champa king will appear first, on the other side of the river (the river likes the frontier!). Cham people are Hindus, so the audience will see statues of Ganesha (the Elephant-head God). Before the king comes, the soldiers and especially the dancers perform to welcome and celebrate him. He wears the royal costume of Cham people and rides a big elephant. This scene is liked by many viewers.

On the opposite side of the river (stage’s side), Vietnam’s princess comes by a palanquin and she wears a glamorous dress. She bows her head to thank and say goodbye to her home country. Later, the king comes to her and takes her to Champa. They disappear by riding the elephant. Both Viet and Cham people dance and celebrate this historical marriage.

Story 3: LAMP and SEA

This segment of the show tells the audience another side in the life of local people: love between boys and girls. The boy works as a merchant or fisherman, and the girl has to wait for a long time to see him. In past centuries, she could not know when he gets back and even if he is still alive or not (his ship is attacked by pirates on a stormy day). For that reason, their love becomes stronger and stronger over time. Day by day, she holds a lamp (lantern) and goes to the harbour (Hoi An) to look for him, but the dream doesn’t always come true. But, finally later they reunite and dance together in the river, expressing their strong love, loyalty and trust.


Hoi An was a bustling international trading port from 15th to 19th centuries. During that time, people from other parts of Vietnam and many countries come to it to exchange different products. Heritages from Chinese, Japanese, French, Dutch, English and Portuguese are still seen today in the town. This long-lasting prosperity derives from its strategic location on the Silk road and hospitality of land rulers. This part of Hoi An memories show depicts trading activities on rivers and inland, cultural exchanges, diversity, and welcoming spirit.

In the later time, ao dai ladies appear with dan bau – Vietnamese traditional single-stringed musical instrument. They praise the golden past of Hoi An trading harbour. Today, the town becomes busy again, but with tourists, no traders.  

Story 5: AO DAI

Ao dai or the long dress is the traditional costume of Vietnamese people, for both men and women. It represents the beauty, sexiness and elegance of Vietnamese ladies in general. In the past, women wore it and walked around Hoi An. This beautiful thing is told once again, but by art language. The “wave” performance by the Japanese covered bridge is most stunning. The audience just gives a big applause to the dancers who do very well. Great pictures are possible to take, no matter by smart phone or camera. Please remember to not use flash.

In the end of the Hoi An memories show, the Weaver will come up to a high place and sing a song. Then all performers come to the stage once again and say goodbye to the audience.

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Hoi An Memories Show Time and Dates

Travelers can watch the Hoi An memories show 6 days a week, particularly Monday and from Wednesday to Sunday. It means that on Tuesday, it’s not available. We advise checking the days when you stay in Hoi An carefully before any flights are booked. If spending one night here, please make sure that it’s not Tuesday.

Hoi An memories show time is from 8 to 9 pm. However, viewers should come earlier to choose the best seats for themselves (same standard) and visit the theme park. If late, they won’t see the full show and miss the stories. The official speakers say that the best time to show is 30 minutes before it starts.

Fullmoon night is wonderful to witness the Hoi An memories show in the fairy moon light.

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Hoi An Memories Show Price

To watch the Hoi An memories show, each adult will pay 600,000 VND (26 USD) for the Eco Section, 750,000 VND (32,5 USD) for the High Section, and 1,200,000 VND (52 USD) for the Vip Section. There are 150,000 VND, 300,000 VND and 600,000 VND for children under 1,4 meters correspondingly. It’s free of charge for kids of height under 1 meters.

Get 10% discount if directly with us. Call/text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 or centralvietnamguide@gmail.com

All show tickets include the entry to the Hoi An memories island and theme park. Drinks and fruits will be served for viewers sitting in Vip zone. Seats in the Eco Section are lowest, closest to watch the show and then higher in the High and Vip Sections. If seeing it from a higher place, the spectators will fully enjoy its qualities (light, music, movements, etc). Those who book the VIP seats will go up by the elevator. So, the best section is up to personal requirements.

Visitors can not book the seat in advance, just the show. To have the favourite place (for seeing, photography), please come early.

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Hoi An Memories Show Tickets

E-ticket and normal paper ticket are available to use for entering the Hoi An Impression theme park and watching the Hoi An Memories Show. Travelers can book or buy them at many places: online sellers, travel agencies, booking offices, hotels, official websites, and more. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to book and receive E tickets quickly then.

If like to buy on the site, there are three places visitors can go to: 88 Tran Quang Khai St, 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong St and by the Main entrance (inside the island). Those who walk or take a taxi/shuttle bus, please come to the first spot and those who ride the bike or bicycle, the third spot is more convenient (because near parking lots). The second place is best for those who stay in hotels close to the Hoi An Memories Island (in Cam Nam).

E ticket is better than normal paper tickets because while visiting, you don’t have to keep it or worry that it may be lost.

Visitors have to show their tickets in the Main entrance to go inside the theme park and after that, once again, to enter the Stage for watching the show. The reason is that the ticket for the park and the show are separate. If paying for the show, the entry to the park will be included, but the opposite way is no. 

Besides the Hoi An Memories Show, some other attractions and activities that travelers can reserve the tickets in advance too. It’s possible for Ba Na hills and Golden hands bridge, shows of the Hoi An Lune Center, amusement parks.

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Stage of the Hoi An Memories Show

The Seating Plan

The stage of the Hoi An Memories Show has 3,300 outdoor and covered seats. Its lowest seats correspond to the Eco Section and the High Section, and the highest seats on its Vip Section. All seats face a large performing square with a river in the front, trading towns with lanterns to the right and a big sailing ship to the left. From the best seats, the spectators will watch the show, plus an impressive view to rivers, city lights and the sky full of stars. Indeed, the experience is enriched.

The Stage opens 30 minutes before the showtime (at 7:30 pm). Visitors can show their tickets and then select the best liked seats.

Walking to the Stage from the Main Entrance

From the Main entrance, after ticket check, visitors need to go straight through the Trading quarter, until a small bridge. Behind it, there is a small square where outdoor performances (or mini shows) happen. There, visitors will see two bridges, the Japanese bridge (covered) and the Chinese bridge (not covered). The Chinese one provides the shortest distance to the Stage. After walking across it, just need to go through the Chinese village and turn left. By the Japanese covered bridge, the distance is a little bit but the direction is quite similar. The other way is walking by Non La restaurant (“bamboo restaurant”).

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Is the Hoi An Memories Show Worth It?

The Hoi An Memories Show is totally worth watching. It’s the largest outdoor visual art performance in Vietnam, so about the scale, no other shows are more spectacular. It seems that nobody can take their eyes off the stage.

Stories in the Hoi An Memories Show are told within an hour. That’s not too long to sit down and enjoy large-scale performances. Fortunately, the show itself is in the evening when the temperature is lower than the rest of the day. From beginning to end, the spectators will come from a wow to another. 500 artists will appear and altogether make a great time that is good value for money. Definitely, local history and culture are well messaged to viewers, by that, they know better Hoi An. For those who love photography, this culture show is a perfection. In which, they can discover fantastic moments to capture and show friends later.

In addition, the theme park provides visitors more experiences before the show. Free-of-charge short performances are provided every few minutes. The ground itself is kind of lovely in the evening, with buildings in different styles, gardens, canals and colorful lantern lights.


A Guide to Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Hoi An Impression Theme Park Opening Hours

Except Tuesday, Hoi An Impression theme park opens, from 4 pm until the Hoi An Memories Show ends. It means that it’s possible to enter the Moonlight bridge to visit the island at 4 pm onwards.

Hoi An Impression Theme Park Ticket

Entrance fee of the Hoi An Impression theme park alone is 100,000 VND, for adults and children above 1,4 meters in height. If buying the Hoi An Memories Show ticket, it’s included. Please see full details about the show’s ticket above. Visitors absolutely can get tickets on 3 spots: 88 Tran Quang Khai St, 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong St, and the Main entrance of the park. Because all tourists will come here to watch the show, therefore booking the Hoi An Impression ticket somewhere is unavailable.  

What to See in the Hoi An Impression Theme Park?

Visitors will stroll around the Hoi An Impression theme park (and eat, drink something) before watching the Hoi An Memories show. We recommend being here at least 30 minutes before the showtime. These are something that visitors will expect to see in the park:

– Mini shows: there are 7 mini shows at the moment, including the World in Hoi An, the Trai Ho fighting the tiger, the love story of the Silkworm Goddess, Champa dance, the Happy forest, wedding of Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa princess, and the Nguyen lord recruits the soldiers. Each tells the watchers a different story about the history of people in the town over time. Mini shows are available until 7 o’clock.

– Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese villages

– The Trading Town: lined by shophouses, restaurants and beverage stalls

Getting Around the Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Visitors just need to walk around the Hoi An Impression theme park and to the stage where the Hoi An memories show is set.

Eat and Drink in the Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Visitors can go to Non La restaurant (aka the Bamboo restaurant). It has a unique and impressive bamboo design, especially at night. It’s possible to see a set of local dishes from 150,000 VND, combo from 120,000 VND and single dishes from 45,000 VND. A soft drink or milk tea is included in the prices.

By the Moonlight bridge, Tran Quang Khai St or Huyen Tran Cong Chua St, there are some good dining options. Remember to reach the stage on time (should leave the restaurant at 7:30 pm or earlier!).

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How to Get to the Hoi An Memories Island (Hoi An Impression Theme Park)

Location of the Hoi An Memories Island

The Hoi An Impression (theme park) is exactly the entire Con Hen island (now, it’s called the Hoi An Impression island). “Con Hen” means the clam island because locals come here to catch baby clams that are a must for some famous local dishes. The island is not too far from Hoi An’s old town, to the east.


Travelers definitely can walk to get and watch the Hoi An memories show from Hoi An’s ancient quarters. There are two routes to get the island from the town. Both have the same distance (more than 1km a bit), so walking time is around 15 minutes.

Route 1: walking over the Cam Nam bridge and then following Luong Nhu Bich St. After that, reach the island via a bridge (be careful of motorbikes!). At the end of the bridge, turn right and then left to see the Main entrance.

Route 2: walking along Phan Boi Chau St (then Tran Quang Khai St) and going across the Moonlight bridge over Thu Bon river. After that, it takes travelers a few minutes to come to the Main entrance and ticket counters. Only ticket holders are allowed to enter the bridge. The staff will check there. Huyen Tran Cong Chua St bordering the river is another choice, but it’s darker than Phan Boi Chau St.

By Taxi and Shuttle Bus

Taxi and shuttle bus are available in town all the time. That’s why they’re convenient and travelers can have a quick transfer to the Hoi An memories island. If like to access the island by the Moonlight bridge, it’s needed to stop at 88 Tran Quang Khai St (ticket office, petrol station) and then walk. 

By Motorbike and Bicycle

If riding a bike or bicycle to the Hoi An memories island, travelers have to access it via the bridge at 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong St. From the town, they will ride across Cam Nam bridge first (by the Hoi An market), follow Nguyen Tri Phuong St and then turn left when see the sign. After that, ride over the bridge to enter the island and turn right to come to the parking lot. Walking is required from there to get the Entrance and the Stage. It’s free of charge for parking.

By Boat on Thu Bon River

Traveling to the Hoi An Memories Island by boat is an optional service, provided by the Hoi An Impression theme park. Visitors can come to Bach Dang pier in the Old town, buy a ticket and then cruise the Thu Bon river. It’s not just a ride to see Hoi An from a different point, it allows people to photograph (with) the Moonlight bridge, the new Instagrammable spot. Lighting a paper lantern and then releasing it on the river is available.

Da Nang to the Hoi An Memories Island

Da Nang is some 30 kilometers away from Hoi An. The best way to get from Da Nang to the Hoi An Memories island is by private car. The price ranges from 700,000 to 1,200,000 VND, depending on the type of the car or number of seats. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to chat with our assistant and book.

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Hoi An Impression Theme Park on Google Maps

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