Golden Hands Bridge Tour In Sunrise or Sunset (1/2 Day)

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The Golden hands bridge now is a must see place in Da Nang and Hoi An generally and Ba Na Hills in particular. It’s one of the most famous bridges on our planet although it’s only reconstructed in 2018. This wonder has two massive stone-like hands holding a curved bridge that becomes golden in the sun. While standing in it, visitors can see all the views below, until the horizon. The meaning of the building literally is the god of the mountain giving a gift to the new guests, representing hospitality. It’s copied in many countries and still has inspired travel lovers worldwide. Sometimes in the day, the Golden hands bridge (and the hill station) is hidden in the clouds.

*This tour departs from Da Nang or Hoi An

1/2 Day Car or Minivan English 2 Minimum (Private available)


  • Visit the Golden hands bridge – a new world wonder in the sunrise (early morning) or sunset (late afternoon) when not too many people are there. That’s a great chance to take good pictures and have a pleasant experience.
  • Long queues can be skipped anywhere, therefore this is a good option for families with kids or those who don’t want to spend too much time in Ba Na hills.
  • Have time enough for other things to do in Ba Na hills although don’t stay in a full day, including seeing the 27-meters-tall Buddha, climbing to the top of Da Nang or entertainments in the Fantasy park.
  • Lunch is optional and our guide will recommend nice buffet restaurants or other venues to find your favourite foods to eat. 

What's Included

Departure & Return

Tour guide will be in the hotel reception at 7 a.m in Da Nang and 6:30 am in Hoi An (“sunrise tour”) or 1:30 pm in Da Nang or 1 pm in Hoi An (“sunset tour”). Then, the driver transfers to Ba Na Hills cable car station. After 20 minutes in the air, the Golden Bridge and nearby flower gardens are first places to see. After fully discovering, travellers get cable car down the hill and see the driver in the car park then. It takes around 45 minutes to arrive at the hotel in Da Nang center and over 1,5 hours in Hoi An.


Pick up
At 7 a.m in hotel reception in Da Nang and 6:30 am in Hoi An for the sunrise tour. To go for the sunset tour, 1 pm and 1:30 pm respectively are for Hoi An and Da Nang.
Ba Na Hills Cable Car
To get to Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge from the plain, the cable car is only transport. Now this amazing engineering work holds 4 world records, including the longest on the planet – 5 kilometers. Travellers have a nice experience while being conveyed up the mountain, thanks to picteresque natural beauty. There are magnificent hills to hills, well-protected forests with a rich wildlife, rivers with waterfalls, giant outcrops, and clouds.

See details in Ba Na Hills Cable Car
The Golden Hands Bridge
The Golden Hands Bridge is one of the most sought-after places to visit. It opens the doors in 2018 and soon is in the bucket list of lots of travellers. Spanning over 150 meters, its half-oval passage is paved by wood,and handrails are plated by gold. Two huge hands hold it gently, representing the hands of the God what pulls a strip of silk from the mountain. Recently, a Britishnewspaper named this building on top of new wonders in the world.

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Debay Wine Cellar & Flower Gardens
Debay Wine Cellar was built by a group of French rich men in 1923 in a low rock hill by flower gardens. Its role is for preservation of wines and the host of parties. This historic site is designed with a zigzag layout to keep cool temperature stay longer and a bar is placed above to view pretty sceneries.
Linh Ung Pagoda & Gautama Buddha
Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills is the second of three Buddhist temples of the same name in Da Nang. It’s located at the end of a major walkway down from the Golden Bridge. The highlight here is the 27-meters-tall Gautama Buddha who faces the city to shelter its citizens. By the staircases to the worshipping hall, visitors can see the emblematic flower of the hill station every spring – the bell-shaped cherry blossom.

See details in Linh Ung Pagoda Travel Guide
French Village & Fanstasy Park
French Village is located on a higher location than the Golden Bridge. It’s really large, consisting of hundreds of medieval-style buildings lining stone-paved lanes. The church is the most sophisticated architecture, next to the square where festive outdoor celebrations occur. Travellers can sit in a coffee shop or tea house to feel the buzzing atmosphere and nice weather. Under the ground, there are many games to entertain and Vietnam’s first wax museum. The Alpine coaster nearby is another visitor’s favorite.

See details in Da Nang’s Amusement Parks
Nui Chua summit - Top of Da Nang & hoi an
Nui Chua is the summit of Da Nang and Hoi An, with the highest point at 1,487 meters above sea level. Here, people build Buddhist temples, stupas and a bell pavilion where the wholity of the French Village is visible. In the half way, travellers can relax in a quiet tea house with a zen style.

See details in Da Nang Mountain Temples
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Additional Info

  • This experience is run with 2 travelers minimum but private one is still available. Chat with us via whatsapp number +84968009827 for the best price.
  • Confirmation may be received at time of booking.
  • If traveling with kids, an announcement in advance is necessary.
  • Free for childrens under 5 years old and 20% off for childrens from 5 to 10 years old, full fee for older ages.
  • A small extra fee will be surcharged to pick up in the Son Tra peninsula (Da Nang) and South Hoi An area (Hoi An)
  • Most travelers can participate, LGBT-friendly
  • This experience requires good weather. In case it’s canceled, an announcement will be made in advance.

How to Book

Text in whatsapp +84968009827
A reply will be made within a few hours
Cancellation (if required)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Travellers should prepare sun cream, sun glasses, nice shoes and cash. A light jacket is also necessary to wear when the temperature downs after rains or disapperance of the sun. If would like to enter the worshipping halls, just need to ensure that the shirt covers the airmpits. Free sarongs are available to get on and hide the skin on the legs, to express a respect to the Gods and Buddhas. Rain poncho or umbrella is important in a rainy day or the wet season. See more information in travel guide to Ba Na Hills.

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