Non Nuoc Beach: The Famous Beach of Da Nang

Besides the Golden hands bridge – a global hit, Da Nang city also has beautiful beaches. If looking for somewhere great to stay and have a slow holiday, Non Nuoc beach should be one of top choices. It’s lengthy, peaceful, lovely, unpolluted, and nearly private. Here, there are plenty of premium accommodations to choose from, provided by international and leading national hospitalities. Not far away from the main attractions of the area and city centre, when need something to do, it’s easy for travellers to arrange a trip.

This article focuses on Non Nuoc beach which is amongst the best beaches of Da Nang. A comparison between it and other prime beaches (such as My Khe beach) is also outlined by us. We want to make sure that you know the advantages and disadvantages of this little piece of paradise.

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What Is Non Nuoc Beach?

Non Nuoc beach (Bai bien Non Nuoc) is a 8-kilometers-long stretch of fine sandy, non-stop coastline in Da Nang, south of world-famous My Khe beach and north of Hoi An’s beach. This series of beaches lengthens 30 kilometers in total, and is known as the Riviera of Vietnam. Its scenery is absolutely stunning, with white powdery sands, turquoise seawater, lush coconuts, Son Tra peninsula with a tall Buddha statue to the left, offshore Cham islands to the right, and a brilliant sunrise. Many premium international and domestic hotel brands are based here.

This beach is named after Non Nuoc mountains, the first name of the Marble Mountains which is not far away. It’s popular to locals but isn’t known well by tourists. In the legend, a giant dragon from the sea lays an egg on Non Nuoc beach and then it breaks when the baby is borned. Pieces of the shell become marble mountains. In later times, people extracted stone here to carve sculptures and accessories for exportation.

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The Best Times to Visit Non Nuoc Beach

The best time to visit Non Nuoc beach is from January to September. Throughout these months, it’s always sunny, with a blue sky, moderate wind and the chance of rain is minimum. On the beach, the sand is dry and powdery, coupled with warm and clear water and gentle waves. Furthermore, the water is not deep. On low tide days, visitors can walk and swim quite far from the shoreline. Sure, it’s safe for kids and children. There is no surprise that families choose Non Nuoc beach in their vacations. All water sports and entertainment are also available to have fun.

For those who are interested in going surfing, the best time to ride the waves is October. During this month, the offshore winds are from the west or southwest, the waves are consistently clean, it doesn’t rain heavily and the water temperature is fine.

From October to December, heavy rain and typhoons are why the time is not ideal to go swimming. Water sports and activities will be shut. 

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How to Get to Non Nuoc Beach

If don’t book a resort, travelers can go to the public swimming spot to enjoy Non Nuoc beach. It’s at the end of the road next to the Non Nuoc border station (on Google maps: 16°00’05.5″N 108°16’02.8″E). From Da Nang or Hoi An centre, please find the quickest way to come to the Coastal road (Vo Nguyen Giap St in Da Nang and Lac Long Quan St in Hoi An). After that, just follow it until see the crossroad with the above-mentioned road. The distance from Hoi An is 17,5 km and from Da Nang is 9 km.

Note: Please bring your own swimsuit, towel, extra clothes, foods, and drinks.

Non Nuoc beach also has two other popular public swimming spots (also called ‘beach’): Son Thuy beach at the end of Tran Quoc Hoan St, and Tan Tra beach at the end of Vo Qui Huan St. Other way to access is from Nguyen Than Hien St, by Vinpearl Resort & Spa.

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Non Nuoc on Google Maps

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