Dragon Bridge Da Nang: The Fire-Breathing Da Nang Bridge

Praised to be the world’s 30 most unique bridges recently, Dragon Bridge became the new icon for a Han river bridge in Da Nang. Spanning from the 100-years-old Cham Museum, it provides the quickest passage from the airport to My Khe beach, another popular tourist attraction. Walking on it is a nice experience, especially in the evening when thousands of colorful lights are on. On the weekend, its dragon breathes fire and water, making it a highlight (must-know) among things to do in Da Nang at night. Together with the inspirational Golden Bridge, this incredible architecture is one of the most photographed bridges in the country. This travel guide shares all travelers need to know about Dragon Bridge Da Nang, including featured guided experiences. 

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About Dragon Bridge Da Nang

A Brief Introduction

Opened to traffic in 29th March 2013, the Dragon Bridge Vietnam is 666 meters long and 37,5 meters in width. It carries a six-lane road, connecting the Nguyen Van Linh St and Vo Van Kiet St and thousands of vehicles everyday. Its dragon on the median strip is its highlight, becoming the heaviest dragon architecture all over the globe. Its construction is preceded by Thuan Phuoc bridge in the river mouth and Tran Thi Ly bridge in the upstream. Nowadays, this new icon bridge is a highlight in most experiences around the center core of Da Nang. After the darkness falls, it breathes fire and water and draws huge crowds at many times. Thus, the attention of all locals and visitors during the nights.   

Dragon Bridge Architectural Design

Five main spans of the Dragon Bridge support a steel dragon, featuring a length of 586 meters and weight of 9,000 tons. Oppositely, the height is moderate, to increase longevity of the bridge below and not to block the view to the Cham museum. Its color is yellow, and according to the Five elements theory, yellow symbolizes prosperity and the future. Moreover, it is also similar to the Cham museum nearby, a long-established cultural landmark in Han river waterfront.

The head of the dragon faces the East, with heart-shaped eyes and with an open mouth. As a whole, the architecture of the Dragon Bridge is inspired from imperial dragons in the Vietnamese Ly dynasty in 11st century. It’s the final choice amongst 17 ideas, from 8 companies from Vietnam and the world. USA-based Luis Berger Group was the winner. On the bridge, two pedestrian walkways and wavy handrails are also added, to allow the visitors enjoy romatic rivercape of the Han.

Meaning of Dragon Bridge Vietnam

Dragon is one of the holiest animals in Vietnamese traditional thoughts and mythology. It represents wealth and power, and in feudal times, was the authority symbol of the emperors. When the dragon was officially chosen, Da Nang’s people committee hoped that it would bring happiness, peace, prosperity and luck to all citizens. There are some debates occurring to decide which direction the dragon faces, East or West. Finally, the East is the choice. “Dragon returning the sea” is one of actions to express the richness and goodness. 

Dragon Bridge Da Nang at Night

The Dragon Bridge Vietnam is decorated by 2,500 LED lights, smartly changing their performance to adapt to different times and events. Locals love to walk on it and view the yellow dragon with shimmering cables. In the surroundings, lightful riverfronts, gorgeous sister bridges and neon-lit river cruises are plus points, to make a visit at night here truly worth it. On Saturday and Sunday weekly, fire show occurs, making visitor experience more special. After the showtime, pubs, bars and other nightlife spots are easy to find within walking distance. Much of which provide seatings looking over the sparkling water, besides nice beverages from bartenders. 

Dragon Bridge Fire Show

Dragon Bridge Da Nang Fire Showtime

On the weekend, the fire show at Dragon Bridge begins at 9 p.m and finishes around 30 minutes later. In which, the dragon breathes fire many times and then, water. In local belief, this celebration aims to pray for wealth and peace for the city. Tourists see it as a must have experience on Saturday and Sunday nights in Da Nang. Coming before Dragon Bridge Da Nang fire showtime earlier around 15 minutes, good spots to witness are more to choose.

Where to Watch Dragon Bridge Da Nang Fire Show?

On the Bridge

While standing on the bridge, the audience can watch closer, and take pictures and make videos without obstacles. Absolutely, they will be impressive posts in social media or just fantastic to share to friends back home. It’s possible to feel the heat from fire breaths also. In case of water breathes, keep in mind to wear a rain coat or bring an umbrella, to avoid being wet.

Han River Waterfront – Tran Hung Dao St

Promenades by the water edge in Tran Hung Dao St, provide other best spots to view Dragon Bridge fire show. Selecting somewhere that is free from trees and other octacles, to fully see the breaths and ideal for taking photos. On the pavement near the bridge, several food and drink stalls provide low stools to sit, but each person needs to take something from their menu. Price is not really expensive.

Da Nang Han River Boat

Many domestic visitors book a slot in Han river cruise to view the Dragon Bridge fire show from a distance. The ride may depart earlier than the showtime, to provide passengers to see beautiful riverfronts or have dinner. It’s possible to seek and buy tickets online and local tour operators near the hotel. Price is usuallya around 150,000 VND for adults and teenagers above 1,6 meters high. For childrens between 1 and 1,6 meters, their parents will pay 100,000 VND and for smaller ages, it’s free.

The Happy Yacht

Docked by the Tran Hung Dao riverfront, this yatch houses some restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Opened in 2016, it provides many tables overlooking the Dragon bridge and Bach Dang riverfront in the front. Menus in restaurants serve the cuisine from Vietnam and some countries, with a not expensive price. In the reception, the guests leave a number of money (up to each person) and then spend it for servings later.   

Da Nang Rooftop Venues

Brilliant Top Bar Da Nang

Located on the 17th floor of Brilliant Hotel, this rooftop bar opens from 10 a.m to midnight. It serves up a menu with many options of food from local and western cuisines, and nice beverages. Besides indoor seating, there are some tables in the verandas with a view over the miraculous Han river. Chilly atmosphere, trendy music and friend services are other plus points.

Ariel Rooftop Coffee

Opening from 4:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m daily, this coffee shop is in an alleyway near the Golden Bridge. It owns lots of choices to sit to enjoy icy drinks, with a pretty view to the riverfronts. To choose an ideal place to see the Fire show, you should come early to ensure. Here, baristas make nice and affordably-priced beverages.

Sky 36 – Novotel Da Nang Rooftop Bar

In 35th and 36th floors of prime Novotel Hotel, this is the highest rooftop bar in Da Nang. Opening from 6 p.m until 2 the next day, visitors really enjoy an awesome drink from an extensive menu, entertaining music from different styles and of course, an inspirational view to the Han river. During the Fireworks festival, the best spots to see brilliant performances of light may be found. So, often booked at that time.

Draft Beer Euro Village

Not far to the south of Dragon Bridge, this atmospheric venue opens from 11 a.m to midnight. It owns three floors equipped with many seatings, including tables overlooking the dragon. During the Fire show, the guests can enjoy delicious foods, stunning craft beers while watching. The best spots all over the city are found on the 3rd floor. Should reserve a table there in advance to ensure.

What to Do near Dragon Bridge Da Nang?

Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Any trips to Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture include Dragon Bridge and vice versa. It’s established in 1919 by French archaeologists and today, becomes one of the leading museums in Vietnam. The largest collection of Champa kingdom’s sculptures has been preserved here. See further details in our own guide to this must see attraction in centralvietnamguide.com/da-nang-musuem-of-cham-sculpture.

Da Nang Night Market aka Son Tra Night Market

On the opposite bank to the Museum of Cham Sculpture, this night market opens from the sunset until 10 p.m. It houses over 100 stalls selling street foods, local specialties, seafoods, souvenirs, lanterns and clothings for sale. Read our article centralvietnamguide.com/da-nang-market.

Bai Choi Folk Songs

Bai Choi is a game and folk song unique to Central Vietnam provinces. Da Nang is one of the owners of this Unesco-registered intangible heritage. To let the visitors know better about traditional art, the local club performs and holds the game every weekend by Dragon Bridge. Anybody can join without fees.

DHC Marina Danang and Love Bridge

“Carp transforming into dragon” is the official name for DHC Marina which is inspired from Singapore, because the two cities have the same story. From an urban area with poor infrastructures, now, Da Nang becomes the most liveable city nationwide. Within a walking distance, the Love Lock Bridge is another tourist draw, especially for couples with lovers. The locks can be bought at ease in a nearby shop. 

Bach Dang Street

This is the best stretch of Han riverfront promenade, between the Dragon Bridge and Han River Bridge. To its left, there are many coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars, and especially Han market. The trading place is in all of Da Nang city tours. Local food eateries, historical landmarks and hidden gems are further inside. After the sunset, nightlife venues open their doors, making it becoming a popular place for entertainment. 

Da Nang Fresco Village

This fresco village basically is a series of mural paintings in 75 Alley of Nguyen Van Linh St. The works depict popular attractions and life of local people. Total area is up to 15,000 m2 and it’s free to visit and take photos.

My Khe Beach

Dragon Bridge provides the quickest way from the city core to My Khe, a sandy beach stretching for miles. The attraction is famous for soft sands, unpolluted waters, being free from rocks and a pretty view to the Lady Buddha. Sunbed rentals, seafront restaurants (including seafood ones) and bars are many to choose from. See our complete guide to My Khe, Da Nang’s best beach in centralvietnamguide.com/my-khe-beach-danang.

Where to Eat near Dragon Bridge?

The Dragon Bridge is next to the Museum of Cham Sculpture. To eat out, visitors have many restaurants and eateries around this pair, to choose from. See the list of the featured places in our guide to the musuem in centralvietnamguide.com/da-nang-museum-of-cham-sculpture.  

How to Get to Dragon Bridge Da Nang and Parking

In Da Nang Center

No matter which place visitors stay over, Han riverside hotel, My Khe beach hotel or somewhere else, a taxi is the most convenient choice. Its fare is charged for each kilometer, usually around 15,000 VND for a four-seater car. Just come to the reception to ask for help, the rider will come soon and start the visit.

If planning to have a full-day experience around the city, the motorcycle and private car rentals are cheaper than taxi. Two popular places to book them are the hotel, and online. Should compare between options from both, to select the best fit for yourself. Traveling on foot is also loved by visitors who would like to see different slices of lifes and attractions. Near Dragon Bridge, note Cham Museum, the Pink church, Han market and other places in “French quarters” in the itinerary. 

Da Nang Hop On Hop Off Bus

With a ticket in Da Nang hop on hop off bus, travelers can tour the city and stop at many highlights, including Dragon Bridge. There are two routes/itineraries on offer now: N1 (Cocobay Beach Tour) and N2 (Da Nang City Tour). Both depart from the domestic terminal of Da Nang airport, and include Cham museum, My Khe beach, Han river bridge and high streets around the downtown. Operational hours are from 8 a.m to 10 p.m but may open earlier or close later (should ask when book). After getting on, visitors can choose to sit in air-conditioning seats or open-air ones in the 2nd level. Now, Da Nang hop on hop off bus ticket price is 250,000 per person, with 24hrs validity. 

Get From Hoi An to Dragon Bridge

Cars, motorcycles and buses are the most popularly-picked vehicles to get to the Dragon Bridge from Hoi An, 30 km to the southeast. Private car (ridden by a local driver) is cheaper than a taxi, 200,000 to 350,000 VND for the ride. Lots of travelers visit the bridge and Cham museum next to, on the way to the airport for saving. If traveling further, to the mountains, the price will be higher. Among the cheapest transports, riding a motorcycle is the choice of those who prefer more freedom and flexibility. Rental is easy, from 100,000 to 250,000 VND up to which type of bike.

Public bus is the next low-budget selection, only costing 20,000 VND. It operates from 5:30 a.m to 5:50 p.m from the bus station in Le Hong Phong St. After moving across Da Nang’s river, telling the attendant to stop in Cham museum. If planning to see the Dragon Bridge fire show at night, anyway have to take another transfer to return to Hoi An. Don’t forget that the bus also drops off in the Marble Mountains, a must visit attraction. 

Get From Hue to Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is over 100 kilometers from Hue center. It’s often in the itinerary of travelers who are on a guided tour or ride a motorcycle by themselves (to Hoi An). It takes 2 to 3 hours for the transfer, including Hai Van Pass, Lang Co lagoon and some other places. In addition to car and bus, organized tours also have options by bike, motorbike and jeep. If liking a free itinerary, come to bus stations and railway stations to reach Da Nang, and then take another vehicle to the bridge. These methods may be long because of being popular to locals. Read our complete guide to How to Get to Da Nang from Hue, for further details.

Parking Lots and Fee

Parking lots are available under the bridge, aside Tran Hung Dao St. Bike parking fee there is 5,000 VND. In the fire show time, it may be more expensive but the lots are just fully-taken during high tourist seasons. On the opposite side of the river, you should park the bike in the Museum of Cham sculpture museum.

Dragon Bridge History

In 29th March 2009, Nguyen Tan Dung prime minister attended the inauguration ceremony of Thuan Phuoc Bridge, on the occasion of the 38th liberation day of Da Nang. Meanwhile, he cut the ribbon to start construction of the Dragon Bridge. The new project aims to provide passage for traffic from Da Nang international airport to the sea. But in the end of 2005, the city committee held a competition to choose a unique idea for its architecture. An American company won. In 29th March 2013, Dragon Bridge (and Tran Thi Ly bridge) officially opened for vehicles.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang Tour

Half-day Tour

Morning or afternoon half-day experience includes the Dragon Bridge and some attractions in the surroundings. There are the Museum of Cham Sculpture, the Pink church, Han market and hidden gems. Walking is favourite of many visitors, because the sites are near to each other and it allows them to feel the city life. If traveling with a car, the Marble Mountains, My Khe beach and Lady Buddha are absolutely in the package. To know recommendations for a half-day trip or ask for advice, contact us via whatsapp number (+84) 968009827 or email centralvietnamguide@gmail.com.

Full-day Tour

A full-day Da Nang city tour or from Hue to Hoi An (and vice versa) can include Dragon Bridge in the itinerary. The first choice introduces the bridge and some best attractions in city boundaries, and the second recommends a stop at the Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountains. It’s possible to start a Da Nang city tour from Hoi An but the price will be a little more expensive (for the transfer). To find out the best selection for yourself or your family, contact us via whatsapp (+84) 968009827 or email centralvietnamguide@gmail.com. Avices and information are provided for free.

Evening Tour

After it’s dark, Da Nang looks more shimmering with millions of lights and its bridges, riverfronts are always tourist draws. The Dragon Bridge fire show on the weekend makes the experience more special. Before the breaths begin, visitors can sightsee some city highlights or join a food tour with varying samples. To know the most proper option for you and your budget and taste, contact us via whatsapp number (+84) 968009827 or email centralvietnamguide@gmail.com. There is no fee charged and all information is from the heart.

Tours from Hoi An

Hoi An is the neighboring city of Da Nang, just 30 km to the south. So, it takes not too long to reach Da Nang’s best attractions from it. In fact, only 30 minutes to get to the Marble Mountains and little more to start the visit in others. For itinerary advice, tour guide or transportation help, contact us to find out your needs easier. Our whatsapp number is (+84) 968009827 and email is centralvietnamguide@gmail.com. Information is provided without fee. 

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