Museums in Da Nang

Da Nang has many museums where visitors can see and learn a lot. Generally, their exhibitions have different themes, varying in stages of the history, groups of people (communities) having lived in the city, art styles and more. Around the oldest section of the city, it’s possible to explore a couple of leading museums. All are close to each other and near other top attractions, providing a convenience for planning a trip. Only a short ride is needed to get to one museum from the other, if travelers don’t walk. The next advantage of Da Nang city’s museums is its entrance ticket, cheap and without pre-booking requirements. Just come, buy and discover objects that are small but tell a great story.  

This article introduces all museums in Da Nang, including both the government and private owned venues. The main part of them is open in the daytime only and an entrance ticket is required in many places, but often cheap. The most expensive museum is the Bana Hills Wax Museum, because visitors need to pay the admission fee to enter the Ba Na Hills and then buy another ticket to see the statues. It’s also furthest and sits at the highest elevation. Due to being unique, the Cham Sculpture Museum is most visited. Besides things displayed in four walls, the spoils of war in the Ho Chi Minh Museum, outdoor structures in the Dong Dinh Museum or bamboo forests in Son Tra Tinh Vien make the visitor’s tour more stunning. Scroll down and explore more.

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The Da Nang Museum

Location: 24 Tran Phu St – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: 20,000 VND – Guiding service: 7:30 to 11:30 a.m and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

The Da Nang Museum was established in 1989 and had its current facility from 26th April 2011, to commemorate Vietnam’s reunification day. Today, this “official museum” has preserved 2,500 artifacts and documents, in its three floors. The first floor provides exhibition and information about Da Nang’s nature, prehistory, life of fishermans, traditional handicrafts, agriculture and stages in urban growth. Visitors will learn much about two recent wars in Da Nang on the second floor, the French and the American. The highest flat’s display themes in groups of people living in the city, especially the minority. There are their daily working tools, costume, accessories, musical instruments, weaving and knitting crafts, and beliefs.  

Within Dien Hai Citadel, there are helicopters of the American air force in the Vietnam War, a statue and bronze cannons. The statue depicts Nguyen Tri Phuong commander who led the citizens and soldiers to fight against French-Spanish troops in their first attack on Vietnam ever. After two years, the winning was for Vietnamese in 1860. In later times, the troops from the West changed the target to Gia Dinh (capital city of the south region). Phuong was sent to Hanoi to protect the country capital in 1873 and due to being captured, he killed himself. The cannons nearby were equipped for the citadel, and discovered under its ground. In 2017, the military stronghold was inscribed as a special national monument.


Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Location: 2 Thang 9 St – Opening time: 7 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: required

Established in 1919, this museum was the oldest in Da Nang (formerly called Tourane). Over a century, it has been preserving more than 2,000 artifacts that are brought from Champa Kingdom’s remains across the Central coast. A fourth of them are exhibited, including many national treasures inscribed by the Prime Minister. Its main rooms focus on Tra Kieu (10th-century capital), My Son (3rd to 14th century holy land), Dong Duong (10th-century Buddhist monastery) and Thap Mam (10th to 15th century capital area). A tour around here allows visitors to better understand the art, religion, culture, history, and talent of the Chams. See details in our comprehensive guide to Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture for further details.

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Fact: Da Nang Cham Museum is one of 12 most important museums in Vietnam, among 120 others. Sure, it’s the best indoor space to look at Champa kingdom’s art masterpieces. 


Da Nang Fire Arts Museum

Location: 78 Le Duan St – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily, except Monday – Ticket: 20,000 VND – Guiding service: 8 to 11 a.m and 2 to 4:30 p.m, English & Vietnamese

Officially opened to the public in 19th December 2016, this state-owed venue houses the largest collection of works of art in the region. It includes over 1,000 contemporary art works and traditional handicraft products, displayed on three floors. The ground floor is dedicated to the exhibition of 35 childrens-drawn paintings in different competitions. On the upper one, visitors can know better about the modern art via creations varying in content, materials, techniques and perspective of the artist. Oil painting, lacquer painting, sculpture, graphic and war collections have artworks made by leading creators of the type. The highest floor displays a variety of Vietnamese folk art and handicraft things. Many of which source from famous craft villages such as Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, and so on.


Ho Chi Minh and the Fifth Military Zone Museum (aka Da Nang War Museum)

Location: 1 Duy Tan St – Opening time: 8 to 11 a.m and 2 to 5 p.m daily, except Saturday and Sunday – Ticket: 20,000 VND (free in 2022)

This attraction owns an expansive ground, with an area of up to 9,000 m2. It’s built in 1976 and officially opened to the public in 19th May 1977, Ho Chi Min president’s birthday. Today, it draws thousands of domestic and foreign visitors. Here, the highlights are war vehicles of French and American armies, a real-size copy of Ho Chi Minh house in Hanoi and a museum building. All help the viewers to understand better about the history of the area, especially in two most recent wars. Furthermore, fish ponds, trees and flowers are also added around constructions, creating a lovely campus.

Most information is provided in 8 subjects of the 5th Military Zone Museum, located in the back. There are strategic location and revolution traditions, formation of local armed forces to fight against French colonists twice, 1954 Geneva Conference, the Vietnam war and post-Vietnam war. Not less important, the Ho Chi Minh house informs visitors about life, the road he seeked ways to regain Vietnam’s independence from the hands of French and the love of people to him. Some objects tell great stories, such as the tool Dang Tien Loi hero used to attack American radar on top of Monkey Mountain, or sandals Phan Thi Mua hero wore when burned the American gasoline depot. Sometimes, this house is called “Ho Chi Minh Museum”.



3D Museum Art in Paradise Danang

Location: Lo C2-10 Tran Nhan Tong St – Opening time: 9 a.m to 6 p.m daily – Ticket: 200,000 VND for adults and little visitors above 1,3 meters, 100,000 VND from 1 to 1,3 meters and free for lower heights.

Appeared in Da Nang from 2017, this 3D art museum is the 6th venue of the Art in Paradise Global. Its 2 floors accommodate 130 superb creative and fun wall paintings drawn by 20 Korean artists during four months. There are nine themes, 6 of which are on the ground floor and the rest in the upper one. It’s possible to expect to see fascinating creations from the Optical (3D thick art), Saffari (different animals), Aqua (diversity of lives under the water), Classic (world’s best-known paintings), Egyptian (memories of ancient Egypt), Fantasy (fairly lands and tales), Imagize (most fun zone) and World (wonders on the planet). This is one of the most family or kid friendly attractions in the city. Also, among the best ideas for an indoor day filled with laughter.  


Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang

Location: Hoang Sa St (Son Tra Peninsula, near the Lady Buddha) – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: 20,000 VND for adults and teenagers above 1,2 meters, free of charge for below heights

Name of this featured private museum is a specie of areca palm which grows in Son Tra nature reserve. The owners planted many in its ground, to provide shade and for landscape creation. Featuring lush gardens and lovely water lily ponds, visitors enjoy its tranquility and a sense of Vietnamese rural life. There are 4 sections in ancient antiquities, works of art, fisherman life and ethnography here.

Housing the oldest artifacts, the “Antiquity” space includes 2 wooden houses made by artisans from Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An. Both have preserved a collection of pottery produced by different inhabitants (culture), from Sa Huynh, Champa, Annamese dynasties to ship wrecks. Other spaces feature paintings drawn by some Vietnamese painters, daily tools of local fishers and everyday life of tribes in the Central highlands. The memorabilias related to the founders are displayed around, with “caption” telling stories.

Upside Down Museum Da Nang

Location: 44 Ho Xuan Huong St – Opening time: 9 a.m to 6 p.m daily – Ticket: 130,000 VND for adults and 60,000 VND for childrens

Opening the doors to tourists since 1st January 2018, this upside down world is the first in the city and the second in Vietnam. Its creative, fun and colorful concepts allow all members of the family to keep entertained during the visit. It includes 10 rooms in different parts of a house, such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, barbershop, restaurant, and world-famous cartoon characters.


Da Nang Museum of Buddhist Culture (aka Da Nang Buddhist Museum)

Location: Su Van Hanh St (the Marble Mountains) – Opening time: 9 a.m to 6 p.m daily – Ticket: free

This first Buddhist museum in Vietnam ever was inaugurated in 2016. As a part of the new Quan The Am pagoda in Kim Son mountain, there are over 200 works of art exhibited here. All were collected by the monks in some decades, dating from 7th to 20th centuries. Not only masterpieces across the region and Vietnam, the ones in different Asian Buddhist cultures can be seen. A tour around here is a great addition to the visitor’s experience in the Marble Mountains. From 17th to 19th days of the 2nd lunar month, people celebrate a festival to honour the Lady Buddha. It’s the largest traditional festival in Da Nang, visit if possible. 

Ba Na Hills Wax Museum

Location: Ba Na Hills, Hoa Ninh – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: 100,000 VND for adults and visitors above 1,3 meters in height, free for lower heights

Opened on 11st July 2013, this is the only wax museum across Vietnam at that time. Within the highest floor of underground Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park, it houses real-size wax museums of over 100 personalities globally. Visitors can have the chance to see and take photos with famous sport stars, singgers, dancers, politicians, actors and actresses, and more. It’s possible to meet the facsimile of David Beckham and wife, Lady Gaga, Micheal Jacson, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and so on. Italian artists were responsible for the works.

Son Tra Tinh Vien – Bamboo Museum

Location: Son Tra Peninsula – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: free

Located beside a road from Le Van Luong St to Ban Co peak road, this is the only bamboo museum of the region. It has over 100 species of bamboo, collected by the owner (Buddist monk) over 10 years. Being away from busy downtown, visitors love the serene, zen-like atmosphere here. Except groves of bamboo, greenish lakes, flowers, old trees, rocks, and murmuring streams are other expectations. It’s perfect to unwind or relax on the trip to Son Tra mountain (peninsula).

Hoang Sa (Paracel Islands) Museum

Location: Hoang Sa St – Opening time: 8 a.m to 5 p.m daily – Ticket: free

Established in August 2017, this special museum owns more than 300 artifacts and documents about the Paracel Islands. All are exhibited with one of 5 themes, geography and natural characteristics, Vietnamese sovereignty, the islands in history documents and testimonials about Vietnamese sovereignty from 1945 to date. Four floors here are equipped with state-of-the-art museum concepts and technologies, giving a nice experience to visitors. 

Tours to Museums in Da Nang

Cham Sculpture Museum and the War Museum are most recommended by local tour operators, in both half day and full day options. As being unique, one of Da Nang’s best attractions, the Cham Museum is a highlight in city tours. It’s often combined with the Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha, Han market, the Pink church and of course, the Dragon Bridge next to. If would like to see the sunrise on the Han River, should book an afternoon experience. In personalized tours, travelers can ask to visit this most important museum after a visit in My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Old Town, Ba Na Hills (Golden Bridge) or Hai Van Pass. For more comforts, the duration should be one day.

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  • Personalized Da Nang city tour


Da Nang Local Tour Guide

A local guide who is knowledgeable and fluent in English, is needed when visiting museums in Da Nang. Thanks to his/her in-depth explanations and interesting stories, travelers better understand local history and culture. Additionally, information in the exhibitions are not enough, sometimes very academic. If touring with a guide, things will be easier by what he/she says. Exploring Da Nang without package tours? You can book a private guide to be accompanied with, during a self-designed plan (or let him/her make it). It’s possible to find one when asking travel agencies near your hotel, reception in the hotel and contacting dependable online webpages.

To save time, we may help you to find a private tour guide in Da Nang. Our whatsapp number is +84968009827 or email 

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