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Da Nang is the largest tourist center in Central Vietnam. It owns fascinating natural and cultural places that attract both Vietnamese and foreigners. In the busiest year, this city of bridges draws 8,6 millions of visitors. Therefore, it is not difficult to decide to visit it for a couple of days. The best time to go is from mid-February to the beginning of September. During it, the weather is ideal to sightsee amazing attractions (sure including beaches) and take part in exciting activities. Furthermore, also perfect to stroll along the Golden Bridge, photograph with the hands and view the picturesque sceneries in lower altitudes.

This article recommends the best things to do in Da Nang for you – travel lovers and why each one deserves to be in the top list. These are within the boundaries of the city only, but in fact that travellers may move further to explore their liked places. So, we recommend reading the guides to Hoi An Old TownMy Son SanctuaryCham Island and Coconut Village – four most visited sights beyond Da Nang’s borders. Check out what they are and pick the greatest options for yourself.  

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Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ride

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50 km west of the downtown, Ba Na Hills station has one of the earliest cable cars in the country, in 2009. It connects between the plain with the summit of Da Nang – Nui Chua at an elevation of nearly 1,500 meters. Its cabins go across an untouched environment with rolling hills until the horizon, and above old forests of a nature reserve. Thanks to this designation, visitors are allowed to enjoy breath-taking scenery while being lifted up. It’s possible to see purple ranges, green trees, outcrops, white-water falls, streams and clouds. Due to rapid tourism growth, there are 3 major cable cars added in the area.

Apart from a cool ride, visitors also have the chance to know the engineering masterpieces. The network holds 4 world records, including the longest (5 km) and the largest difference in attitude between the first and final stations. Thus, Ba Na Hills cable car ride is amongst the best things to do in Da Nang and the whole country.

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The Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills

Read also: The Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills

At an elevation of nearly 1,500 meters, this couple of Da Nang’s top sights attracts millions of visitors every year. The younger one – Golden Bridge opens to the public in June 2018 and its awe-inspiring appearance soon captures the heart of travel lovers. It’s a must see now. Established much earlier, the Ba Na Hills is a French-established hill station, entertainment complex. Every Vietnamese knows that it has cool weather all year round and world-record cable cars, including the longest (5km). Atop the mountain, visitors love roaming around stone paved roads inside its French-styled village.

The Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills definitely is one of the best ideas for a day of exploration in Da Nang. The yellow-hued bridge holded by two hands is not strange for travellers all over the world, a dream place for instagramers. Its beauty is truly inspirational. Around the greater area, there are plenty of things to see and do, such as flower gardens, temples, funicular rides, amusement park, wax museum, outdoor performances and French town filled by medieval-style buildings. The top of Da Nang – Nui Chua summit is accessible, providing a wonderful panoramic view. Before whatever, the cable car ride is a fantastic experience in which visitors enjoy picturesque sceneries of hills, forests and clouds.

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Climb and Explore Caves in the Marble Mountains

Read also: The Marble Mountains Da Nang

Not too far from the city downtown, the Marble Mountains is the iconic mountain of Da Nang. It comprises 5 craggy hills soaring above the surroundings and each one is named the same to an element in the Five Elements theory. The main tourist draw– “the Water Mountain” is highest, largest and houses the best sights. Around its slopes, visitors will see 17-century Buddhist temples, magnificent caves and beautiful outlooks. At the peaks, a scenic 360oC view down to the coast and as far as Hoi An, is seen. During the American war, the grottoes were hiding places of Vietcong (Vietnam communists).

A visit to the Marble Mountains allows visitors to explore the most special mountain of the city – a gigantic “landscaped bonsai garden”. While sightseeing around, also learn about local history, Buddhist culture and folk beliefs. Unlike other mountains, this place has amazing caves and mysterious tunnels that are fun to discover. In the biggest chambers, sunshine comes in via the “leaking ceiling” and makes mythical falls of light. By the hillfoot, traditional stone carving has been kept over 400 years and around the village, visitors will see artisans at work and a variety of sculptures, to photograph or buy. Thus, the Marble Mountains can’t be missed and sure, providing one of the best experiences in Da Nang.

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Ride up the Hai Van Pass

Read also: Hai Van Pass

In north of Hai Van, Hai Van Pass is a long, winding road traversing the spectacular spur of Annamite Range jutting into the sea. Featuring turns and hairpin bends that one by one up to an elevation of 1,500 meters, it becomes the favourite of plentiful travellers. On one side of the route, there is a mesmerizing coastline with omega-like capes, white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and blue water. Towering mountains are what to see on the other. At the highest point, people built brick gates and bunkers as remains of a military post.

A ride up the Hai Van Pass is loved by millions of tourists. It’s cool, full of adventurous vibes and packed with fantastic sceneries stretching from mountaintop to the sea. As the content for a Top Gear episode – Vietnam Special, this experience becomes a dream to riders worldwide. Definitely it’s in the bucket list of adventure souls when plan to visit Da Nang. In addition to picture-perfect outlooks and impressive hairpin bends (to say wow), ancient remains on the top allow to know the history of the area. Any visit to Hai Van includes a stop by the shore of Lang Co Lagoon (northern side), a turquoise brackish lake . Here, fresh and living seafoods are in abundance to choose from and savour. No bout, the ride in Hai Van Pass is amongst the best things to do in Da Nang.

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Lounge on My Khe Beach

Read also: My Khe Beach

A couple of minutes from the iconic Dragon Bridge, My Khe is the best city beach in Da Nang. It’s a lengthy stretch of fine sand by warm, shallow water of the Pacific Ocean and lined by palms in the back. During the sunny time, this place becomes so busy with crowds of swimmers from the rest of the country and the globe. A famed American magazine – the Forbes – voted it as one of the world’s 6 sexiest beaches. In 2016, it’s the host of the 5th Asian Beach Games.

For sun seekers, visiting My Khe beach is a must. It has many sandy expanses to laze on and sunbathe, lots of sun beds to relax with cool breezes under the shade of talapas. In the front, water is not deep, blue, warm and free from rocks. Not only adults, little ones also feel safe to soak into as well. Water sports like surfing, jet skiing, parachuting, banana boat or standup paddleboarding, are available along the water edge. On and off the coast, there are plenty of seafood restaurants to choose from and taste delicious foods. In the evening, the calm atmosphere and nice temperature make the stroll by barefoot really worth it.

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Visit Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda

Read also: Lady Buddha Da Nang, Linh Ung Pagoda

This is a couple of Buddhist’s landmarks built atop a hill by the coast of Son Tra peninsula (mountain). It’s constructed from 2004 to 2010 under the leadership of Thich Thien Nguyen monk who passed away in 2016. Interestingly, two places all hold a record and an own significance in local belief. While the statue is the tallest in Vietnam (67 meters), the temple is bigger than anywhere else in the area. The Lady Buddha or Goddess of Mercy faces the city and shelters its citizens from disasters. The neighbour – Linh Ung Pagoda is the third of the kind in Da Nang, together creating a “religious triangle” to protect it from bad spirits.

It’s worth it to sightsee the Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda, not only because of their enormous size. When sightseeing around, visitors learn about local Buddhist culture, see gardens filled by bonsai (ornamental trees), fun marble sculptures and many naughty monkeys in bodhi trees. Thanks to a great location, there are some outlooks with an extremely stunning view. In the end of the daytime, the gorgeous scene of sunset kills all romantic souls and is definitely ideal to take pictures. If believing in the Buddha, the believers can pray here because of holiness. Name of the temple means “wishes answered miraculously”.

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See Da Nang from Above

Helicopter Tour

Taking off in Nuoc Man airport (aka Marble Mountain Air Base in the war), this tour is luxurious but provides the only chance to see Da Nang from above. Many ionic landmarks are taken to, such as Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda in the Monkey Mountain, Dragon Bridge spanning the central river or sandy beaches. Boulevards and residential areas around one of the best planned cities in the country, are also seen and easy to catch by the camera. The price is around 140 USD per person, including the insurance.

Paragliding from the Top of Son Tra Mountain

Jumping from the highest point of Son Tra Mountain (aka Monkey Mountain) and landing on the below coast, is really cool. It’s again one of a kind, run by some licensed organizers only. Read our article for Da Nang’s outdoor activities for further details.

Da Nang Rooftop Bars

To enjoy the appealing beauty of the Han River, bridges and buildings along the waterfronts, visiting a rooftop bar is a nice choice. The venues are often on the top of high-rise hotels, so it’s easy to find one if having no ideas before. For many travelers, it’s better if holding on hands an awesome cocktail with music from DJs and a social atmosphere. Especially during the “fireworks season”, the places are amongst the nicest to watch. See further details in our guide to the Best Bars in Da Nang.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

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In the dry season, this international festival is held yearly and with the participation of many countries around the world. During it, locals and tourists have the chance to admire and say wow while watching amazing performances of light on the Han river. In the latest time, there are 4 semi-final competitions occuring in Saturdays of the month, and the fenale night is in the first weekend of next month. A theme is given to the teams, often inspirations from city’s iconic attractions and the winner best expresses. Due to being unmissable in the days it takes place, for sure, the Fireworks Festival is one of the best things to do in Da Nang.

Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Read also: Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Established by the French in 1919, this is the first museum in Da Nang and only in Vietnam today. Inside the building with a classic architecture inspired by Cham culture, it houses the largest collection of Champa’s sculptures in Vietnam. The bulk were made by sandstone in all historic stages of a fallen Hindu-followed kingdom that ruled the region from 2nd to 19th centuries. 400 of 2,000 preserved artifacts are exhibited and the ones found in the same place are grouped up in a gallery. Numerous national treasures stand around the museum, including altars placed in the most important temples or capital city, statues of the god and goddess. One of the galleries is dedicated to My Son Sanctuary – a world heritage in the area. For sure, a tour around Cham Museum allows visitors to know better about an ancient civilization and its cultural achievements.

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Da Nang’s Water and Amusement Parks

Read also: Water and Amusement Parks in Da Nang

Da Nang has many parks where travelers and their family members or friends can keep entertained throughout the visit. Within the urban heart, the Asia Park or new name – Sun World Danang Wonders is known for one of the world’s tallest wheels, 115 meters. Beside that, there are 19 exciting games to participate in. Up the mountain, Than Tai Hot Spring Park provides naturally-sourced hot streams to soak and swim, as well as complimentary treatments. Vietnam’s first onsen bathing that fully meets standards from Japan, is here. A water park with pool and slides is also added nearby. Although newly-constructed, the Mikazuki soon received attention from travelers because of authentic Japanese experiences.

Best Things to Do in Da Nang at Night

Dragon Bridge Fireshow

This outdoor show is the highlight of the night on Saturdays and Sundays. Beginning at 9 p.m, the mouth of the Dragon Bridge breathes fire and then water many times for the next 30 minutes. The best spots to watch it are the bridge itself, nearby riverside promenades and venues and rooftop bars. Nowhere else in Vietnam, visitors have the chance to watch. See more information in our guide to Dragon Bridge.

Da Nang’s Night Markets

Around the city, travelers have some night markets to visit, try tasty street foods and buy souvenirs. Son Tra Night Market (aka Da Nang Night Market) is best known because it’s near to Han river waterfronts – a tourist draw at night. Especially, near the Dragon Bridge where the fireshow occurs on the weekend. This has over 150 stalls opening from the sunset to the last visitors left. On the opposite bank and down the south, Helio Night Market is also famous. Foods and things to buy are varied to choose from, with nice music always around. The night is really amazing if travelers purchase a ticket and have fun with games inside Asia Park (theme park) and see the downtown from the Ferris wheel.

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Da Nang Private Tour Guide

If you need a private tour guide who explains everything about the places you visit, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827.

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