How to Visit Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Hand Bridge of Ba Na hills today is a dream place to visit for many travelers. Since it opened in June 2018, millions of people have set their foot on this amazing bridge. Of course, an uncountable number of others are planning to stroll on it and photograph nice photos, with its majestic hands and its glorious bridge. Pictures they took have spread all over the globe now and it even made a social media hit.

There is no surprise that the government selected the Golden Bridge to be Vietnam’s new image to promote and boost tourism. Even magazines in all continents praise it as a world’s wonder or a place that travelers have to visit once a lifetime. Yes, it’s a “hot spot” in Da Nang city of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.  

Here, we outline everything you need to know to visit the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. Don’t forget reading our first timer’s guide to the Ba Na hills – its greater attraction. Before this hill station became famous for travelers in the West, it’s in the itinerary of all Vietnamese and Asian people. Now, those who have been in it would like to go back, in order to see up close the Golden Bridge.

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What is the Golden Bridge in Vietnam?

The Golden Bridge (or the Golden hand bridge, Golden palm bridge) is a 160-meters-long pedestrian bridge in Ba Na hills, a hill station in Da Nang city of Vietnam. Opened in 2018, this place is famous for its glamorous, picture-perfect look from a gold-plated bridge and two giant stone hands to support. While standing on its deck, visitors enjoy amazing scenery and cool temperatures. It’s totally designed and constructed by Vietnamese people. Thanks to social media, its images are known by travelers all over the planet. Recently, the Golden Bridge of Vietnam was named one of the most unique bridges by a famed British magazine. Another reliable site says that it’s a new world wonder. To know further details, you can read in our Golden Bridge visitor guide.

At an elevation of 1,414 meters, on a slope of Ba Na hills, the only way to get to the Golden Bridge is by cable car. Guided tours from Da Nang and Hoi An cities to it are available daily.

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How to Get From Hoi An to the Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is 55 kilometers northwest of Hoi An centre. From hotels in Cua Dai, Cam Thanh and South Hoi An areas, it’s longer. If traveling by car, travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Cost of a private car for 2 ways now is from 1,000,000 VND, including waiting. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 for assistance and book. On the way back to Hoi An, many travelers visit the Marble mountains due to convenience. Self driving a motorcycle will be a better deal for those who travel with a budget. Shuttle buses are hardly found in Hoi An but group tours are easy to see and reserve. After visiting Ba Na hills, the car/bus can drop off visitors in Da Nang and its airport. Read more in Hoi An to Golden Bridge.

The Best Time to Get the Golden Bridge from Hoi An

In the sunny months (from February to August), Ba Na hills opens at 7:30 am, occasionally at 7 am. So, the best time to go to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An is 6 pm (or earlier). For that reason, private transports are the only choice. In the rest of the year, September to January, it’s rainy and cloudy frequently in the hill station, so it opens at 8 am. If you want to be one of the first visitors, you need to leave Hoi An at 6:30 am (or earlier).

If request to sightsee the Marble mountains, visitors will pay a small extra for parking and waiting. To be dropped off in Da Nang, the additional fee is about 350,000 VND. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 for further details and reserve.

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How to Get From Da Nang to the Golden Bridge

The distance from Da Nang centre (the Dragon bridge) to the Golden Bridge is 30 kilometers. It means that visitors will spend about 1 hour to get there. Hotels by My Khe beach or resorts by Non Nuoc beach are further away. Private vehicles (car, motorcycle, bicycle, van) are all convenient, and shuttle buses are available during high seasons. Price of a round trip by car starts from 700,000 VND, including waiting and hotel pick up drop off. Group tours are organized by local operators daily. If book, the cost will be lower but timings of the trip are not flexible. After visiting, dropping off in Hoi An is possible for private transports only. Read more in Da Nang to Golden Bridge.

The Best Time to Get the Golden Bridge from Da Nang

From February to August, it’s sunny all day, therefore Ba Na hills open from 7:30 am (occasionally 7 am). To avoid the crowds and beat the heat, travelers should depart at 6:30 am or earlier. Because the departure is in the early morning, a private car is the only choice of transport. For a 4 and 7 seater car, the price of a round trip ranges from 700,000 to 1,000,000 VND. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to ask for more details and to book.

Rains and typhoons occur from September to January, making the Golden Bridge and Ba Na hills cloudy for most of the day. By that, the hill station opens later, at 8 am. Correspondingly, the best time to leave the hotel is 7 am or earlier.

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Self Driving a Motorbike to the Golden Bridge

No matter whether travelers stay in Da Nang or Hoi An, it’s easy to hire a motorbike, as long as you can ride and license. The price ranges from 100,000 to 250,000 VND, depending on the type and the provider. This is the rate for one day rental, without gasoline and accident insurance.

From Da Nang, search the shortest way to go to Ba Na – Suoi Mo road, and then just follow it to Ba Na hills station. That road is wide, smooth and the scenery along it is pretty (wooded hills, lakes, clouds). From Hoi An, you can read Motorbike routes in Hoi An for more information. It’s possible to sightsee the Marble Mountains and go swimming in a nearby beach (such as Non Nuoc beach or An Bang beach) before heading back to the hotel.   

Parking for motorcycles (and bicycles) near the traffic circle, in a walking distance to the entrance gate of Ba Na hills. See the map below to know the correct location. There is no parking fee for visitors. Make sure that you remember your motorcycle (or number on the license plate) and hold the numbered card from the security man.

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The Golden Bridge Entrance Fee & Ticket

Entry to the Golden Bridge is included in Ba Na hills entrance fee. It’s 850,000 VND for adults, whether they are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners. For childrens whose height is from 1 to 1,4 meters, their parents pay 700,000 VND. Kids visit for free. This entrance fee covers cable cars, sightseeing places (except the wax museum) and doesn’t cover meals.

Golden Bridge Ticket Reservation

Ba Na hills is very famous in Vietnam and known by many travelers worldwide. It seems that it’s always busy, even on rainy days. The best way to skip the long queues is reserving a ticket in advance. Let us know how many tickets you need to reserve in whatsapp number +84968009827 and get free travel advice from us.

Ba Na Hills Cable Cars to the Golden Bridge

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There are 4 cable cars serving a ride up to Ba Na hills but only one of them carries visitors to the Golden Bridge. It’s the cable car traveling from the Hoi An station to the Marseille station. If this is closed due to maintenance or whatever reasons, they need to go to other stations that are up the hill. Of course, the distance to the Golden Bridge will be longer. To get there, escalators skipping the stairs are equipped.

Directions from Ticket Counters to Cable Car Stations

No matter whether travelers take the tickets at on-site counters or from travel agencies, they need to enter the Big gate further behind. To the right, the escalator (next to the Starbuck coffee shop) carries people to a higher terrace where the Hoi An garden sits. After getting off this escalator, turn left, keep going and turn left again to enter the covered way. It’s possible to see lovely streets of Hoi An old town (exactly the same as how it looks in reality), koi fish ponds on one side and pieces of Vietnam’s countryside on the other. In the end, the staff will say hi and show the right direction to the “available” cable car station. The nearest one from there is the Hoi An station.

Besides the Hoi An station, visitors may go to Suoi Mo, Thac Toc Tien and Champa stations to reach the Golden Bridge. All of which are connected with escalators and stairs.

After Landing: How to Get to the Golden Bridge

If departing from the Hoi An station, after 17 minutes, visitors will land at the Marseille station. Then, it’s needed to walk upstairs and then get an escalator to the Dome. On rainy or cloudy days, the steps and floors are slippery, therefore should be careful. In the Dome, looking to the right, the entrance of the Golden Bridge is there. Visitors can find hot and cold drinks (coffee, tea, milktea, beers, etc), snacks, souvenirs, massage chairs, and informative, English-speaking staff. It’s necessary to walk downstairs by the massage chairs to see rest rooms (toilets). If it rains outside, rain poncho and umbrella are sold.

Directions from other arrival stations to the Golden Bridge are outlined as following below:

– From the Suoi Mo station: landing at the Ba Na station, and then two ways to get the bridge: funicular ride up to the hilltop or walking to Linh Ung pagoda.

– From the Thac Toc Tien station: landing at the Indochina station, walk upstairs to the Square, turn left until the Bordeaux station (escalator down). Then, get a cable car to the next hill and after landing, go downstairs to the Dome and then look to the left, the entrance of the bridge is there.

– From the Champa station: landing at the Taiga station, and then walking outside. Continue walking through the French village until its end (passing the church, the globe, the dome) to see the Bordeaux station. Another cable car ride is needed here, to reach the hill where the bridge sits.

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Visit the Golden Bridge: Everything You Need to Know

The Golden Hands Bridge is friendly for all visitors and all ages, not just instagrammers. After cable cars land, in the beginning of the bridge, watch out the step incline! (that is near the tablet showing “the Golden Bridge”). Because so excited, many people stand there and by the 1st hand and sure, it’s so crowded. To capture pictures in which no (or not many) people are around, visitors should go to the 2nd hand. Another way is using a selfie stick, to bring the phone to a high location. At that time, you become the focus of the photo. Let’s blur the background (your surroundings) to highlight yourself and friends if don’t have any stick. By the way, sticks are sold in stores inside the Dome.

In the end of the Golden Bridge (from the Dome and cable car station), there is an outlook where travelers can take a picture with a full bridge behind. This spot is busy also, therefore it’s needed to stand in a long queue sometimes. Photography service (by camera) is available, and of course, visitors need to pay for the prints. A big group may get free-of-charge ones. Should ask in the place to ensure.

If don’t walk through the bridge to get to the cable car station, after finishing everything on the same hill, sightseers have another path. There, by the mountain slope, it’s possible to see another spot where the same opportunity is provided. The crowd usually is smaller, by that, visitors feel more relaxed waiting for the turn. At this place, the palm of Golden Bridge’s hands is seen.

Visitors need to know these regulations before visiting the Golden Bridge: don’t touch on the hands, don’t walk on or damage the flowers by the hand rails, no smoking, don’t throw trash on the bridge.

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Is the Golden Bridge Wheelchair Accessible?

Wheelchair users can go through the Golden Bridge without troubles. They can reach Ba Na hills by car, then grip on flat grounds and use escalators to get to any cable car stations. Traveling with cable cars is easy, and the cabins are spacious enough to accommodate the wheelchair and people. The Golden Bridge itself is also even, supporting a lot of the users to see and photograph. In the rest of the hill station, it’s not too difficult to go around if they have the help from family or friends. 

Things to Do in Ba Na Hills Besides the Golden Bridge

Main article: Things to do in Ba Na hills besides the Golden Bridge

Ba Na hills doesn’t have only the Golden Bridge. From the bridge, in the same hill, visitors will see these places in turn: old French villa, Le jardin d’Amour (9 gardens), Debay wine cellar, Debay wine bar, the maze, 27-meters-tall Gautama Buddha and Linh Ung pagoda. Built in 1923, the wine cellar is one of the last survivors from the former French hill station today. Each year, a tulip festival takes place in its surroundings (the flowers imported from Netherlands!).

Another major area of Ba Na hills is called “French village”. To get there, visitors need to walk uphill by the same way, to return to the Dome and then escalator up. Cable car to the French village is short (no extra fee). Under the ground, that is the Fantasy park where fun games and performances are provided, to keep all members of the family/group entertained for a couple of hours. The first wax museum of Vietnam is here, on the highest floor (B1). Two alpine coasters outside are the favourite of many people (often long queues!). On the ground, visitors can stroll the square, visit the Saint Denis church, and walk further inside the village. Coffee shops, fast food stores and restaurants stand around the square. The paved road to the left of the church leads to Nui Chua summit (1,487 meters) – the top of Da Nang city.

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Food Options in Ba Na Hills

Many visitors have lunch in a buffet restaurant in Ba Na hills. There are numerous options of food to choose from, including veggies, traditional Vietnamese dishes, deserts, fruits, etc. Some popular restaurants are Arapang, Little Tokyo, Beer Plaza, Taiga, Lavender (the opening depends on particular times of the year!). All of which are located in the French village on a different hilltop to the Golden Bridge. If you buy tickets in advance, the price will be cheaper. The combo of Ba Na hills entrance fee, cable cars and buffet lunch is 1,140,000 VND for adults and people of above-1,4-meters height. Parents will pay 860,000 VND for childrens whose height is between 1 and 1,4 meters. Kids are free of charge. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to ask for details and reserve.

If you are a vegan, vegetarian, on diet or don’t want a big lunch, visitors can go to restaurants with a menu to order. Once again, all of the venues of this kind are around the French village. Fast foods (hot dogs, sandwiches) and barbecues (ostrich, beef, etc) are sold by main roads of the hill station.  

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Get Back to Da Nang and Hoi An

Visitors often get down the mountain from the French village. Here, there are 2 stations where cable cars carry passengers direct to the plain: Indochine station by the Sunworld globe and Taiga station by the Taiga restaurant. It’s quicker to return to the entrance gate and see the driver if selecting the first station (because of less staircases). Parking lots in the front of Ba Na hills entrance for buses and vans only, especially in high tourist seasons. A shuttle bus is provided to bring visitors to parking lots for cars. When not too many people go to the hill station, cars can pick up just outside or park beside big buses. If traveling by yourself, make sure that you have the telephone number of your driver to call/text him after visiting. It’s better when a pickup time is made before.

The Golden Bridge Sunrise Tour to Avoid Crowds

The best way to visit the Golden Bridge in Vietnam is getting there early or late. Due to its fame worldwide, it will soon become packed in the day. In the itinerary of group tours, the bridge itself is the first place to visit (before having a meal). Although known for cool temperatures, the strong heat still “burn” visitors. So, don’t forget to bring sun cream, sun glasses and other skin protections.  

We advise travelers to reach the Golden Bridge from Da Nang or Hoi An cities in the early morning. The whole hill station opens at 8 am (or earlier in the hottest months). So, it’s needed to depart from 7 am in Da Nang and 6:30 am in Hoi An. After sightseeing and taking photos at the bridge, travelers also have time for other things to do in Ba Na hills.

See further details in the Golden Bridge sunrise tour or text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 or email:

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