Hoi An Day Tours: A Guide to Best Day Trips From Hoi An

Near Hoi An, there are many fantastic places making travelers can’t stay in the room and have to go out to explore. Appeal Golden bridge – the new world wonder, mysterious My Son temples (Vietnam’s Angkor Wat) or awe-inspiring Marble Mountains are just 3 of them. A day tour to get there is a popular choice due to convenience, time saving and lower cost than do-it-yourself although providing the same things. In addition, organized day trips are guided by a licensed and experienced local who knows well all places in the itinerary. Thanks to him/her, everything is smoothly run, trouble-free and visitors open their horizons in Central Vietnamese culture via awesome explanations. That is one of the biggest advantages compared to self-guided journeys. This guide focuses on Hoi An day tours or day trips from Hoi An, to allow travelers know featured experiences they should know.

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Golden Bridge Hands Day Tour from Hoi An

About Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills

The Golden Bridge (or Golden Hands Bridge) is one of the newest additions into Ba Na Hills – a reputable tourist attraction all over Vietnam. It’s located in the highest mountain of Da Nang (approximately 1,500m asl), 55 km northwest of Hoi An. Open to the public in June 2018, this masterpiece of human has a pedestrian walkway holded by a pair of giant hands. Due to glorious, inspirational beauty, many travelers around the globe dream to see it and sure, get instagram pictures. In the rest of the area, visitors can find many entertainments, such as sightseeing, landscaped gardens, Buddhist temples, amusement parks and fascinating outdoor performances. See further information in Ba Na Hills travel guide. The cable car, which holds 4 world records, is unmissable.

The Classic Da Nang Golden Bridge Tour

See details in Full Day Golden Bridge Tour from Hoi An or Da Nang

Inclusions: Round trip transfer, all entrance tickets, lunch, knowledgeable English-speaking guide, water, experienced driver

A day tour from Hoi An to Golden Bridge starts in the morning, or sunrise if visitors want to avoid the crowds and long queues. The bus moves straight away to the cable car station after greetings and it takes over 1 hour. Depending on the reschedule of the day, one of 3 cable cars serves the ride up the mountaintop. The quickest one departs from the Hoi An station and ends in the Marseille station (massive outcrops seen). After getting off the cabin, only a few walks are needed to see the bridge. On the same hill, there are blooming gardens soaked in the midst and French remains. Lunch is served in another hilltop called French village and the rest of the day is for roaming around there, sightseeing and watching shows. 

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Beat the Crowds: Golden Hands Bridge Sunrise or Sunset Tour

Ba Na Hills and its Golden Hands Bridge are crowded during the day because of their famousness in the world. To beat the crowds (and also heat), travelers can go early in the morning or get there in mid-afternoon. Instead of following long queues, it’s more relaxing at each place to visit and take pictures. However, other highlights are still not missed in the tours. See further details in our ½ day Golden hands bridge sunrise or sunset tour. Thank you very much!

Day Trip to Hue from Hoi An via Hai Van Pass

Hue City and Reasons to Visit

Main article: Hue Travel Guide

120 km north of Hoi An, Hue was the ancient capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. It’s the seat of power of Nguyen emperors whose last name now is most popular in Vietnam and top 4 around the world. The dynasty founder and his successors constructed a complex of imposing buildings, including a huge Imperial Citadel by the poetic Perfume river. Religious and burial sites are also seen  in nearby mountains. In 1993, all were inscribed by Unesco as a world heritage site, the first in the country.

It’s worth a trip to Hue. Firstly, because of its rich history (143 years as a capital) and cultural traditions that are absolutely stunning to learn about. Due to being quite close to our time today, history of this period is still well-remembered by locals. Amazing imperial buildings and unique, sophisticated cuisine are other reasons. It has the best preserved walled city from the era of kings and queens in Vietnam. Within the one, visitors can see glorious palaces, temples, residences and gardens that are the last survivors after cruel wars. Buddhist pagodas and king mausoleums also amaze them with grandiose architecture. In addition, Hai Van Pass – the most spectacular coast road of South-east Asia is between Hoi An and Hue.

The Best Day Trip to Hue from Hoi An

Read details in Hue Day Trip from Hoi An or Da Nang

Inclusions: Round trip transfe, all entrance tickets, lunch,  knowledgeable English-speaking guide, water, experienced driver

A Hoi An day tour to Hue departs in the morning, to allow visitors to have enough time for transport, sightseeing, having lunch and return. The first attraction is Hai Van Pass – a breathtaking pass route with hairpin turns, panoramic outlooks and ancient remains on the top. On its northern side, the bus stops by Lang Co Lagoon to see a surreal landscape made up by wooded mountains, clouds, and turquoise water dotted by oyster farmer’s stilt houses. Locals put old car tyres on the road to let the buses run over, to remove oyster’s shells.

In Hue, the best sight of the Imperial Citadel is made by a knowledgeable guide to visit, before lunch. He/she recommends the most worth seeing buildings around this gardeny enclosed wall. After learning so much about a fallen dynasty, visitors rest and have lunch with Vietnamese foods. In the afternoon, visitors have the chance to marvel at Thien Mu Pagoda – the oldest Buddhist site in the city with an iconic 7-storied tower. Then, a colorful dragon boat conveys to them along Perfume river that its beauty has inspired artists for some centuries. The last sightseeing place is Tomb of Khai Dinh king who traveled to France in 1922 with his son, the final emperor of Vietnam ever. It’s one of the kind, a masterly mix between East and West architectures.

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Others Hoi An to Hue Tours – Adventures

Apart from bus and car, travellers can explore Hue from Hoi An by motorbike (vespa included) or jeep. No matter which vehicle is the choice, a trip with it is an adventure. The highlight definitely is Hai Van Pass, one of Vietnam’s wonders on the coast that provides a cool, fun-filled and breezy ride. There are various outlooks where fantastic photogenic points are found. If touring by yourself, adventuring vibes are more but remember to keep safe first.

Due to the long distance between cities, local tour organizers recommend taking one way (to Hue only) by any of them, and then return by bus. Furthermore, it’s dark soon after the last sightseeing is completed. Because of that, travelers can not see beautiful scenery during the daytime, so the transport is just a transport! The driver chooses to ride through Hai Van Pass tunnel – the longest of its kind in all of South-east Asia.

Hoi An Day Tours to My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary and Reasons to Visit

Main article: My Son Sanctuary Vietnam

My Son Sanctuary is an abandoned Hindu holy land of Champa kingdom that ruled the coast from 2nd to 19th century. It’s a complex of 71 temples and ruins built in a valley 50 km west of Hoi An. The oldest remains dated back from 4th century and the youngest ones were in the early 14th century. Surrounded by a ring of mountains, it’s highly defensive and that’s why the kings also select it as an emergency capital when wars occur. In 1999, this site won the Unesco world heritage title in Morocco.

It’s worth visiting My Son Sanctuary. Foremost, the reason is the best of what Champa kingdom’s emperors left in Vietnam. There are elaborately decorated towers built by bricks with hidden techniques that have not been fully discovered by scientists. Served as a sacred place for nearly 1,000 years, this is related to uncountable legends and mythologies of the Chams. On the stage by temples, festive traditional shows are performed daily by their descendants, a must see. On the other hand, the world heritage is placed in a well protected environment (nature reserve) with lush forests, hills, streams and bird songs. It’s really ideal for an escape from the city.

The Best My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An

See details: Full Day My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An

Round trip transfer All entrance tickets ü Lunch ü Knowledgeable English-speaking guide ü Water ü Experienced driver

My Son sanctuary day tour from Hoi An begins in the morning or the sunrise if visitors would like to sightsee without many people around. It takes over 1 hour to get there and to see the central temples, visitors need to take a buggy transfer and then walk. The best tour around here can’t exclude an informative local guide who will explain everything in each stop. Thanks to in-depth explanations from him/her, there is so much knowledge to bring home, from history, architecture, art, mythology, religion to the Vietnam war. Prior to discovering the next stunner, lunch is served with a local food in the family-run restaurant.

A visit in My Son Sanctuary lasts a couple of hours (or half of day), therefore local organizers recommend visiting another attraction, to fill the gap. The best combo is with the Marble Mountains – a complex of striking hills suddenly rising above the plains. Visitors have the chance to see Buddhist temples from 19th century, amazing caves, sacred shrines, outlooks, peaks with a sweeping view and ancient trees. It’s needed to climb hundreds of stairs to get around and to places. In the village below, stone sculptures are exhibited a lot in shop houses and workshops. Thus, the afternoon in this Da Nang’s emblem is well spent, allowing to understand many slices of local life and culture.

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Hoi An Day Tours to Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass and Reasons to Visit

Main article: Hai Van Pass Vietnam

50 km north of Hoi An, Hai Van Pass is a 20km-long coast road traversing a spectacular spur of the Annamite Range that juts into the sea. Since ancient times, it has been widely known by people thanks to its breathtaking sceneries and dangers while moving along it. After numerous turns and hairpin bends, the highest point of this wonder is at an elevation of nearly 1,500 meters. There, different armies built their own stronghold, now only Vietnamese 19th century gates and American bunkers remain. Down the water edge, secretious sandy beaches and omega-like capes are other features people love.

It’s absolutely worth visiting Hai Van Pass. Above all, because of the fascinating, fun rides thanks to elevations, outstanding landscapes, lush vegetation and numerous turns, hairpin bends. This is on the bucket list of so many travelers who love adventures. On both northern and southern slopes, outlooks with a striking panoramic view are many, picture-perfect. In the pinnacle, ancient remains dated back from 19th century and later additional bunkers in the latest wars allow us to understand little more about local history and human use. Most tours to Hai Van Pass include a stop by Lang Co Lagoon – Vietnam’s prettiest mountain-to-sea scenery. It inspires many viewers. By the lagoon shore, scrumptious fresh seafood dishes are just waiting to enjoy.

Hai Van Pass Tour from Hoi An by Bus

See details: Full Day Hai Van Pass Tour from Hoi An

Inclusions: Round trip transfer, all entrance tickets, lunch, knowledgeable English-speaking guide, water, experienced driver

This adventure day tour includes the bests of Da Nang, the city between Hai Van Pass and Hoi An. In the morning, visitors have the chance to explore two magnificent landmarks by the beautiful coast, the Marble Mountains and Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra peninsula. A hike with many steps is required, but it’s  full of interesting things to sightsee and photograph, so it’s never wrong to go. There are old Buddhist temples, a dozen of majestic caves filled by holy shrines and summits. In the second place – Da Nang’s greatest pagoda, the Lady Buddha stands out by its 67 meters above the surroundings. This elegant sculpture is the tallest in Vietnam. In the rest of the pagoda, visitors will see grand Buddha worshipping buildings, bonsai gardens, bodhi trees, beautiful outlooks and monkeys. Lunch is served then in a Vietnamese restaurant.

The afternoon is for Hai Van Pass where visitors not only see amazing natural beauties from the window, but also at outlooks. That may be a giant stone, by the highway or at the top, providing iconic views that are seen a lot in social media. Photo opportunities sure are plenty. In the highest point, the guide will tell history stories about old remains and the Vietnam war. It plays an important role for any military powers, due to its strategic location. Cruising downhill, Lang Co Lagoon is loved by many visitors. This tremendous place boasts of turquoise water, wooded towering mountains with clouds around the top, and oyster farms of locals. Seafood here is really fresh, on offer in floating restaurants. To return to Hoi An, the bus/car reaches the pass again.

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Other Hai Van Pass Day Tours

Travelers can choose to visit Hai Van Pass from Hoi An, by motorcycle, bicycle and jeep. Definitely there is more freedom, adventuring vibes and chances to stop and enjoy sensational sceneries. Attractions mentioned above in the bus itinerary are possible to include in your day out. Moreover, these adventures have something different, such as a visit to hidden streams and waterfalls amid primitive forests. There, travelers can soak into unpolluted, cool water with a cold beer. It’s a perfect combo for a hot day. These are separate articles for each experience that you may be interested:

– Hoi An motorbike tours

– Jeep tours in Hoi An

– Hoi An bike tours

Hoi An Day Tours to Cham Island

Cham Island and Reasons to Visit

Main article: Cham Island Hoi An

Off the coast of Hoi An, Cham Islands is a group of 8 islands and each owns differences. The largest one has the same name where 3,000 people have been residing. Under its surrounding water, except shipwrecks filled by ceramics, there is one of the most healthy, wealthy marine lifes in the country. It’s home to over 300 coral species and various fishes, turtles and mollusks. That is the reason why Unesco inscribed it as a world biosphere reserve. To get to the islands, visitors often travel by a speed canoe instead of a local boat ferry.  

It’s worth a trip to Cham Island. Above all, this gem provides diving spots where day trippers can admire gorgeous coral gardens and colorful fishes. The underwater world here is in the top list of Vietnam. It’s possible to expect sunny, spacious sandy beaches lined by palms and crystal-like water too. That’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. All are less busy than the ones in the mainland during high seasons. Water sports and games are available along the water edges during the summer. Nearby restaurants serve delicious seafood dishes from fresh ingredients, definitely one of things visitors want to find when visiting Hoi An.

Full Day Cham Island Tour from Hoi An – Classic Itinerary

Inclusions: Hotel pick up & drop off, rountrip transfer by canoe, all entrance tickets, lunch, English-speaking guide, water

All canoe rides to Cham Islands depart in a harbour 8 km away from Hoi An’s center. So, visitors are transferred there first from the hotel. After 20 minutes on the sea, the boat lands on the largest island where a walking tour to local historical sites starts. During it, the guide informs every side of each place, like a Cham’s well supplying water that makes seasick disappear if people drink it. After touring the village, the beach and a snorkeling spot are next stops. Unquestionable, everybody is excited to wear a mask and discover the colorful undersea world. Scuba diving equipment are available to hire on board if needed, sure with an additional payment. Lunch then is served with seafood dishes and some island’s food specialties. In the afternoon, visitors have their own free time to swim, sunbathe, participate in water games or relax on chairs or hammocks under shaded coconut palms.  

To book a Cham Island day tour from Hoi An or Da Nang, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827

Cham Island Diving Tour

Scuba diving is the best thing to do in Hoi An’s Cham Islands. It’s organized daily by some certified tour operators in town during the best weather months (March to August). Unlike classic day tours, visitors are transported to diving spots by a private wooden boat and relax on a sandy beach without crowds. Due to being unpopular to groups of day trippers, the spots provide better experiences with more intact corals. Sure, lunch with seafood is a part of the day. See the best options in our guide to Cham island diving.  

Hoi An Day Tours to Son Tra Mountain (or Peninsula)

Son Tra mountain is 10 km northeast of Da Nang center and 40 km north of Hoi An. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it’s known as a peninsula as equal as. The best sights are the Lady Buddha – the tallest of the kind in Vietnam, 67 meters high and Linh Ung Pagoda – the biggest Buddhist building in the city. Both stand on the same ground and by the southern coastline where a killer sunset is seen every afternoon. This couple is one of the most visited “places” in the area, up to some millions of visitors yearly.

It takes a couple of hours to sightsee and photograph the most famous attractions of Son Tra mountain. Therefore, local operators recommend visiting other top sights, such as the Marble Mountains, museums or markets. Not only by bus or car, visitors find it easy to seek expeditions on wheels of the motorcycle or jeep too. The price generally hasn’t big differences. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to know the best fit for yourself.

Hoi An Day Tours to My Lai Massacre Village

Read also: My Lai Massacre Village Traveler Guide

My Lai village (or Son My village on Vietnam’s side) is a Vietnam war memorial, 130 km south of Hoi An. On 16th March 1968, 504 unarmed people were killed here by a company of American soldiers. After that, real photos about this sad event were spread and actually shocked anyone in the rest of the world. Of course, the actions were harshly condemned. Judgements and numerous protests occurred, making it one of the most widely known things in the Vietnam war (1960s and 1970s). The day tour from Hoi An to My Lai village is usually private due to the long distance. Thanks to the newly-built expressway, the travel time is shortened to around 2,5hrs. To book, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827.

Hoi An Day Tours around Hoi An

Read details in Hoi An Tours

Travelers have many choices of day tours just around Hoi An, suitable for those who prefer short/quick transports. These are the most stunning combinations:

– Hoi An old town walking tour + coconut village experience (basket boat tour included). See details here.

– Hoi An old town sightseeing tour + bicycle tour in Hoi An’s countryside. See details here.

Hoi An Private Tour Guide

If you would like to explore amazing attractions in and around Hoi An with a local guide who speaks fluent English and is knowledgeable, let us know your date and plan. Our whatsapp number is +84968009827.

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