How to Get From Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary

My Son sanctuary is one of the most popular places to visit for tourists staying overnight in Hoi An, especially those who spend many days there. It’s known for a complex of ancient temples located in the jungle, with the nickname “the Angkor Wat of Vietnam”. Yes, it brings both cultural and natural interests. As a Uneso world heritage site, this site definitely has “universal outstanding values” too. So, how to get there? and what is the best transport?

In this article, we share all the ways to get from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary, including bus, car, taxi, bicycle, motorbike and tours. The best option depends on personal elements, for example, time, travel plan, or budget.

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What is My Son Sanctuary?

My Son Sanctuary (My Son Holy Land, My Son Ruins, My Son Site) is a Unesco world heritage site, some 40 kilometers from Hoi An and 45 kilometers from Da Nang. It’s known for Hindu temples dating back from 4th century, all in the dense rainforests of the Annamite mountains. Until 13rd century, it still existed as the holiest religious place of the Champa kingdom which ruled the central coast of Vietnam from 2nd to 19th centuries. At its golden age, 70 buildings were constructed. Here, Cham kings organized ceremonies to honour Shiva, god of destroying in Hinduism.

Due to political reasons, My Son temples were abandoned and in the end of 19th century, a party of French men discovered it by mistake. Later, in the 1960s and 1970s, American air forces dropped bombs into them because Vietcong (communists) might hide in their surroundings. Bomb holes are still seen and the landing mine killed several researchers. After all, only 20 buildings survive.

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Is My Son Sanctuary Worth Visiting?

My Son sanctuary is absolutely worth visiting, one of the must-see places in Hoi An and Da Nang. These are reasons:

– My Son is the holy land of Champa, one of the major kingdoms in ancient Southeast Asia. Here, Cham kings organized very important ceremonies from 4th to 13rd centuries and 70 buildings ever existed. So, it’s an ideal place to learn about the history of the kingdom.

– My Son is a valley with streams and forests, home to many wild animals and songbirds. Nature lovers like to trekking trails here.

– My Son was bombed in the Vietnam war (1960s and 1970s). That’s why some of its temples are collapsed and bomb holes are still visible. For those who are interested in this recent conflict, My Son is a must see.

– My Son is the most unique Unesco world heritage site in Vietnam. Building techniques in its temples are still secret.  

– Daily show in My Son has fantastic performances that are carried out by Cham boys, girls and experienced artisans. They dance, play traditional drums and blow flute, and wear their own costume.

– Due to the distance from cities, My Son is a perfect option for half day trips.

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Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary by Taxi

If travelers need to have a private car quickly to go to My Son, a taxi is the choice. There are some taxi companies in Hoi An to choose from, and of course, they own many cars and hire many drivers. If don’t have a local sim card to call one, let’s come to the reception and tell people there the plan. At least, they understand English to help. Make sure that you know the price before making any decision. The fare is metered in Vietnam, and for a long distance drive, such as Hoi An to My Son, it’s about 15,000 VND. Taxi companies also charge passengers parking and waiting fees as extra. One of the troubles they may face is that the drivers will try to reach My Son in a longer route (to have more pay).

For a moderate cost and more reliable driver, travelers can consider having one of our private cars and drivers. In the early morning (before sunrise), it may be impossible to call a taxi because the service isn’t available. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to ask for details and to book.

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Private Car from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary

Getting to My Son sanctuary from Hoi An by a private car is amongst the best choices. It is a fact that the bulk of foreign tourists choose this because of its advantages. With a moderate cost, they can start the trip anytime they prefer, and by that, the travel plan is free from time troubles. Its privacy is also suitable for couples, small families with kids, and those who go in the early morning (to see the sunrise).

The price of the private car from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary ranges from 700,000 to 900,000 Vietnamese dong. 7-seaters car is more expensive than a 4-seaters car. It covers two-ways transport, gasoline, parking, tax, toll fees and waiting at My Son (from 2 to 3 hours). A small extra fee will be charged if visitors spend a longer time. When returning to Hoi An, the car can drop off in a restaurant to have food (and then visitors go back to the hotel by themselves).

We have new cars and licensed drivers that are available daily to reach My Son’s temples from your hotel in Hoi An. It’s possible to pick up in another place instead of the hotel. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to chat and book.

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Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary by Motorbike (Scooter)

Main article: How to Get to My Son from Hoi An by Motorbike

Many travelers love riding a motorbike (scooter) to My Son sanctuary from Hoi An. Generally, it’s easy to rent a bike in Hoi An. The quickest place to come and ask is the hotel, and if not available or fully booked, nearby rental shops are the next options. The price ranges from 100,000 to 200,000 Vietnamese dong for one day or 24 hours, depending on the providers. It doesn’t cover gasoline, insurance or breakdown or loss of something. On the way to My Son, anyway travelers will see a petrol station.

The best motorbike tour from Hoi An to My Son temples is DT 610 that runs to the south of the Thu Bon river. From everywhere in Hoi An, the riders need to go across the new Cam Kim bridge (near pottery village) and then through Cam Kim island for a while. After villages and rice fields, traffic in Nam Phuoc town is a serious thing to notice. It’s busy and sometimes potentially dangerous. The rest of the tour is of no high traffic, so meaning that driving will be easier. There are some interesting places to stop and visit, such as Tra Kieu church atop the hill. The simplest way to navigate this section is seeing lines of the trees on both sides or following the yellow line in the middle of the road.

If don’t ride a motorbike by yourself (or a travel friend takes you), let’s consider having a motorbike tour. The driver will be a mechanic and also a tour guide who shows you around and provides information (although don’t expect professional guides!). Of course, English is the most popular language the drivers can speak in Hoi An. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to assist with something if needed. 

Van and Bus from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary

Your family or group of friends (more than 4 members) can consider having a van to get My Son from Hoi An. The price fluctuates from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 Vietnam dong (43 to 65 US dollars), for 4-5 hours. While travelers are visiting, the driver is waiting until they finish. If spending a longer time (than 5 hours in total), it’s needed to pay an additional fee. The van picks up at the time as requested, even before the sunrise. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to know further details and book.

When tourists come to Hoi An a lot, local companies may arrange a shuttle bus service (like in the airport). Travelers will be picked up and dropped off in the hotel. Of course, only transport is included, therefore travelers have to pay My Son entry fee at their own expense and visit My Son by themselves. Timing is announced by the guide or driver. In low seasons, it’s difficult to find a shuttle bus.

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Getting to My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An by Bicycle

Traveling to My Son sanctuary from Hoi An by bicycle is an off-the-beaten-track experience. It’s easy to hire a bike (or look for guided tours) in Hoi An, to start the trip. On the way to My Son, the rural scenery is lovely and peaceful. At a slow pace, travelers can see rice fields by mountains, villages, lush farms, lotus ponds, Buddhist temples and forests. We highly recommend no to ride on highways and instead of that, backroads through the countryside are nicer. Not all about the views, traffic will be slower or not much and absolutely it’s safer for those who drive. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 if you need a local guide and experice the adventuring route he designs.

When arriving My Son, bicycle riders can park in the same place with scooters. The price may be 5,000 Vietnam dong. Ticket office and main entrance is just a few walks away. Keep in mind to take a free shuttle bus (after the bridge you will see) to skip the long distance to go further inside the valley. Then, travelers have to walk to sightsee temples.

Near Hoi An, Hai Van pass is also a very famous place for cyclists. It’s known as the most pretty coastline in Vietnam. See more information in our Hai Van pass travel guide. By the way, this natural wonder is half way to Hue, another tourist destination.

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Hoi An to My Son by Car and Boat

It’s possible to get to My Son from Hoi An by both car and boat (in guided tours only). First of all, the guide will assist travelers to reach the boat station by car and then they can enjoy a relaxing cruise trip on Thu Bon river. The ride is around 40 minutes. After landing, the car continues moving to My Son sanctuary. During this drive, the local guide explains the history and culture of the Chams and their heritages, with details. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 for more advice and arrangement for you.

In the afternoon, travelers can request to have this boat trip, but in the opposite direction: My Son to Hoi An. It’s possible to see a brilliant sunset on the river and then drop off in the Ancient town (to have dinner and nightlife).

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Hoi An to My Son Tour: Group Tours

My Son Morning Tour

Group My Son morning tour is a good option to save. Pick up time often is between 7 and 8 am, in the hotel and drop off time is around 2 pm. The tour’s price includes 2-ways transport (size of the vehicle up to number of visitors booked), English speaking tour guide and bottled water. This means that visitors may pay My Son entrance ticket (150,000 VND) by themselves. Lunch is also optional. If it’s an inclusion, the food served is Mi Quang noodle, a regional specialty dish. To provide more experiences, some local companies bring visitors to a local house where they’re trained to make rice noodles (or rice papers). A boat trip downstream Thu Bon river is also in the package. Contact us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to know further details and book.

My Son Afternoon Tour

The itinerary of group My Son afternoon tours is similar to the morning tour above. However, visitors don’t need to wake up early instead. In addition, My Son is busy in the morning, so sightseeing in the afternoon will be a smarter choice. On the way back to Hoi An, sunset on the river is the second highlight, besides Hindu temples. Again, contact us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to know more details and the price.

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Private My Son Sanctuary Tours

My Son Sunrise Tour

Sunrise is one of the best times to visit My Son sanctuary. Not only to avoid the strong heat, visitors also can avoid the crowds. We recommend leaving Hoi An between 5 and 5:30 am, and one hour later, the car arrives at My Son. The early birds and their English-speaking tour guide will spend a couple of hours to see and learn about the temples. Sunrise is when it’s really cool, fresh, peaceful and perfect for taking pictures. Browse our My Son sunrise tour to know further information.

In the afternoon, with the same purpose, visitors can leave Hoi An at 2 pm. After the tour, the car drops them off in the Old town if requested. Then, they have time for dinner and nightlife later. Read What to do in Hoi An at night to have more ideas for the trip.

My Son Day Trip from Hoi An

A day trip from Hoi An to My Son sanctuary and other must-see attractions is what many travelers need. In the morning, it’s time to visit this world heritage site and learn about Cham people or their own kingdom – Champa. After sightseeing, visitors are introduced to try Mi quang noodle, the specialty food of the whole area as lunch. It features a bowl of white and soft rice noodles served with meat, raw vegetables, a bold broth and rice crackers. 

In the rest of the tour, visitors will see the Marble mountains and enjoy a basket boat ride. In the first place, it’s needed to climb stairs to get to the best sights: Buddhist temples, the peak and caves. See full details in My Son day trip from Hoi An.

Private My Son Tour with River Cruise

On the way back to Hoi An, travelers have one more option: cruising Thu Bon river by boat (downstream). After visiting My Son sanctuary, the car/van is still needed to take travelers to the boat station. This ride allows them to cool down with breezes, view peaceful rural areas or daily life of people and take great photos. It’s a way to make My Son tour different. If possible to have it at sunset, that will be a really wonderful memory in the trip so far. The beauty of nature is at its best during the time.

Prior to arriving at Hoi An, some tours stop at one of two traditional handicraft making villages (Kim Bong and Thanh Ha) or both of them. Kim Bong village is home of skillful carpenters and boat builders, while Thanh Ha is famous for its craft in making pottery. From the landing place (maybe Ancient town), travelers can decide to have transfer service to return to the hotel or explore by themselves onwards. The Town has many good restaurants to have lunch or dinner. 

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