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Hoi An’s Chinese Assembly Halls and Chinese Temples

Chinese people migrated to Hoi An from the early 17th century. Today, Chinese communities as a whole are the second most important piece to form the town’s unique culture. The foremost community, of course, is Vietnamese. The Chinese came here as … Read More

Hoi An Walking Tours: Heritage, Foods, Photography & Locals

Strolling around heritage quarters with a local guide is the activity that so many travelers love to do in Hoi An. It enriches their time in this lovely town. Firstly, they can learn about local history and cultures from a … Read More

Hoi An Self Guided Walking Tour (Hoi An By Yourself)

Hoi An old town is friendly for pedestrians, especially during the time that motorized vehicles (scooters, cars, etc) are prohibited to move around its heritage quarters. That is safe for tourists and they also enjoy the charm and atmosphere of … Read More

How to Visit Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Hand Bridge of Ba Na hills today is a dream place to visit for many travelers. Since it opened in June 2018, millions of people have set their foot on this amazing bridge. Of course, an uncountable number … Read More

Da Nang Shore Excursions: Guided Tours From Tien Sa Port

Da Nang Vietnam today is one of stopovers for many cruises that travel from continent to continent, from country to country. It owns an ideal seaport to moor and it provides travelers awesome spots to visit and activities. The distance … Read More

Unique Experiences in Hoi An and Why?

Today, travelers seek more experiences in the destination they go to. They want to have a deeper understanding about the culture of local people and interact with them. No other place in Vietnam is more fitted to this travel purpose … Read More

Han Market (Cho Han): Where to Shop in Da Nang?

In the heart of Da Nang, the Han market is a popular place for visitors to buy something to bring home due to the diversity of merchandise. Back to history, it was built by French people as a part of … Read More

An Bang Beach: A Guide to Hoi An’s Best Beach

An Bang beach now becomes a popular tourist attraction in Hoi An. It may be the best known and most convenient to reach from the town’s centre. Not only tourists, locals visit this beautiful beach for swimming, cooling off and … Read More

Experiences in Hoi An: Get Insight Into Hoi An’s Local Culture

As the most unique Vietnamese town, Hoi An is definitely worth visiting. Here, visitors have many things to do and experiences for their holiday time. Everyone knows that it has an old town featuring houses of yellow walls, colorful lanterns, … Read More

Da Nang Cathedral (Da Nang Pink Church)

Da Nang became a French protectorate on 3rd October 1888, under the name “Tourane”. By the Han river, the colonists designed a grid of streets with public buildings, a city hall, a market, train, and a church. Over time, these planned … Read More