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My Son Sanctuary is a Unesco world heritage site, attracting 450,000 visitors in recent years. It’s the best remains left by the fallen Champa Kingdom which ruled a part of Vietnam from 2nd to 19th centuries. Forgotten by people in nearly a thousand years, this Hindu holy land is hidden away in tropical jungles. Thanks to that, sightseers enjoy the fresh air, bird songs, and shaded trees while walking around it. Historians think that Champa kings may come here to hide when the conflicts occur because of its defensive, mysterious location. Sadly, lack of people care, growth of forests, and bombings the Vietnam War damaged its eleborate buildings. What is still standing on the ground continues to amaze people. Local and international conservationists have been making efforts to best preserve. This article aims to inform travellers about My Son Sanctuary tour, both guided and self-guided.

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Quick Guide to My Son Sanctuary

Main travel guide: My Son Sanctuary

– Location: Duy Phu, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.

– Distance from the nearest cities: 40 km from Hoi An and 70 km from Da Nang.

– Why should I visit: a complex of 70 sophisticated brick temples and ruins dated back from 4th century, located in a well-protected natural environment. In 1999, My Son won the Unesco title because of being the best remains of the disappeared Champa kingdom.– Dress code: wear formal and respectively to ensure that armpits, navel and knees are covered.

– Tickets: 150,000 VND, a pre-reservation isn’t needed.

– Opening hours: 6 a.m to 5 p.m

– What should I bring: sun cream, sun glasses, insect repellent, water, cash, rain poncho in the rainy season.

– The best time to visit: sunny months from February to September in the case of the whole year. In the wet season, a good day is without heavy rains, typhoons and floods. During the high seasons, the early morning and late afternoon are finest, to avoid the crowds and heat.

Why Should I Book a My Son Sanctuary Tour?

Guided My Son sanctuary tour covers all travellers need for a nice day out. Apart from great interests in history and culture from the world heritage, there is a roundtrip transport, entry fee, and especially, a local guide. The guide knows well the temples and everything around that, a mine of information. Thanks to his/her explanations, it’s easier to understand things in the past, including ones never mentioned anywhere else. If traveling by yourself, you may miss it. One of the reasons is the lack of unacademic introductions in the sites, like stories, fun facts.

On the other hand, tours organized by local operators help to save and find out “better” tour guides than finding by yourself. It’s easier to depart upon the request too, for example, before the sunrise to enjoy cool temperature. The drive in tours works with a responsibility that provides the best trip to travellers. So often it doesn’t matter to wait for a while if you want to see everything or stop to take a picture beside the road.  

The Itinerary of Guided My Son Sanctuary Tour

My Son sanctuary tour often begins from the hotel at 8 a.m or earlier in the sunrise option and if requested. After greeting the guide, the driver takes the group straight to the Unesco world heritage site. Before sightseeing in the first place – the Museum, the guide will buy a ticket and travellers can go to the restroom. To get to the temples, a buggy transfer is provided and after getting off, it’s needed to walk for some minutes along a tree-shaded path. In the sanctuary, travellers not only have the chance to visit ancient buildings, but also to witness traditional performances. When all highlights are “done”, return to the departure city for lunch.

Note: The duration of My Son Sanctuary tour is a half day, from Da Nang or Hoi An. A day trip there has to include other attractions.

My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An – The Classics

Private (or Small Group) My Son Sanctuary Tour

Recommended tour: My Son Sanctuary Tour from Da Nang or Hoi An

A private tour to My Son Sanctuary is the choice of a traveller who likes a trip with the freedom, flexibility and comfort. It’s designed just for him/her. Departure time can be made anytime of the day, from sunrise to sunset and how long to visit the temples is personalized too. Because of that, a full sightseeing is provided, instead of only highlights in group options.

The private tour should include a local guide who is knowledgeable and fluent in English. Thanks to exclusiveness, families and a bunch of friends have a lot of time to deeply understand the place from explanations. Questions are easy to give. A guide is highly recommended for history buffs who want to be shared from a local expert. Don’t forget that My Son is dated from 4th century and keeps its holy land role for the next 900 years.

Looking for a private tour to My Son? We may help, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 for assistance.

Sunrise My Son Sanctuary Tour

If departing before or at sunrise, travellers can enjoy a cool temperature in My Son Sanctuary. In addition, it’s perfect to avoid the crowds in high seasons. After sightseeing, the car or bus arrives at Hoi An at lunch time. A set menu meal covered by the tour price or a la carte menu by yourself in the favourite restaurant, is easy to deal with for local operators. See more information here.

Sunset My Son Sanctuary Tour

Like the sunrise tour, the advantages of the sunset option are to keep away from the heat and crowds. But the scenery is different when the sun gradually hides behind the mountains. Travelers can choose to be dropped off in a place near the Old Town, to dine out and see the glorious beauty of the lanterns. See more information here.

My Son Group Tour from Hoi An

It’s most possible to book a group tour from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary during the high seasons of the international tourists. The time may be from September to April in the next year. If traveling in other months, a private or small group option is more feasible. A little extra cost is required.

My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An – The Specials

Hoi An Motorbike Tour to My Son

A motorbike tour from Hoi An to My Son is really fun. Both self-riding and following the guide, and getting a pillion ride are on offer in every bike tour operator. Different from classic options, this kind of experience allows travellers to know local traffic culture and different slices of people’s daily life. Countryside and backroads are priorities, instead of busy towns and roads. See the best options in our article for Hoi An motorbike tour.

Hoi An Cycling Tour to My Son

On the wheels of the bicycle, your expedition to My Son sanctuary is slower, laid back. Following back roads behind a guide, travellers will ride across peaceful countryside, breezy rice paddies, green hills, gardens and hidden beauty spots. These are never recommended by bus or car tours. In many itineraries, lunch is a local dish served in a local restaurant. It’s a great chance to try more local cuisine, and make stories back home more stunning. See the most featured options in our article for Hoi An cycling tour.

Hoi An Jeep Tour to My Son

Jeep is a military car introduced and used during the American war in the 1960s and 1970s. Now it serves tours and takes travellers around beautiful lands between Hoi An and My Son. Better than bike adventures, travellers can enjoy freedom, exploring vibes with winds around the hair with family members or fellow friends. 2 passengers are maximum in guided trips and 3 passengers if without a tour guide. See remarkable options in our article for jeep tour in Hoi An.

Hoi An Boat Tour to My Son

River cruise on Thu Bon River is a part of some My Son Sanctuary tour from Hoi An. Downstream or upstream depends on the time of departure but in general, travellers have the chance to view pretty sceneries from the boat. If leaving the city in the morning, the holy land is recommended to see first, and then down the river for boarding. Lunch may be served and a visit to two famous handicraft villages are included in several options. If having an afternoon trip, the river cruise is first activity and then, sightseeing the temples in the sunset. This tour is least popular.

My Son Tour from Da Nang

A My Son tour from Da Nang by car or bus has the same itinerary as the tours departing from Hoi An nearby (see details here). However, it has some differences. Foremost, Da Nang’s tours are day trips in which more attractions are encompassed, not only the holy land. The combined place may be the Marble Mountains or Hoi An Old Town – major tourist hubs of the region. No matter what, travelers need to walk a lot and climb over steps in the hills, so remember to prepare a good pair of shoes.

It’s easy to find a local operator and a package there to discover My Son Sanctuary from Da Nang. The price includes a two-ways transfer from a hotel in the city center, entrance ticket, English-speaking guide, and a meal. Picking up in Son Tra Peninsula or outside of the centre requires an additional cost. Private tours are mostly booked in Da Nang due to it’s nearly impossible to join a group in a big bus to My Son now. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 if you need assistance in seeking your own package.

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Reasons to Make a Self-guided My Son Tour

Many travellers love to explore the My Son Sanctuary by themselves, instead of booking a tour package. They love the freedom on the way to get to and inside the world heritage site. If self-riding, they can stop at any scenic places they like to see and photograph, meet anyone, do anything and eat whatever they want to try. In guided tours, can’t make sure that these things are possible or allowed to do. For those who don’t need much or in-depth knowledge, a DIY trip is a cheaper option. Read our travel guide to My Son Sanctuary before hitting the road.

Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary Tour by Yourself

Routes from Hoi An to My Son Temples

– Distance: over 40 km on average, longer if riding up the mountains instead of following the river basin.

– North of Thu Bon River Route: made by DT608, DT609 and DT610. The riders need to notice turns in Vinh Dien town (right then left), Ai Nghia town (traffic light, left) and Duy Phu’s people committee (left). This is popular thanks to a newly-built bridge that shortens the length to My Son. Points of interest on it are Vinh Dien Citadel and Museum, Bang An Cham Tower.

– South of Thu Bon River Route: mainly following DT610 that is lined by trees. This route was the only choice in the past years, now it has become quieter. Points of interest on it are Tra Kieu Church, a pilgrimage center for local Christians and tombs of some imperial ladies.

– The Mountain Route: mainly following DT611. This is across the rice fields of Cam Kim Island first, and then wooded hills of Que Son and Nong Son districts. The rivers will ride over two passes, one of which (Deo Le) famous for chicken dishes and cool streams. It’s non-touristy and more adventures than two river-followed routes.

The Best Road from Hoi An to My Son

The shortest road is to the north of Thu Bon River and cross over it by the new bridge – Giao Thuy. Thanks to the latest improvements, the surface of roads is smooth and not really crowded. However, the south river route provides the chance to see more featured places, just like the Marian Shrine of the Lady of Tra Kieu or Cam Kim Island. The best route for explorers is up the mountains where passes with cool streams, hills with lush forests and midland villages are seen. The most famous chicken dish (Ga Deo Le) in the area is served in local restaurants by the largest pass.

Rentals in Hoi An

Private cars and motorcycles are most hired in Hoi An by travellers who prefer to travel by themselves. Price of a motorcycle for one day is from 100,000 to 200,000 VND, no matter semi-automatic (with gears) or automatic. It’s easy to ask for a rental in hotel, roadside and tourist shops, and online within that range. Fuel is excluded, but costs a cheap rate. One round trip transfer from the city to My Son by a 4-seat car may charge from 1 million to 2,5million VND, depending on the place to hire. Read more information in our guides to car rental in Hoi An and motorbike rental in Hoi An.

My Son Tour from Da Nang by Yourself

– Distance: some 70km from Da Nang center

– The best road: DT609-Giao Thuy Bridge-DT610 (shortly called “Giao Thuy Bridge Road, the yellow route in the map below). There are 3 main turns, at Cam Ly market (right), Ai Nghia town (traffic light, left) and near Duy Phu people committee (left).

– Points of interest on the road: (1) The Memorial on the Bo Bo Hill or Hill 55, related to the largest victory of Vietnamese against the colonists on 20th July 1954, (2) Dai An Vegetable Village, little-known countryside filled by green gardens and authentic local lifestyles, bamboo bridges.

– Rentals in Da Nang: hiring a motorcycle for one day costs from 100,000 to 250,000 VND, no matter semi-automatic or automatic. The price includes helmet and assistance, and excludes the fuel in common. Car rental is much more expensive, due to long distance and by that, suitable for a group of travellers or families. To know the best and latest private car in Da Nang or Hoi An, text us in whatsapp number +84968009827. Bikes for rent are many in town, especially in local biking tour organizers. Leave a message in our whatsapp if you need help too.

– Eating: travellers can see local food eateries in Ai Nghia or Hoa Tien towns on the way back. At the gateway of the sanctuary, My Son Heritage Resort and Spa has its own classic restaurant to check out.

Da Nang and Hoi An Private Tour Guide

My Son Sanctuary is a world heritage site, so its history is rich (from 4th to 13rd centuries). Not about Vietnamese culture, which everybody in the country may know, it was a Hindu holy land. For that reason, a tour guide is needed in any tours. He/she will help travellers to understand better about the complex of temples, a new (strange) civilization of the Chams and slices of Champa kingdom already fallen.

In the sanctuary, introduction boards are available, but too academic that make readers feel so complicated although may be awesome to history buffs. Once again, a guide is the key to explain things with easier knowledge, and more than that, makes the history more lively. Many of what he/she says may not be heard anywhere else. Read our guides to Hoi An tour guide and Da Nang tour guide to know how to find a good travel friend.

To save time, you can let us know your requirements in whatsapp number +84968009827. We will reply and assist quickly, thanks!

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