How to Get to Golden Bridge From Hoi An

There are many travelers visiting the Golden bridge from Hoi An. Both the bridge and the town today are must-see places in the region, so staying overnight in the town and going to the bridge in the next few days will be a better choice. In addition, the drive from Da Nang’s airport to Hoi An is only 45 minutes, not too long to have to base in Da Nang. To avoid the crowds, it’s needed to depart early in the morning. On the way, it’s possible to sightsee the Marble mountains, a famous complex of hills studded with Buddhist temples and caves. This article provides popular ways to get from Hoi An to the Golden bridge. In the remaining time at Hoi An, besides a walk in the Old town, travelers can cruise Hoai river on a lantern boat, go to a bespoke tailor, cycle around its countryside, have fun in a basket boat tour, relax on the beach, or discover My Son’s Hindu temples.

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Location of the Golden Bridge (Vietnam)

The Golden bridge is a building of the Ba Na hills station, on the highest mountain of Da Nang city – Nui Chua, at an elevation of 1,414 meters. Its address is Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.

In particular, the Golden bridge is by the Marseille station, the arrival point of the cable car departing from the Hoi An station on the ground. It’s designed to skip staircases from this station to Le Jardin D’Amour (the Gardens of love) and Linh Ung pagoda.

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Hoi An to the Golden Bridge Distance

The centre of Hoi An city is in the Hoi An museum (Tran Hung Dao St). From here, the distance to Ba Na hills entrance is nearly 50 kilometers. If departing from An Bang beach village, it’s similar. The distance will be longer from hotels in Cua Dai beach area, Cam Thanh, Cam Kim, and South Hoi An area (for example, the Hoiana resort).

How Long Does It Take from Hoi An to the Golden Bridge

It takes travelers 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from Hoi An centre to the Golden bridge by car. Due to a longer distance, hotels in Cua Dai beach area, Cam Thanh, Cam Kim and South Hoi An area, the drive is longer. So, should go early in the morning to arrive at the bridge before crowds flock to it. After arriving, travelers need time to get tickets, walk to the cable car station and then ride the cable car to the bridge. A ticket reservation is also needed, to skip long queues at the ticket counters. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to reserve the Golden bridge (Ba Na hills) ticket in advance.

Ba Na Hills Cable Cars to the Golden Bridge

Cable car is the only way to get to the Golden bridge from the plain (because the road is closed for nature conservation). At the moment, there are 4 cable cars built but their operation depends on engineers, up to the weather and tourist activities. Operational time of cable cars is the same as the opening hours of the entire Ba Na hills station. In the wet season, from 8 am to 5 pm, and in the dry season, from 7:30 am to 9 pm (occasionally from 7 am). No matter which cable car visitors travel, the ride is about 15-20 minutes, and the view from cabins is awe-inspiring. These are short introductions of all cable cars:

– From the Hoi An station to Marseille station: the quickest cable car to reach the Golden bridge. After landing, walk upstairs and then escalator to the Dome. Looking to the right, the bridge is there!

– From the Toc Tien waterfall station to Indochine station: the departure station is up the hill, with so many stairs or escalators. However, visitors can see a 30-meters-tall natural waterfall down from jungles. The arrival station – Indochine is at the French village. To get the Golden bridge, it’s needed to reach the Louvre station (underground). When the ride ends, walk downstairs to the Dome, and the bridge is to the left.

– From the Champa station to the Taiga station: the departure station sits in a higher location than the entrance, so many stairs and escalators are required. After landing, visitors need to walk through the French village and take another cable car to see the Golden bridge (at the Louvre station, underground). It’s free of charge. When the ride ends, walk downstairs to the Dome, and the bridge is to the left.

– From the Suoi Mo station to the Ba Na station: the first cable car in the history of Ba Na hills (that’s why its cabin is smaller than others!). After landing, visitors need to get a funicular ride to reach the higher terrace where the Golden bridge stands. Walking to Linh Ung pagoda and the Buddha, and then uphill, it’s possible to see every highlight and the bridge also.

Note: On cloudy and rainy days, the stairs, floors are slippery. These are also unfriendly to elders and wheelchair users, so should consider carefully before booking any tours.

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How to Get to the Golden Bridge By Car & Taxi

It takes travelers 1 hour and 20 minutes to go to the Ba Na hills from Hoi An by car. Due to the long distance, reaching the hill station (and bridge) by a private car and driver is the best option. For those who plan to avoid the crowds, an early departure is needed. For 4 and 7 seaters, the price of a private round trip is from 1,000,000 to 1,600,000 VND. A van of 16 seaters costs from 1,500,000 VND. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 for more details and book.

To get a taxi, travelers can tell the receptionist in the hotel to call. The price is metered, about 15,000 VND per kilometer but for a long-distance drive, the total price may be a little bit cheaper. It’s possible to request the driver to wait at Ba Na hills and then take you back to Hoi An. However, this way is expensive, because you have to pay for “waiting service”. The drive can leave when you arrive, but a return drive to Hoi An from the hill station is also costy. For that reason, traveling with a private car is still better. There is no additional fee for waiting or other services.

Hoi An Pick Up and Da Nang Drop Off

Travelers can request to be picked up in the hotel at Hoi An (check out previously) and dropped off in Da Nang city. A small extra fee will be charged, because the Hoi An driver needs to ride back home later. For hotels far from the city centre, such as the Intercontinental, the additional fee is higher.

Hoi An Pick Up and Da Nang Airport Drop Off

After enjoying Hoi An, travelers can visit the Golden bridge and then go to the airport to reach the next city. Thanks to being in the city centre, the Da Nang international airport is convenient to get from the hill station. Keep in mind to time well the trip to arrive at the airport in time or earlier. Travelers often depart in the early morning at Hoi An, have lunch in Ba Na hills and fly in the evening.

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Motorbike Directions from Hoi An to the Golden Bridge

Many travelers choose to get the Golden bridge (Ba Na hills) from Hoi An by motorcycle. It’s cheaper than the car and taxi or guided tours. One day rental price is between 100,000 and 200,000 VND, and automatic bikes will be more expensive to hire. Extra fees are gasoline and parking.  

The quickest motorbike road from Hoi An to the Golden bridge and Ba Na hills is shown in the map below. If stay in Hoi An’s centre (Minh An, Cam Pho, Son Phong, Tan An, Cam Nam, Cam Chau), follow the DT 607. Local people often call this road “the inner road”. From the hotels in Cam An, Cua Dai and Cam Thanh area, riding on the coastal road – Lac Long Quan will shorten the distance and time. No matter the inner or coastal roads, to reach the hill station, motorbike riders need to turn left to see Vo Chi Cong road (Vo Qui Huan road first and then Vo Chi Cong road for the coastal road!). Going across two rivers, there is a large crossroad with a traffic light and from here, turn left to enter Cach Mang Thang 8 – Truong Son road (aka QL14B). At the crossroad with the expressway, turn right and follow two-lanes AH1 highway until the traffic light on Ba Na-Suoi Mo road. This boulevard leads to the entrance of the Ba Na hills (or Sunworld Ba Na hills). Parking for motorbikes is near the 2nd traffic circle and it’s free of charge there. Staff will show which directions travelers should go and where the parking is.  

Hoi An to the Golden Bridge Tour

Guided tours from Hoi An to the Golden bridge are available everyday. Private full-day trips often include transport by car, English-speaking guide, entrance fees and tickets, buffet lunch, water and hotel pick up drop off. If don’t spend much time in the amusement park and don’t have lunch, a half day is enough. Travelers can get there early, see and photograph at the Golden bridge without crowds and arrive in Hoi An between 1 and 2 pm. During the dry season, the hill station and its cable cars open earlier, so people can be there earlier and back to the town at lunch time. Read more details in Golden bridge sunrise tour from Hoi An.

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Golden Bridge and Marble Mountains Tour from Hoi An

Read details in Golden bridge and Marble mountains day tour from Hoi An

It’s possible to visit the Golden bridge (Ba Na hills) and the Marble mountains in one day, from Hoi An. The Marble mountains stand between the hill station and the town. In the morning, travelers will have a 1,5-hour transfer and then walk to the cable car station. From the cars, the natural scenery is breath-taking. After landing, the Golden bridge is the first sight. Here, have the chance to admire a world’s new wonder, featuring a golden bridge supported by massive hands and definitely, make unique pictures. Many places, entertainments and services are provided in the rest of the hill station. Lunch is served in a buffet restaurant.

In the half of the tour, travelers climb many stairs to the top of the Marble mountains. This complex of striking hills is well-known for ancient Buddhist temples, caves and a plenty of stone sculptures around its foot. The first Linh Ung pagoda of Da Nang city is here, attracting many local prayers. 

Routes from Hoi An to Golden Bridge

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