How to Get to Golden Bridge from Da Nang

The Golden Bridge (aka the Golden Hands Bridge) in Da Nang is a must visit attraction in Vietnam today. Many foreign travelers come to the city, just because they love seeing it and taking some good pictures. Placed in the highest mountain of the area, this pedestrian bridge allows people to enjoy breath-taking scenery. Its design is also spectacular, featuring two hands of a giant man that hold a golden ring. It’s copied around our planet, and no doubt, it becomes one of the best known images about the country.

Da Nang is the nearest city to the Golden bridge. For that reason, those who don’t have much time, they still prefer Da Nang. This central Vietnam’s capital has an international airport within its heart, providing the convenience to travelers so far. Here, we outline all the ways to get to the Golden bridge from Da Nang.

If planning to stay in a hotel at Hoi An – another famous tourist city, you can read How to get to the Golden Bridge from Hoi An. A day trip from the hotel to the bridge is definitely possible and common.

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The Golden Hands Bridge and its Location

The Golden Bridge (aka the Golden Hands Bridge, Hands Bridge) is a world-famous building at Da Nang, a port city in central Vietnam. Completed in 2018, this architectural masterpiece has been inspiring travel lovers all over the planet. It boasts a pair of striking stone-like hands holding a bridge that will be golden in the sun. On many days, it’s hidden in the midst.

In general, the Golden Bridge is located in Ba Na Hills, a part of the Annamite Range that runs along Pacific ocean coastline. Its elevation is 1,414 meters, and from Da Nang center, the distance is some 40 kilometers. From the foot of the hills, travelers need to experience a cable car ride to get there. For further information, please read our comprehensive guide to the Golden Bridge.

Golden Hands Bridge entrance fee now is 900,000 Vietnamese dong (roughly 40 US dollars). It is known as the fee to enter greater Ba Na Hills too and its individual sights, such as Fantasy park, French village, etc.

Why Should Travelers Visit the Golden Bridge from Da Nang?

Da Nang is the nearest city to Ba Na Hills and its Golden hands bridge. So, starting the trip from here is easier and more convenient than other cities. This 1-million-population city has a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Hostels, homestays, river-facing and seaside hotels, resorts, and more are available. If staying overnight in Hoi An or even Hue, the drive will be longer and more expensive.

There are also many transports and tours in Da Nang. No matter traveling by yourself or joining a group, it’s still not difficult to look for a good option. Online research is easier (compared to Hoi An) because the city is expansive. If planning to sightsee at the Golden bridge in the early morning, travelers should book a private tour or hire a private car. And of course, thanks to the shorter distance, they don’t have to wake up too early like Hoi An.

Fact: Da Nang has its own airport, therefore travelers can go to the Golden bridge after the flight arrives. Usually, no extra fee is charged for airport pick up. Luggages should have no valuables, to be safe. 

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Da Nang to Ba Na Hills Station in History

Ba Na Hills is a hill station where French people come to relax and avoid the heat in the hot season. The colonists established it in 19th century, and used it until the 2nd world war. Holiday makers not only come from Da Nang, but also from France. They reach the city mainly by train, and then have a transfer to Ba Na Hills.

To get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang (French name “Tourane”), French people drive a car to the foot of the mountain. Then, reach the top by road that they constructed in 1919. It’s narrow, winding and frequently cloudy. Colonists spend many hours slowly moving on it to arrive at their private villas or hotels. This road today is still in use, but only for forest protection activities and for transportation of building materials. Due to safety, it’s closed for visitors up to present. Besides cars, high-class people also are carried by the palanquin, a human-powered vehicle. Porters are all Vietnamese.

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Da Nang to the Golden Bridge by Car and Taxi

If don’t book a tour, travelers will hire a private car and local driver to reach Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge from Da Nang. Not all about the convenience, this is a way to save also (cheaper than taxi and tours). A deal of car and ticket reservation together is better to take. The drive may be from 40 mins to 1 hour each way, depending on traffic. Therefore, the visit will be from morning to afternoon. In addition, travelers should book a round trip, instead of one way. In Ba Na Hills, there are no cars and buses that are possible to take and return to Da Nang. Somehow, or have to pay an expensive price.

Our private car costs from 800,000 to 1,200,000 VND (35 to 52 USD), including a roundtrip, hotel pick up and drop off, gasoline, taxes, fees and waiting until travelers finish visiting. Please text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to make a reservation. Thank you very much!

From the InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort and resorts by Non Nuoc beach, the price will be higher because of further distances. If staying in the peninsula resort, it takes guests around 1,5 hours to get Ba Na Hills.

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Bus from Da Nang to the Golden Bridge

Shuttle buses are seen during high tourist seasons in Da Nang that travelers can book a seat. In the morning, it will pick up at the hotel around the city centre, and then go to Ba Na Hills. Buying a combo of bus seat and ticket is optional (that means travelers can purchase tickets on their own). Visiting time is fixed, and all visitors in the bus have to come to the meeting place on time. Meeting time often is in the late afternoon, to allow everyone to have time to do what they like to do. The bus drops off passengers in their hotel around the city then.

This is best for solo travelers or those who travel with a budget. Families and groups of friends should book a private car or private tour because it’s not more expensive. Tickets should be reserved in advance, to avoid long queues at the counters.

Motorbike Directions to the Golden Bridge from Da Nang

*See the routes on below map

First Route (Red)

This motorbike route from Da Nang city centre to the Golden hands bridge is easy to navigate and wide. That’s why many travelers choose it. The first half of the route is busy (through the city downtown) but the second half is so peaceful.

From Da Nang downtown (the Dragon bridge), it’s needed to ride on Nguyen Van Linh St until seeing the traffic light with Nguyen Tri Phuong St. Then, turn right to the next traffic light. After that, turn left to enter Dien Bien Phu St and keep riding straight, over a large overpass until see the traffic light with Hoang Van Thai St. Turn left and follow that road to its end (the name changes to Ba Na Suoi Mo St later). It’s wide, low and very pretty while it runs  through the hills and forests in the city outskirts.  

Second Route (Blue)

This route is a good choice for those who start the trip from Da Nang’s beach resorts and hotels in southern My Khe beach. Because it runs through the city in the beginning, therefore the traffic is little high and riders should be careful.

Thanks to good city planning of Da Nang, travelers will be able to easily come to the intersection (traffic light) between Nguyen Huu Tho and Cach Mang Thang 8 streets. Then, it’s needed to follow Cach Mang Thang 8 St (namely QL 14B on the map) straight away, towards the west. Before seeing a large intersection when it encounters the expressway (traffic light again), will ride over an overpass. Turn right to enter the two-lanes highway QL 1A, with a yellow line in the middle. When come to the traffic light at the intersection with Ba Na Suoi Mo St, turn left and follow that pretty road until its end. In major crossroads, there are English and Vietnamese signs to allow the riders to reach Ba Na Hills. 


Parking for motorbikes is near the roundabout, not far away from the main entrance of Ba Na Hills. After leaving your bike at a good place there, you will shortly walk to ticket counters and enter the cable car stations.

Travelers don’t need to pay for parking at Ba Na Hills (that means it’s free of charge). Please keep the numbered tag that someone gives. People use it later to verify their ownership of the bike.

Da Nang Airport to the Golden Bridge

The Da Nang international airport is within Da Nang city centre, so it means that the distance from it to the Golden bridge is around 40 kilometers.

After landing, without transport booked in advance, travelers can get a taxi quickly to reach the Golden hands bridge. The fare is metered, and includes the entrance fee of the airport (not much). Taxi companies often charge around 15,000 VND for one kilometers, meaning the cost for 40 kilometers is 600,000 VND. In addition, passengers also have to pay “waiting fee” if visiting the Ba Na Hills more than the fixed time announced (a couple of hours). Passengers will pay extra for extra hours.

It’s better to book a private car to travel from Da Nang airport to Ba Na Hills and the Golden bridge. Total price is between 800,000 and 1,200,000 VND, depending on the size of the car. No additional and hidden costs will be charged. Text us in whatsapp number +84968009827 to assist and make a reservation.

If travelers let drivers or travel agencies reserve Ba Na Hills tickets, the total cost will be lower. How much it is, really depends on the number of tickets and the time (the best price is for tickets booked before 1 day).

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After Arriving: Cable Cars to the Golden Bridge

To get to the Golden Bridge, visitors have to travel by cable car (that means cable car is the only way). The quickest one departs from the Hoi An station (Ga Hoi An), a part of the massive complex at the entrance of Ba Na Hills. From ticket counters, it’s needed to access the Big Gate, with Sun World Ba Na Hills brand name, and then get on escalator up to the higher terrace. Visitors need to continue walking in covered ways featuring colorful paintings about Hoi An in its top. Designed gardens and fish ponds on both sides are lovely.

There are other cable cars to get to the Golden Bridge, but it takes visitors a longer time. Sometimes, due to some reasons, cable cars at the Hoi An station are shut and visitors have to go up the mountain by another. From Suoi Mo station, the oldest cable car brings passengers to the Ba Na station. There, they will be transferred by a short funicular ride to the hilltop and then walk to the bridge. In higher locations, from Thac Toc Tien and the Champa stations, visitors will land at the French village. A cable car connects it with the Golden bridge. The departure station is named “Louvre” and the landing one is Marseille. It’s free of charge to travel in this quick transferring cable car.

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Private Da Nang to Golden Bridge Tour

To avoid the crowds, a private Golden hands bridge tour is the best option. This departs from early morning (at the moment, 7 am) in the hotel. After a 1-hour car drive and of the world’s longest cable car rides, travelers will see the bridge. Because come earlier than big group tours, that’s why they stroll freely and find perfect spots for photos, without many people around. Other attractions and activities of Ba Na Hills besides the Golden bridge 

Travelers will head back to Da Nang city around 1 pm or later, depending on the duration of the tour. Buffet lunch is included upon request, and if don’t book, there are some a-la-carte restaurants to eat at your own expense. See more details in half-day Golden hands bridge tour and full-day Ba Na hills and Golden bridge tour.

Our half-day Golden hands bridge tour is also available in the afternoon, called “sunset tour”. It departs from Da Nang at 2 pm, and travelers stay in Ba Na Hills until it closes. Late afternoon is amongst the best times to visit and photograph at the bridge.

Golden Hands Bridge and Marble Mountains Tour from Da Nang

The Golden Hands Bridge and the Marble Mountains are two must see attractions in Da Nang city. In one day, it’s possible to sightsee both of them. No doubt that the day is full of stunning experiences and the scenery is great to look at.

Travelers can choose to visit the Golden bridge first, and then the Marble Mountains, and vice versa. We recommend going to the bridge before the mountains, because the morning is still best to see it. Lunch is served at a buffet restaurant in Ba Na Hills, before the tour focuses on the Marble Mountains. There, travelers will climb stairs to discover ancient Buddhist temples and amazing natural caves. Local people have carved sculptures by stone for more than 400 years already. Nowadays, many products are exported.

For further information, please browse Golden Bridge and Marble Mountains Tour. We assist travelers 24hrs online in whatsapp number +84968009827. Thank you very much!

Motorbike Routes from Da Nang to Golden Bridge

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