Da Nang Best Area to Stay: Guide to Where to Stay in Da Nang

In the Central coast, Da Nang has an area of 1,285 km2 and population of 1,134 people, making it become Vietnam’s 4th largest city. It plays an important role in the economy, finance, commerce, transportation, and of course, tourism of the whole region. In the latest time, 8,9 millions visitors choose it to spend the holiday, and nearly a half are foreigners. This municipality owns a lengthy coastline with strips of white powdery sand, water edges full of stones, small bays in the jungles, or moon-shaped stretches. Romantic Han river cuts the downtown into two and is spanned by many bridges that look so nice at night. In the mountains, nature is kept well, and home of really rich wildlife. Diverse and yummy foods, friendly people and quite-modern urbanscape are other reasons to explain why it attracts millions of tourists.

Searching for a place to stay is definitely the first thing to do. This article points out areas to stay (for tourists) around Da Nang and advantages and disadvantages of each one. By that, it’s easier to decide which is the best for yourself. Beaches, mountains, city centre, riverfront, seafront, and more will be introduced all.

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Da Nang or Hoi An – Reasons to Stay in Da Nang

Da Nang and Hoi An are next to each other, the distance is 30 km. So, travellers often wonder which city they should stay overnight or both? If preferring a hotel near the airport, Da Nang is right to choose, because the flights land and take off in its heart. Owning longer waterfronts from river to sea, and a larger urban perimeter, there are more choices of accommodations in Da Nang. Besides a vibrant pace of life and scenes of a new Vietnam, the city boasts of wooded hills from Annamite Range down to the coastline. There, a mountain retreat full of isolation and relaxation is possible that can’t be found in Hoi An. During the annual fireworks festival, a stay in Da Nang is more convenient to watch the most incredible performances of lights in the country. Simpler, booking a river-facing room and enjoying it. To see more comparisons or why Hoi An is better, read our full here.


When is the Best Weather in Da Nang?

Da Nang has two seasons in the year, the dry from January to the end of August and the wet from September to December. From October to the beginning of the next year, typhoons affect weather in the city (pouring rains, wavy sea, local floods) and may hit it. So, it’s definitely not an ideal time to travel. Similarly, the hottest months (June to August) are not too perfect, with an average temperature of 33oC but real feel may be up to 40oC. The early morning and the evening are the most pleasant times of the period. The best weather in Da Nang is in January-May and September. During these spans, it’s not too hot, too wet, too windy, too humid, and not much rain that nice to hang out. For further details, we recommend reading two guides about Da Nang Weather by Month and Best Time to Visit Da Nang.

My Khe Beach – Da Nang Beach and Beachfront Hotels

What is My Khe Beach?

My Khe Beach is the municipal beach of Da Nang, drawing a larger number of visitors than any other. It starts from the foot of Son Tra Mountain and continues with Non Nuoc and Hoi An’s beaches to the south. Famous for clean and spacious sandy expanses, unpolluted and rock-free waters, gentle waves, this is praised to be one of world’s 6 sexiest beaches by Forbes. See more information in My Khe Beach guide

Pros and Cons

Pros: My Khe is among the finest beaches in Da Nang. During the sunny months, it’s definitely a wonderful place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Unlike other areas, water sports are available here. This area has the largest concentration of beachfront hotels and seafood restaurants, including the best of their kinds. So, it’s not really hard to find a good room to sleep and a delicious meal with fresh seafood. If staying overnight in My Khe Beach, the breezy coast is the nearest ever, and brilliant sun rises every morning are easiest to catch ever. Getting to all the famous attractions and city center is also convenient, thanks to the prime location of the area.

Cons: During the high seasons, My Khe beach is really packed and tourist venues near it are so busy. Travellers may not fully enjoy the precious off-work time. Prices are also more expensive than common.

Best Hotels in Da Nang Beach

High-rise hotels one by one line the beachfront of My Khe, making it become one of the most popular areas to stay in Da Nang. Generally, all of these places met every standard in tourism hospitality. Read our guide to the best hotels in Da Nang beach to find out your best fitted venue.

Non Nuoc Beach – Da Nang Beach Resorts

What is Non Nuoc Beach?

Non Nuoc Beach is to the southeast of Da Nang center, between My Khe Beach and Hoi An Beach. It’s 6km long, fine sandy, edged by warm and crystal-like sea in the front and luxury beach resorts amid the coconut palms in the back. It takes the first name of the Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc, which means “the mountain and waters”. See everything you need to know in our ultimate guide to Non Nuoc Beach.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Non Nuoc Beach is one of the best beaches in Da Nang, but it’s not crowded as nearby stretches of sand in holiday seasons. The guests here can relax, swim and lounge on the sandy shore, without many people around. Most accommodations lining this little paradise are resorts, so restaurants, swimming pools, bars, and other facilities definitely are nearby. During a chilly day, it’s easy-breezy to get a cocktail, snacks or take a dive into cool water. By night, the atmosphere is extremely serene, perfect to dine out near the waves for couples, and those who like privacy. Located by a major coastal road, it’s convenient to reach both the city center and Hoi An.

Cons: Nearly all of Non Nuoc beach are within resorts, so travellers often pay a high cost for rooms and services. Although convenient in traffic, it’s still far from the best attractions of the city (except Marble Mountains), non walkable. The fare will be expensive if traveling by taxi.

Best Beach Resort in Da Nang

The largest concentration of beach resorts and the best beach resort in Da Nang is in Non Nuoc Beach. There are so many options that travellers can choose from, for their upcoming well-deserving holidays. It’s possible to see international hospitality brands in this gold coast, such as Sheraton, Crown Plaza, Hyatt Regency, Melia or Pullman. The only casino for foreigners is based here, and the best golf course is in the southern end. While the venues in the north are nearer center, riverfronts and the airport, the others are close by the Marble Mountains and Hoi An old town (2 must see in the area). See the best beach resorts in Da Nang in Non Nuoc Beach Traveler Guide.

Han River Waterfronts

A Quick Introduction

Han River flows in the heart of Da Nang, and is one of the emblems of the city. Its banks are famous all over the country, by charms in both daytime and evening, lovely parks and of course, bridges. The most central stretch of the water is spanned by 5 bridges, including the Dragon Bridge, a pedestrian bridge and the first one. In the summer, this is the host (main theme) of Vietnam’s largest fireworks competition.

Pros and Cons

Pros: If travellers don’t like or can’t book a hotel on the beachfront, Han River waterfronts are the best choices. Above all, thanks to the awe-inspiring riverscape from the sunrise to midnight. Nearly all of the riverside accommodations here are high rise, four or five stars, and provide lots of river-facing rooms. Due to stretching along the city downtown, it’s convenient to get to this area from anywhere and vice versa. Just with a 10-minute drive, travellers can reach the airport or the beach. The Bach Dang waterfront is next to “the oldest part” where top sights, restaurants, local eateries, coffee shops and more are located. Venues in Han River waterfronts are perfect to watch amazing fireworks performances every single summer.

Cons: High cost because the majority is four stars above. It’s not too great for traveling with a budget. For those who like to be near the coast or mountains, they need to move a few kilometers each time to the beach or much more to the nearest hills, once again, expensive.

Da Nang Riverfront Hotels

Hotels in Han River waterfront are the specials amongst hotels in Da Nang city center. These places stand out because of an awesome panoramic view down the waters, bridges and tree-filled parks, in both daytime and evening. Travelers definitely can find an infinity pool with that lovely riverscape to soak and get a cocktail from a bartender station next to. Alcoholic dance bars are topped on several tall buildings, and in the top list of all thirsty souls in town. See all the  riverside accommodation choices in our guide to the best hotels in Da Nang city centre.

“Da Nang Old City”

Quick Introduction

This is the oldest part of the city, a grid-planned area by the left bank of the Han River. It’s established by the French in 19th century, named “Tourane” and their first protectorate in Central Vietnam. Nowadays, “the Old City” has many of the best attractions in Da Nang around its tree-shaded streets, besides governmental offices and malls. There are Cham Museum, the Pink Church, Han Market, Con Market, and Da Nang Museum. Its waterfront is most lovely, lined with popular, highly-rated restaurants, coffee shops and bars. See more details in our guide here.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Due to its location in the heart of the city and close to major transport hubs (like airport, train station, cruise harbour), this area is very convenient. It takes less than 15 minutes to get from it to the beaches and 30 minutes to Buddhist mountains. If staying overnight in a place here, travellers feel easy to walk to Han River waterfronts, some top sights, Dragon Bridge (fire show), best restaurants, spas and rooftop bars in town. Street foods are a lot, ideal to make a food tour around by yourself. So, if don’t need to stay near the coast or an urban escape, “the old city” is the best choice. For more luxury and a brilliant view, should book an accommodation in riverside high-rise hotels.

Cons: Although convenient, this oldest part of Da Nang is not too perfect for a visit with a leisure focus. Luxury options are not much.

Best Hotels in Da Nang City Centre

In the waterfront or inner streets, travellers are still able to seek a nice accommodation option to spend some nights in Da Nang. Not many tall hotels in this zone, meaning that venues around it are cozy and the staff put more care on the guests. Cost is in the mid-range or budget. See your best in our guide to the best hotels in Da Nang city centre.

Son Tra Peninsula

What is the Son Tra Peninsula?

Son Tra Peninsula (or Son Tra Mountain) is 10km to the northeast of Da Nang center. Its peaks are visible from the riverside parks, and My Khe Beach. It has a very long coastline, featuring jagged rocks, inaccessible cliffs, majestic capes and especially, hidden gems – private sandy beaches in jungles. The best sightseeing place here is the Lady Buddha, and other outdoor adventures also occur, such as paragliding, hiking, snorkeling, watching birds or langurs. Outside of resorts, the forests are in Son Tra Nature Reserve. See further details in our article here.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Son Tra Peninsula is perfect for a retreat in which the holiday makers really enjoy private sandy beaches by crystal-like water. Thanks to nearly-untouched surroundings (nature reserve), the atmosphere has a sense of peacefulness. Selections are limited, but all are nice and deserve a . One of the luxury accommodations in this peninsula is the world famous choice of USA presidents in their visit to the city. If outdoor edventures are the favourites, travellers can dive to see coral reefs, hike to the peaks by scenic trails or trek along the southern coast to the Lady Buddha. Sunrise and sunset here are amongst the bests.

Cons: If you would like to explore other parts/attractions of the city or Hoi An, the guests have a longer and expensive transfer due to the long distance. Lots of organized tours don’t cover a pick up and drop off in this area. An extra fee is charged in common.

InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

Nestled by a private bay with fine sandy beach and jungles, this luxury resort is the best choice in Da Nang’s peninsula. It takes only 20 minutes to get to it from the airport by taxi or shuttle bus. Featuring a mixed architecture with contemporary taste, it’s the first masterpiece designed by world-famous Bill Bensley architect in the country. For many continuous years, the World Travel Awards honoured it in the category of “leading luxury resort” of Vietnam and entire Asia.

The InterContinental accommodates high-end rooms, suites, penthouses and villas. All face the blue sea, allow cool breezes and lean against the jungles. Each is well-equipped with comfy beds, every necessary amenity, spacious bathroom, generous sunny balcony, and well-crafted furniture. The décor is highly contrast, inspired by local and French cultures. In addition to classic options, travellers can choose a special offer by rocky coast or private swimming pool with a striking view down the bay.

Other luxury facilities are Vietnam’s first Michelin-starred dining restaurant, a beach bar named Barefoot, infinity pools, a kid club, spas, gym, gallery, tennis court, football field, nursery, pedicure studio, and more. See further details and book at danang.intercontinental.com.

An Thuong – The Western Quarter

An Thuong is an off-the-coast area where travellers can see many international venues, not just hotels. It’s quite small, called the “Da Nang western quarter”. If staying overnight here, there is easy for travellers to seek a beach visit with a new friend with a surfboard, or a bar to socialize with fellow thirsty souls. Restaurants in this grid-like zone are diverse in style, from local, Vietnamese/Asia to western.  

Areas Between River and Sea

Between the beach and the riverfront, this area has plenty of accommodation options to choose from, resorts excluded. Mostly, along wide boulevards from the airport to the coast (Pham Van Dong, Vo Van Kiet, Nguyen Van Thoai, Ho Xuan Huong) and near the coast. Thanks to the middle location, travellers don’t need to go too far to soak in the sea, lounge on the sands or stroll along the riverside promenades. It’s easy to navigate also, if exploring the city by yourself. Generally, the price is not high like the beachfront or riverfront, and if sleeping further away from there, it decreases. About the meals, the guests will have much more opportunities to see restaurants filled by locals, to eat out. Of course, the kitchen prepares yummy foods with authentic flavours.

Accommodations near the coast are more than near the river, due to the increasing number of domestic tourists in the summer. At that time, all are overbooked and the price is really high without a reservation. In the last months of the year, rains and typhoons make the city imperfect for a beach holiday. See more details and the best options in our guide to hotel in Da Nang near Beach

Ba Na Hills Station

Ba Na Hills station was discovered and established by the French in 1901. Thanks to its high elevation of nearly 1,500 meters, the weather is cool all year round, with temperature averaging 16 to 20oC. The colonists and upper classes of Vietnamese loved it, and built many villas, gardens, cellar to keep wines and a narrow road to get. When the luxury travellers left, all were in abandonment, and tourism here is just rebirthed after world-record cable cars were constructed. Read more information in our travel guide to Ba Na Hills.

Accommodations in Ba Na Hills are limited, due to the far distance from the city (50km). But thanks to this, travellers don’t need to research and compare much, to choose a room. Crowds and overbooking are not seen throughout the time of stay. At night, the winter temperature and romantic scenes of the station are loved by the guests. In the next morning, they may be first visitors in iconic buildings, such as the Golden Bridge. Thus, these are lacking in the official opening hours, especially during high seasons. See details of each option in our guide for Ba Na Hills Accommodation


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