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Ba Na Hills is one of the best attractions in Da Nang, and the country. Its full name is the Ba Na-Suoi Mo Tourist Area, made from “Ba Na hill station” and “Suoi Mo or the Dream stream”. It was established by French colonists to be a place for leisure and recreation during the hot season. But when the tourists left (because of the world war), this climate jewel was abandoned and in 2009, invested again to make it active again. To preserve a rich wildlife in the hills, a cable car network was constructed to carry the visitors to the top of Da Nang, 1,400 meters asl. In later times, some others also were inaugurated, holding 4 world records. After any rides with an extremely pretty view, there are lots of entertainments to have a fun day.

More than a half of travelers coming to Da Nang choose to visit Ba Na Hills. Thanks to convenience, high availability and competitive price, guided tours are booked a lot. This article aims to share experiences, give advice and recommendations to those who are going to explore the hills on the path of a local guide. No matter what, should read the complete guide to Ba Na Hills before making up your mind for everything.

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Ba Na Hills Guide – Read before Book

Ba Na Hills is famous in Vietnam and the outside, because of its stunning things to see and do. Discovered and invested to be a hill station, it boasts of a mild climate and extremely unspoiled environment. Sitting atop Da Nang’s highest mountain Nui Chua, sceneries seen from there are picturesque and mesmerizing. In addition, the beauty of pristine nature also amazes the visitors while they are in a cabin of world-record cable cars. One of the Guiness records is the longest cable car on the planet.

Around an elevation of 1,500 meters, there are iconic, legendary Golden Hand Bridge, gigantic French Village, scenic gardens, big Buddha, Vietnam’s largest mountain alpine coaster, underground theme park, plenty of photogenic spots and more. Exciting outdoor performances from European dancers stir up the atmosphere all day long. A full-day trip is easier to complete than ever. See details in our Ba Na Hills travel guide. We recommend reading the guide to Ba Na Hills accommodation as well, if planning to sleep in Da Nang’s coolest area.



Why Should be Ba Na Hills Tour One Day?

Location is the first reason to explain why visitors should spend a day in Ba Na Hills. The nearest city to it is Da Nang, and the distance from there is some 30 km. The number is 55 km and 110 km if moving from Hoi An and Hue respectively. Meaning that visitors need to spend at least 1,5 hours for coming to and returning (without congestions and bad weather). There are so many stunning attractions, activities, entertainments and instagrammable spots in the site, making a half day visit really rush. If just aiming to see the highlights, ensure that you can avoid the long queues and crowds, especially in the high seasons. Childrens, elders and wheelchair users will feel so hard when the day is busy. On the other hand, a full day allows visitors to explore everything more relaxing, at all ages.

Golden Hand Bridge Tour is Exact Ba Na Hills Tour!

Many visitors do not know that the Golden Bridge is in the Ba Na Hills. Entrance fee of the larger attraction also covers entry to it and everything around. Therefore, all tours to Ba Na Hills include the Golden Hand Bridge and vice versa. So, if paying an additional fee for visiting the bridge, should choose another provider that is more dependable.

Recently, the Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills was in the list of world’s new wonders by the British magazine Daily Mall. Previously, it won the “world’s leading iconic tourist bridge” category of the World Travel Awards.


Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang

full-day guided trip by bus or car is the most popular Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang. No matter what, it covers a round trip transfer from the hotel, Ba Na Hills entrance fee and cable car ticket, local guide, lunch and the Golden Bridge. The visitors are picked up at the hotels across the city center, except the Son Tra Peninsula. So, if staying overnight there, it’s need to get a ride to the company’s office or a pre-discussed point. Tours depart in the morning, to allow visitors much time to sightsee. Sunrise is often selected by those who book a private car, aiming to avoid the long queues, crowds and high temperature. Read our recommendation for Ba Na Hills sunrise tour. Don’t forget to see Ba Na Hills sunset tour if looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience.

It takes around 40 minutes to get to cable car stations after picking up. Before starting any rides, the guide will come to ticket counters to take physical tickets and so, visitors may wait for a while. Depending on the Ba Na Hills cable car reschedule, the visit may be from the Golden Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda or French Village. Then, it’s possible to expect colorful landscaped gardens, antique-looking castles, theme parks, many featured outdoor activities and festivals. It’s hard to feel disappointed.

Lunch on tour is the buffet, including Vietnamese, international and vegan options. If traveling in a big group, each visitor will have free time to do their favourite things in their own way. In the afternoon, tourists line up to ride down the mountain and return to the city. Although still opening at night, there are not a lot of tour packages lasting until that time. However, for those who are seeking romantic and dreamy sceneries, cool temperature and hustle-free atmosphere, Ba Na Hills evening tour is their choice.



Da Nang Airport to Ba Na Hills Tour

Have a limited time in Da Nang or like to see the Ba Na Hills first after landing? A packaged tour from Da Nang airport is never wrong. The guide and driver will pick you up right in the arrival gate, and then, hit the road. It takes around 40 minutes to get to the cable car stations. In case of early flights, visitors can choose to have breakfast in stations or a place on the way recommended by the guide. Your lunch is served in a buffet restaurant, in the French Village. Of course, like other tours, two-way transfer (city center only), Ba Na Hills entrance fee and cable car ticket, and Golden Bridge.

After the full-day experience, the bus/car drops you off in the hotel or returns to the airport. Accommodations in Son Tra peninsula are an exception (because far), should discuss with the provider about the price to end the tour there. Hoi An is a popular city to stay over, do the same. Should book a guide (even if it’s possible to be without), because his/her experience will design the best itinerary for yourself. In which, all highlights are not missed, long queues skipped sometimes and still in time to airport check in if flying to somewhere. Let him/her know about the flight to help.  

See details in Ba Na Hills Day Tour from Da Nang Airport

Ba Na Hills Tour from Hoi An

Ba Na Hills is 55 km northwest of Hoi An center, so tour operators recommend the visitors to depart in the morning. If possible, around the sunrise is the best. An early departure allows one to have enough time to transfer, and avoid crowds and midday heat. No matter when and which options, the inclusions are the same as Ba Na Hills daily tour from Da Nang. There are a two-way transfer from the hotel by bus/car, local guide, experienced driver, Ba Na Hills entrance fee and cable car tickets, lunch, and the Golden Bridge. In common, the lunch is a buffet, providing plenty of choices to eat. Local foods, delicious Vietnamese dishes from different parts of the country, barbecues, vegan, noodles, breads, and desserts can be seen.

Tour options what you may be interested:

  • Ba Na Hills sunrise tour from Hoi An
  • Ba Na Hills day tour [most-booked]
  • Ba Na Hills sunset/evening tour from Hoi An


Ba Na Hills Tour from Hue

Ba Na Hills is 110 km south of Hue city center and 95 km from Phu Bai international airport. It means that it takes visitors nearly 3 hours to get to it. A tour by bus or car is the best fit, because of this long ride. On the way to the hill station, visitors can choose to move across the Hai Van Pass or through the Hai Van tunnel. The first choice provides beautiful sceneries, fun drive but travel time may be longer, at least 30 minutes. Lunch is served in a buffet restaurant of Ba Na Hills, and then, the rest of the day is to explore awesome sights and join activities.

When crowds line up to go down the mountain, the opportunity to enjoy without noise and bustle, and brilliant sunset comes. Visitors decide to stay and see the romantic Ba Na Hills by night or not later. If would like to experience, dining restaurants and cable cars are still available to serve. However, it’s inevitable that visitors will feel a bit tired, after a long ride and fully-enjoyed visit. A hotel in Da Nang center is a common selection, as it’s nearer than Son Tra peninsula or Hoi An.

See details in Ba Na Hills Day Tour from Hue


Tour to Ba Na Hills and Da Nang City Attractions

There are some guided tour options that include Ba Na Hills and another Da Nang city attraction. Many hours are for the hills and the lunch there, and the rest of the day is for the next place. When the sun is still up, the Marble Mountains, Lady Buddha, Linh Ung pagoda (Son Tra peninsula), Museum of Cham sculpture, Hai Van Pass, Than Tai hot springs are perfect to fill the remaining time. Glorious sunset can be seen from there, over the waters. After it’s dark, visitors can expect some top sights in the itinerary, such as the Son Tra night market. The best tour is what recommends places you have never seen before or like to know better. Busy but happy!

Tour options what you may be interested:

  • Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountains
  • Ba Na Hills, Lady Buddha and Linh Ung Pagoda (Son Tra peninsula)
  • Ba Na Hills, Cham Museum, Dragon Bridge, Night Market
  • Ba Na Hills and Than Tai Hot Springs
  • Ba Na Hills and Hai Van Pass



Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang Port

The largest and busiest port in Da Nang is Tien Sa, 46 km away from Ba Na Hills. Like anywhere in the city, a tour to the famous hill station from there is easy to make. Shore excursions often depart in the morning, and include round trip transfer from the harbour, guide, lunch, all entrance fee and cable car ticket. To the north, Chan May port is 60 km from the Ba Na Hills, via the Hai Van tunnel. Tours from deep-water harbours provide the same things. The passengers can book at small travel agencies to big brands, and all necessary information may be announced before the departure. Should ask how to know the right place to meet the guide and driver. See details in Chan May Shore Excursions and Da Nang Excursions.

Ba Na Hills Tour with Own Transport and Private Guide

Many visitors would like to arrange a transport to Ba Na Hills by themselves, and only need a local guide. We have two articles for getting to the attraction: Da Nang to Ba Na Hills and Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. Read to know your best way. How to find a guide? In Da Nang, visitors can contact travel agencies online and offline, reliable travel webpages, or their own hotel. English is the most spoken language and it’s possible to seek French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Thai speakers also. Cost is from 30 to 50 USD for a day, more for big groups or if requiring excellent knowledge and language skills. For a tour guide in Hoi An, just browse our article here.

To save time, you can ask for help from us. Firstly, we need to know requirements (date, knowledge, skills, more) via whatsapp number +84968009827 or email

Ba Na Hills Tour by Yourself

Traveling to Ba Na Hills by yourself is not too complicated, even if you’re a first timer. First of all, you need to seek a transport suitable to your budget and style. Read our guide to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang or Hoi An to choose the best. Rentals, route, parkings and more are all in that article. About the ticket, you can choose to buy in the counters in the site or reserve online or via travel agencies. But now, no matter which way, you have to change to a physical ticket to get the cable car ride. Buffet lunch can be bought in the same place. Prices between the official and resellers are the same. In the cabin, a map in English is available to take and it shows all necessary things. See all you need to know about Ba Na Hills here.


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