Asia Park and Sun Wheel in Da Nang (Sun World Da Nang Wonders)

Have you ever seen the wheel of Da Nang? That is the Sun Wheel. It’s a part of greater Asia Park – an amusement park with a heap of fun games and kool rides.

Travelers often visit Ba Na Hills when staying in Da Nang also (the Golden Bridge is one of the reasons motivating them!). This huge entertainment complex has a theme park too, namely the Fantasy Park and it’s free to charge to enter. Outdoors, it’s two Alpine coaster tracks, providing a fascinating ride down the mountain slope. Indoors, a tall drop tower is in the middle, and others. So, it’s easy to understand that many people remove the Asia Park in their travel plan.

So why visit the Asia Park? To be honest, it provides a series of rides that Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park doesn’t have. All of them are outdoors. The ride on the Sun Wheel – the world’s 4th largest observation wheel is really deserving to experience. For sure, it’s impossible to find anywhere else around the area. Additionally, the admission fee is quite low. That may be not much to pay for kids and give them a happy time.

Here, we introduce the Asia Park in Da Nang and everything around it.

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About the Asia Park in Da Nang

The Asia Park (or Sun World Da Nang Wonders) is a themed park in the heart of Da Nang, a famous tourist city in Vietnam. It has been opening since 2014. Like its name, this amusement park has a focus on Asian cultures, with great entertainments and exciting activities. Its nearly-870,000 m2 ground was designed by Bill Bensley architect who achieved his success in the Intercontinental Hotel previously.

From a far distance, people easily recognize Asia Park’s ferris wheel (called as the Sun Wheel). This new landmark is amongst the highest one of its type worldwide, a stunner in Da Nang city’s skyline today. The ride on the Sun Wheel is most worth experiencing in all of 20 games and rides in the park. Probably, it’s one and only in town.

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Asia Park Opening Hours

The Asia Park (Sun World Da Nang Wonders) opens from 3 to 10 pm everyday. On Saturdays and Sundays when locals don’t work and tourists come to the city, it gets busiest. The peak hour is from 6 to 8 pm. Within it, visitors may see long queues at the Sun Wheel and other rides, but not really long.

Sunset is a good time to experience the ride of the Sun Wheel. From its top – 115 meters above the sea level, the riders will see a breath-taking Da Nang cityscape, with distant mountains and tree-lined streets. The Han river turns into a golden mirror flowing under uniquely designed bridges.

How to Get to the Asia Park in Da Nang

Asia Park Location and Address

Address of the Asia Park Da Nang is 01 Phan Dang Luu St, Hoa Cuong Bac ward, Hai Chau district. Here are the distance to it from popular tourist places:

– Cham Museum and the Dragon Bridge to the Asia Park:

– Son Tra Night Market to the Asia Park: 4 kilometers

– My Khe Beach to the Asia Park: 6 kilometers

– Han Market to the Asia Park: 4,1 kilometers

– Ba Na Hills to the Asia Park: 3 kilometers

– The Marble Mountains to the Asia Park: 7 kilometers

– Linh Ung Pagoda and the Lady Buddha to the Asia Park: 12 kilometers

– Da Nang International Airport to the Asia Park: 3,5 kilometers

Car, Taxi and Grab

The Asia Park is absolutely accessible by car. The price of a private car to the Asia Park depends on where the hotel is, and also size of the group. However, it is 150,000 VND at least for one way.

Taxi fare is metered in Da Nang, around 15,000 VND per kilometer. A minimum fare is regulated by local companies, to ensure that passengers won’t take the ride too short. Simply, travelers just need to stand aside major streets and hail one. To get back, taxi cars are many by the entrance of the park.

If the Grab is downloaded already on the phone, type the name of the hotel and confirm its address to know the price. Payment is flexible, by cash or card.  


Thanks to the prime location – in the heart of Da Nang city, it’s really convenient to get to the Asia park by motorbike. At the present, one day rental is from 100,000 to 200,000 VND, excluding gasoline. The quickest way to have it is from the hotel.

From hotels in Hai Chau district (airport side, west bank of the river), travelers should ride along Hai Thang Chin St (or 2/9 St). At its crossroad with Phan Dang Luu St (a traffic light), let’s turn to the big road. After 500 meters, the parking is to the right, and Asia Park’s entrance is to the left. Accessing the amusement park by other roads is fine, but not simplest.

If stay in My Khe beach area, travelers need to go across the Han river (by any bridge) and then find Hai Thang Chin St. It’s exactly the road that first encountered the bridge road. So, simply only turn right or turn left after coming to the opposite bank.

Parking fee is 5,000 VND. After paying, the staff will give a card to the rider that is used for security. If lost, the fine is 50,000 VND. Of course, to leave with the bike, it’s necessary to check the camera and to show the registration certificate.

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What to Do in the Asia Park in Da Nang?

Games and Rides in Asia Park

Outdoor section of the Asia Park includes 10 zones, each representing a country in Asia. Operating time for games and rides here is from 3 to 9 pm. It’s not far to walk from place to place, just following the paved paths. While a friend or family member is joining the queue or playing, other people can sit on the chairs in the surroundings. Those who don’t purchase the all-in-one ticket, can buy on the site.  

These are what visitors can do in each zone:

– Vietnam Zone: Sun Wheel (please see the own guide for it below)

– Japan Zone: Ninja Flyer (extreme, height limit: 1,06 to 1,9m), Kabuki Trucks (medium, height limit: 1,2 to 1,95m), Flyflies Forest (medium, height limit: 1,2 to 1,95m)

– Korea Zone: Happy Choo Choo (family based, height limit: 0,85 to 1,29m), Paradise Fall – Vietnam’s first air roller coaster (minimum height: 1,3m), Love Locks (medium, minimum height: 1,4m)

– China Zone: Fairy Tea House (medium), Journey to the West (extreme, height limit: 1,2 to 1,95m), Shanghai 1920 (family based, height limit: 1,2 to 1,95m), The Flying Kirins (extreme, height limit: 1,4 to 1,95m)

– India Zone: Queen Cobra – Vietnam’s largest suspended roller coaster (hyper extreme, height limit: 1,3 to 1,95m)

– Cambodia Zone: The Angkor Wat (minature) for photos

– Thailand Zone: Golden Sky Tower – Vietnam’s second highest free tall tower (47 meters tall), minimum height: 1,4m.

– Nepal Zone: just a gate

– Singapore Zone: Singapore Sling (extreme, height from 1,4m), Port of Sky Treasure (extreme, height from 1,3m)

– Indonesia Zone: Angry Motors (family based, minimum height: 1,3m), Dino Island (family based, height limit: 0,85 to 1,29m), Festival Carousel (family based, height from 1,06m), Garuda Valley (medium, height limit: 1,2 to 1,95m)

Air Balloon Ride

Seeing and photographing Da Nang from an air balloon is another option in the Asia Park. For a 20-minutes ride, each adult will pay 590,000 VND. It’s only 350,000 VND for children.   

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The Sun Wheel: Highlight of the Asia Park

History of the Sun Wheel Da Nang

The ferris wheel itself originally is the Igosu 108 at Shiga, in the Greater Tokyo of Japan. Its height is 108 meters, and was used from 1992 to 1997. During this period, it’s the tallest one of its type in the world (then replaced by the Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka). In 2001, it’s closed. Later, it was dismantled and relocated to Da Nang city, with the new name “Sun Wheel” because of the Sun Group’s ownership.

Rebuilt on a higher base, that’s why the Sun Wheel is 115 meters, making it become the 4th largest observation wheel on Earth. On 18th July 2014, it’s officially opened, as a part of the Asia Park and a great addition to Da Nang’s skyline. In the evening, 13,000 neon lights altogether give a sparkling spectacle.

The Ride on the Sun Wheel

From the park, visitors need to go up escalators to join the queue. Sun Wheel’s operating hours are from 4 to 10 pm daily, including weekends and Vietnam’s national holidays.

It takes the riders 15 minutes to complete one round. Each capsule accommodates maximum 6 people, fitted to small groups of friends and families. Couples and solo travelers can have a private capsule in case there are not many people in the queue. The door is closed throughout the ride to guarantee safety, and is just unlocked by staff. At the same time, the Sun Wheel can carry 384 people.

Note: Children below 1,19 meters or under 12-years-old have to go with their parents.

The circle goes upwards, allowing riders to view Da Nang at night and below the theme park. The city is full of lights, showing the transformation over the last decades and the vibrancy of a young urban. At the tallest point, it’s possible to photograph the Han river, coupled with its stunning bridges and waterfronts. The sail-like one is Tran Thi Ly bridge, a suspension bridge. Behind it are the Dragon bridge and the Han River bridge.

Each rider has one ride only. The staff will open the capsules and welcome passenger’s arrival. After that, it’s just needed to get escalators down, to continue exploring the Asia theme park.

How Much for a Sun Wheel Ride?

The Sun Wheel ticket costs 100,000 VND for adults and children taller than 1,4 meters. It’s 50,000 VND for children with height between 1 and 1,39 meters, and free of charge for smaller kids.

To buy the ticket, visitors have to come to the booth opposite to Sun Wheel’s entrance. If purchasing the all-in-one Asia Park ticket, the ride is included already.

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Asia Park Entrance Fee and Extra Fees

The ticket price (entrance fee) of the Asia Park Da Nang now is free. If visitors like to play games, join entertainments and experience a ride on the Sun Wheel, they will pay.

All-in-one ticket packages cost 200,000 VND for adults and children taller than 1,4 meters. Parents will pay 100,000 for children between 1 and 1,39 meters. It’s free of charge for smaller kids and toddles. In this package, the holders can play all outdoor games and rides in the 10 Countries Zone, and indoor games (below the wheel). Keep in mind that the games or rides may require minimum height or kids have to go with parents. We advise reading the regulations carefully to save time.

If don’t want to play all games and rides, adults can pay 50,000 VND to play whatever of them (one time only) or 100,000 VND for 3. For children between 1 and 1,39 meters, the price is 30,000 and 60,000 VND respectively. These tickets are valid from 7 to 9 pm.

Indoor games in the FEC (Family Entertainment Center) charges each visitor 35,000 VND, no matter adults or kids.

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Asia Park Tickets and Where to Buy

Travelers just come to the counters (booths) right at the entrance of Asia Park theme park to buy tickets. Both cash and card payments are accepted. At the moment, it’s free of charge to enter the park, therefore these counters are for all-in-one tickets only. A paper bracelet is tied around the wrist of buyers to easier recognize. On it, there is a QR code, to use later for included things. If it’s lost or damaged seriously, since then, it’s no longer valid. Please come to the customer service (at the main entrance) for assistance, to get the new bracelet and explore the rest of the park.

For the Sun Wheel or whatever games and rides, visitors can pay separately, to enjoy the ones they like. Physical ticket (paper ticket) is given. Remember to keep it carefully before use it.

Note: If purchasing Asia Park ticket or Sun Wheel ticket online, please come to the on-site counters to have physical tickets. 

In the Surroundings of the Asia Park

Helio Night Market

This night market is by the big crossroad on the way to the Asia Park from outside. It’s many stalls selling foods, beverages, local snacks, souvenirs and a stage where singers perform, with beer drinkers in the front. The price here is fixed, absolutely not expensive. Read the information about all night markets of Da Nang in

Da Nang Children’s Cultural Palace

In the opposite to the Helio night market, kids can entertain here with games and enjoy the company with other little friends. Parents can pay to allow them to participate. Outside, there are some street vendors selling yummy fries that are varied in size, shape and ingredient/taste. Fresh sugarcane juice and other drinks are sold (alcohols may not be found here). 

Other Things to Do in Da Nang at Night

Main article: What to Do in Da Nang at Night

Dragon Bridge Fire and Water Show

From 9 pm every weekend, the dragon of the Dragon Bridge breathes fire and then water. Witnessing this show has become a must-do activity for tourists in Da Nang since it began in 2013. The best spots which spectators can find: on Tran Hung Dao St’s pavement until the statue of “Fish Transforming into Dragon”, river cruises on Han river or rooftop coffee shops. Standing on the bridge supports better photos and videos, but the rain pour will make anyone wet. See further information in

Son Tra Night Market

Next to the Dragon bridge, on the right bank of the Han river, Son Tra night market is worth visiting. It has more than 150 stalls and vendors, stretching on Ly Nam De and Mai Hac De streets. Visitors will see local dishes, souvenirs, fruits, fresh seafood, food specialties and clothing. There are a couple of restaurants nearby serving alcohol, with a view to the market and crowds.

See full details of the Son Tra night market and others in Da Nang, browse


The Asia Park on Google Maps

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