Dong Ba Market – Where to Shop and Eat in Hue City Vietnam

The Vietnamese traditional market is awesome to discover. It’s great to see the diversity of local products, go shopping (somehow with more affordable prices) and try local dishes with an authentic taste. Kids will be interested in spotting things that … Read More

Dong Khanh Tomb: The Lovely Imperial Tomb of Hue City

Dong Khanh emperor tomb is one of the last imperial mausoleums in Vietnam. It’s the burial place for the ninth king of the Nguyen dynasty and other members of the family (this point is similar to Gia Long tomb). Although … Read More

Hue Tourist Attractions: A List of What You Can See in Hue

Hue is among the most visited tourist cities in Vietnam for travelers (nearly 5 milions of visitors a year). It’s firstly known for a series of fine constructions built by kings that was in Unesco world heritage site. Local cuisine … Read More

My Lai Massacre Village (or Son My Memorial) in Quang Ngai

The Vietnam war (or the American war) lasting from 1955 to 1975 was one of the darkest periods in history. So many people lost from both sides, the North Vietnam and the South Vietnam which had the difference in politics. … Read More

Cam Kim Island: The Peaceful Countryside of Hoi An

For those who love the countryside, Cam Kim island shouldn’t be missed in Hoi An. It’s a peaceful, non-touristy river island surrounded by the Thu Bon river that is not far away from the Ancient town. Here, rural villages are … Read More

Getting from Hue to Hoi An: Which is the Best Way?

Hoi An usually is the next stop after Hue. This town boasts its old town which is well-preserved, charming, colorful and photogenic. At night, it’s full of lantern lights and local residents serve plenty of yummy street foods. Here, the … Read More

Cycling in Hoi An: Rental, Where to Cycle and Tours

Hoi An is a bicycle friendly town. This town spans an area of 45 km2, and its centre (called ‘Hoi An old town’) is only 4km2, making it one of the tinest cities in Vietnam. Here, the distance to major … Read More

The Best Time to Visit Hoi An

Weather is very important when traveling because it decides how much travelers enjoy the trip generally and in particular, attractions they go to. Vietnam is a long country, stretching from north to south for thousands of kilometers and the climate … Read More

The Official Da Nang Travel Guide [MUST READ]

On the map, Da Nang city is in the middle of Vietnam, between Hue city and Hoi An city. Attracting nearly 9 millions of tourists in the peak year, it’s a leading destination in the country. This emergence is based … Read More

Da Nang Night River Cruise on Han River

If visit the night markets already and look for something different to do, travelers can go on a cruise on the river. From the boat, passengers will see the city and the life along the waterfronts, and enjoy cool breezes. … Read More