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What to Do in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is a must see, not only thanks to its world heritage title, but also to its vintage urban landscape, lots of attractions and activities. In the evening, countless colorful lantern lights make it famous all over … Read More

Da Nang and Hoi An Itinerary for Visitors Staying Overnight in Hoi An

Da Nang and Hoi An are twin cities in the heart of Central Vietnam. Both are popular tourist destinations for either domestic or international visitors, and share many similarities. Due to smaller, quieter and “three stunners ” – Old town, … Read More

Hoi An 3 Day Itinerary: A Travel Plan for 3 Days in Hoi An

3 days are a perfect duration to stay overnight in Hoi An and explore captivating places in and around it. Especially for those who travel from city to city or region to region, 3 days are what they expect. In … Read More

Hoi An Free Things to Do: Budget Travel in Hoi An Vietnam

Travelers should know free things to do in Hoi An, to save the budget for this wonderful city and by that, can stay longer to explore. From old town, countryside to beaches, it’s possible to make a trip without any … Read More

Hoi An One Day Itinerary: A Travel Plan for One Day in Hoi An

From a backwater town in the 1990s, Hoi An today is one of leading tourist destinations across Vietnam. In a recent year, it attracted 8,5 millions of overnight visitors and more than half are from abroad. It has things that … Read More

Da Nang Things to Do: Guide to What to Do in Da Nang Vietnam

Unquestionably, Da Nang deserves a holiday trip from all types of traveller. Firstly, due to the weather. It has a longer sunny time than the north but less hot than the south. During the wet season, it’s least affected by … Read More

Da Nang Best Things to Do and Reasons

Da Nang is the largest tourist center in Central Vietnam. It owns fascinating natural and cultural places that attract both Vietnamese and foreigners. In the busiest year, this city of bridges draws 8,6 millions of visitors. Therefore, it is not … Read More

Hoi An Half-Day Tours: Guide to Half Day Trips From Hoi An

Top attractions near Hoi An require a couple of hours or half a day, to get there and visit around. The reason is that all have many things to see, do, watch and photograph, and to know them, travelers need … Read More

Hoi An Day Tours: A Guide to Best Day Trips From Hoi An

Near Hoi An, there are many fantastic places making travelers can’t stay in the room and have to go out to explore. Appeal Golden bridge – the new world wonder, mysterious My Son temples (Vietnam’s Angkor Wat) or awe-inspiring Marble … Read More

Hoi An Beach: A Guide to All Beaches in Hoi An Vietnam

Not only an old town, Hoi An has beaches as well! That are sandy, edged by tropical water and lined by palm forests. Travelers don’t need to wait or move too long to see them and get a swimsuit on, … Read More