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Non Nuoc Beach: The Famous Beach of Da Nang

Besides the Golden hands bridge – a global hit, Da Nang city also has beautiful beaches. If looking for somewhere great to stay and have a slow holiday, Non Nuoc beach should be one of top choices. It’s lengthy, peaceful, … Read More

How to Get from Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary

Known as ‘the Angkor Wat of Vietnam’, My Son sanctuary boasts of its sophisticated temples dating back from 4th century. Sadly, in 14th century, it’s abandoned in the forests. Today, this is one of the most important archaeological sites in … Read More

Thieu Tri Tomb: The Peaceful Royal Tomb of Hue

Thieu Tri emperor tomb is an unpopular place to visit in Hue. From the city centre, it’s closer than Khai Dinh tomb, Minh Mang tomb and Gia Long tomb, and further than Tu Duc king’s, Dong Khanh king’s and Duc … Read More