See & Do in Da Nang

How to Visit Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Hand Bridge of Ba Na hills today is a dream place to visit for many travelers. Since it opened in June 2018, millions of people have set their foot on this amazing bridge. Of course, an uncountable number … Read More

Da Nang Shore Excursions: Guided Tours From Tien Sa Port

Da Nang Vietnam today is one of stopovers for many cruises that travel from continent to continent, from country to country. It owns an ideal seaport to moor and it provides travelers awesome spots to visit and activities. The distance … Read More

Han Market (Cho Han): Where to Shop in Da Nang?

In the heart of Da Nang, the Han market is a popular place for visitors to buy something to bring home due to the diversity of merchandise. Back to history, it was built by French people as a part of … Read More

Da Nang Cathedral (Da Nang Pink Church)

Da Nang became a French protectorate on 3rd October 1888, under the name “Tourane”. By the Han river, the colonists designed a grid of streets with public buildings, a city hall, a market, train, and a church. Over time, these planned … Read More

Things to Do in Ba Na Hills Besides Golden Bridge

According to local authorities, 50% of visitors coming to Da Nang and Hoi An visit the Ba Na hills. In other words, that is nearly 10 millions of people. This statistic indicates that the hill station is one of the … Read More

Da Nang Half Day Tours

In addition to day trips, travelers have many options of half-day tours in Da Nang to choose from. Not to spend a full day at different places, maybe far from the hotel, it’s more relaxing with one or two attractions … Read More

Da Nang and Hoi An Itinerary for Visitors Staying Overnight in Hoi An

Da Nang and Hoi An are twin cities in the heart of Central Vietnam. Both are popular tourist destinations for either domestic or international visitors, and share many similarities. Due to smaller, quieter and “three stunners ” – Old town, … Read More

Da Nang Things to Do – Guide to What to Do in Da Nang Vietnam

Unquestionably, Da Nang deserves a holiday trip from all types of traveller. Firstly, due to the weather. It has a longer sunny time than the north but less hot than the south. During the wet season, it’s least affected by … Read More

Da Nang Best Things to Do and Reasons

Da Nang is the largest tourist center in Central Vietnam. It owns fascinating natural and cultural places that attract both Vietnamese and foreigners. In the busiest year, this city of bridges draws 8,6 millions of visitors. Therefore, it is not … Read More

My Son Sanctuary Tour

My Son Sanctuary is a Unesco world heritage site, attracting 450,000 visitors in recent years. It’s the best remains left by the fallen Champa Kingdom which ruled a part of Vietnam from 2nd to 19th centuries. Forgotten by people in nearly a … Read More