See & Do in Da Nang

My Lai Massacre Village (or Son My Memorial) in Quang Ngai

The Vietnam war (or the American war) lasting from 1955 to 1975 was one of the darkest periods in history. So many people lost from both sides, the North Vietnam and the South Vietnam which had the difference in politics. … Read More

The Official Da Nang Travel Guide [MUST READ]

On the map, Da Nang city is in the middle of Vietnam, between Hue city and Hoi An city. Attracting nearly 9 millions of tourists in the peak year, it’s a leading destination in the country. This emergence is based … Read More

Da Nang Night River Cruise on Han River

If visit the night markets already and look for something different to do, travelers can go on a cruise on the river. From the boat, passengers will see the city and the life along the waterfronts, and enjoy cool breezes. … Read More

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

See fireworks in Da Nang? Why not? Here, an international fireworks competition is organized yearly, showing extremely creative performances from experts worldwide. The Han river flowing through its centre, is the source of inspiration, the theme and the main stage. … Read More

Non Nuoc Beach: The Famous Beach of Da Nang

Besides the Golden hands bridge – a global hit, Da Nang city also has beautiful beaches. If looking for somewhere great to stay and have a slow holiday, Non Nuoc beach should be one of top choices. It’s lengthy, peaceful, … Read More

Bach Ma National Park: Hiking, Trekking in Da Nang and Hoi An

Two best places for trekking and hiking in and near Da Nang are Son Tra mountain (peninsula) and Bach Ma national park. Which one is better is actually personal because these hot spots have similarities and differences. The same things they give … Read More

Am Phu Cave Complete Travel Guide

Although in the Marble mountains – the most visited attraction in Da Nang, travelers often miss Am Phu cave. One of reasons is that it’s mentioned much online and not recommended by travel companies (time for the mountain itself is … Read More

Asia Park and Sun Wheel in Da Nang (Sun World Da Nang Wonders)

Have you ever seen the wheel of Da Nang? That is the Sun Wheel. It’s a part of greater Asia Park – an amusement park with a heap of fun games and kool rides. Travelers often visit Ba Na Hills … Read More

How to Visit Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Hand Bridge of Ba Na hills today is a dream place to visit for many travelers. Since it opened in June 2018, millions of people have set their foot on this amazing bridge. Of course, an uncountable number … Read More

Da Nang Shore Excursions: Guided Tours From Tien Sa Port

Da Nang Vietnam today is one of stopovers for many cruises that travel from continent to continent, from country to country. It owns an ideal seaport to moor and it provides travelers awesome spots to visit and activities. The distance … Read More