Perfume River Cruise: Guide to Best Boat Tour in Hue Vietnam

Perfume River cruise is a popular activity in Hue, Vietnam. Different from other sightseeing rides, this experience is by a dragon boat that was used only for the king formerly. It might be a part of his hunting trips, a … Read More

Tomb of Khai Dinh: The Most Unique Royal Tomb of Hue

Tomb of Khai Dinh is the last emperor mausoleum built in Hue and Vietnam. It’s famous for one-of-the-kind architecture and art that was never seen in the country at that time. There, concrete cement, ceramic, glass and metal replaced timbers, … Read More

Hai Van Pass Da Nang: Map, Route, Weather, History, Tour

Truong Son or Annamite Range is the most dramatic mountain ridge in Vietnam. When it juts out into the sea, spectacular Hai Van Pass is formed. This amazing sculpture of nature is a high wall where two sides of it … Read More

Hue Imperial City and Forbidden City

Located by the Perfume River, Hue Imperial City and Forbidden City are the 2nd and 3rd walls of the Citadel, seat of Vietnamese power from 1802 to 1945. These are home of luxury-decorated palaces, residences, theatre and pavilions, for Nguyen emperor and his family. The king also added lovely … Read More