Thanh Ha Fish Market: The Nearest Fish Market of Hoi An

Hoi An is not only by the river, but also the sea. Fishing for a very long time is one of main sources of income for local residents, especially those living in fishing villages. The best way to meet fishermen and see the fishes they catch or just to see local seafood, is visiting a fish market. Thanh Ha fish market is a good choice because it’s right in Hoi An central area and connects with the rest of the city by major streets. So, it’s so convenient. This article provides everything visitors need to know about it.

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Things You Need to Know about Thanh Ha Fish Market

Thanh Ha fish market (or Cam Ha fish market or Cho ca Thanh Ha) is the second largest fresh and living fish market in Hoi An. It’s to the west of Hoi An old town world heritage site. Its name comes from the village it’s located in, Thanh Ha village. This village is known for traditional pottery production which was recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.  

Everyday, Thanh Ha fish market opens from 4-5 to 7 am. If come later, fishermen and fish sellers, buyers are gone already. Local women here have a variety of fresh and living fishes and seafood for sale with a cheap price. That’s why local people and restaurants are here as early as possible. Which kind of fish we will see, really depends on different times/seasons of the year. This market has not only sea fishes but also fresh water fishes (and others) from rivers, ponds or swamps in the area. If going with a local friend or tour guide, he/she definitely tells their names, and how to use them for cooking.

Tip: Travelers can stand on Cam Kim bridge to see the entire Thanh Ha fish market from above. It’s nice for photography too.

Due to the weather, the best time to visit Thanh Ha fish market is between January and August. During this period, it’s sunny and the sea is calm, perfect to catch fishes. From September to December, rains are more frequent, making bad weather and typhoons may appear. Of course, fishermen will stay home and by that, not many things to see in the market. The experience is kind of boring.

In the same place, the Thanh Ha market sells other food ingredients and other necessities (except fishes). It’s not big and hasn’t so many sellers and vendors, so visiting time may be short.

Tip: To see Thanh Ha fish market, travelers can look for a tour with it in the itinerary and stop for a while. We suggest a My Son sunrise tour from Hoi An.

Where is Thanh Ha Fish Market?

Thanh Ha fish market is in Thanh Ha pottery making village, by the intersection of Duy Tan St, Hung Vuong St and 18 thang 3 St. It’s also by the Thu Bon river, under the new Cam Kim bridge. From Hoi An city centre or Hoi An old town, the distance is nearly 3 km. It’s 6 km from An Bang beach and 9,5 km from Cua Dai beach. 

How to Get to Thanh Ha Fish Market

Because Thanh Ha fish market opens in the early morning, travelers should consider using personal vehicles. Most local people use the motorbike to get there. From the day or at least night before, early risers can hire a scooter at the hotel and it must be full of gasoline. In the next morning, it’s just needed to take it and go. The bicycle is also very helpful and simpler to arrange because it may be right there, in the hotel for free.

From Hoi An, there are two roads to reach Thanh Ha fish market: Hung Vuong St and 28 thang 3 St (Hai Muoi Tam Thang Ba St). Both of them are wide and there is absolutely no traffic before sunrise. The market is at an intersection under the bridge, with a traffic light. Please be careful when riding across the roads. No parking lots are at the market, so it means you can leave the bike everywhere but please lock it.

Some tours include Thanh Ha fish market in the itinerary. In private transfers, travelers can request to stop here to have a quick visit if convenient (such as going to My Son sanctuary).

Getting by boat is possible but we think that it takes a long time to connect with locals and arrange everything by yourself. No bus or train is available at the moment.

Places to Visit near Thanh Ha Fish Market

Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Thanh Ha fish market is at the entrance of Thanh Ha pottery village, a traditional handicraft community in Hoi An. To see workshops or houses where local artisans (and family) teach visitors to make a pottery item, it’s needed to go along Duy Tan St until its end. Ticket price is 35,000 VND for adults and children above 15 years old. See more information and details in

Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Go over Cam Kim island and get to the other side, travelers can see Cam Kim island. This is a countryside mosaiced of villages, rice fields, bamboo forests and vegetable gardens. Kim Bong carpentry village is here. Local residents have been building fishing boats and carving sculptures and furniture since the 17th century. Today, skilled artists also preserve heritage houses in the Hoi An old town world heritage. See more information about the village in

Hoi An Old Town

The Hoi An ancient town is 3 km west of Thanh Ha fish market. It’s a Unesco world heritage site, and an excellently well-preserved trading town of Asians. This is a must see. From the market, travelers need to go on Hung Vuong St and then Nguyen Du St to see the Song Hoai square. There, parking service is available.

Hoi An Tours Including Thanh Ha Fish Market

Our My Son sunrise tour includes the Thanh Ha fish market in the itinerary. After picking up at the hotel in Hoi An at 5 am, our guide and driver will take you to this interesting place to see first. Here, you have a couple of minutes to go around, know about fishes and seafood, and take pictures. Then, head to My Son sanctuary (the tour aims to avoid the crowds and heat). In My Son, you’ll sightsee every temple and group of temples which are open for tourists. Our guide definitely explains history and culture with details, to ensure that you have much better understanding about the site. My Son was inscribed as a Unesco world heritage site in 1999.

Other Fish Markets in and near Hoi An

There are some early morning fish markets in Hoi An and they’re very stunning to visit. Besides Thanh Ha fish market, in the Old town, travelers can go to the Hoi An central market (by the river). This place is the easiest to reach. By the Thu Bon river estuary, Duy Hai fish market is the biggest. Before the sun rises, so many large boats dock here to offload fish and seafood. The best time to visit is summertime (from March to August). Chefs and restaurants buy fresh, living ingredients here to serve the foodies in town.

In Tam Ky, Tam Tien fish market is the best fish market to go. Fishermen still dock the boats by the beach and sell what they catch right there. The scene is really worth it to see and photograph. It’s 100% real for a fishing village life. We will say that there are no tourists in Tam Tien fish market for most of the year.

Thanh Ha Fish Market on Google Maps

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