Getting from Hue to Hoi An: Which is the Best Way?

Hoi An usually is the next stop after Hue. This town boasts its old town which is well-preserved, charming, colorful and photogenic. At night, it’s full of lantern lights and local residents serve a plenty of yummy street foods. Here, the finest shows and performances of Vietnam are on stage day after day. When it’s still bright, things to do are sightseeing cultural heritages, visitting a tailor for personalized suit, cooking class, making a lantern by your hands, boat trips on the river, cycling to villages, photography, more. These are reasons why many tourists prefer to stay in Hoi An instead of Da Nang. Hoi An is an once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Hoi An is quite far from Hue city. Although day trips to Hoi An from Hue are easily booked and arranged, we suggest going to Hoi An and stay overnight there. The journey is more stunning indeed. This article lets you know all the ways to get from Hue to Hoi An. At the present, travelers can choose a car (English speaking driver available), bus, motorbike, jeep, bicycle or train. It’s diverse!

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About Hue City

Hue is the ancient capital city of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945. Here, thirdteen Nguyen kings constructed a massive walled citadel with inner palaces and residences, temples, and royal tombs. The best preserved places amongst these were inscribed by Unesco as a world heritage site in 1993. Not just history, Hue city is also famous for the Perfume river with dragon cruises, traditional markets, featured local cuisine (especially the beef noodle soup, rice cakes), and the Hue festival. In recent years, the Abandoned waterpark is known by travelers around the world thanks to magazines. This city has an international airport with flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and outside of Vietnam.

Please see everything you need to know about Hue city in

About Hoi An City

To the south of Hue city, Hoi An is a preserved trading port by the Thu Bon river. It was the ‘peaceful meeting place’ between Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European merchants from 15th to 19th centuries. The heritage of these nationalities is seen all over the town today. Besides old quarters, Hoi An is also famous for bespoke tailoring thanks to long-standing textile industry, colorful lanterns, unique local cuisine with scrumptious dishes (banh mi sandwich, cao lau noodle, mi quang noodle, dumplings, etc), vintage coffee shops, and outdoor activities. It’s the most photogenic town in Vietnam!

Not far away from Hoi An’s ancient town, there are white-sandy beaches, handicraft villages, rice fields, coconut forests, rivers, and Cham islands biosphere reserve. Within an hour, travelers can see the Golden hands bridge, My Son sanctuary or the Marble mountains.

Read further information in our comprehensive travel guide to Hoi An via

Distance and Attractions Between Hue and Hoi An

How Far Is Hoi An from Hue?

Hoi An is to the south of Hue city. The distance from Hue city center to Hoi An is around 140 km and it’s 120 km if go through the Hai Van tunnel.

Places to Visit Between Hue and Hoi An

– Da Nang: capital city of the region, famous for bridges, museums, a pink church and markets 

– Monkey mountain (Son Tra peninsula): Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha statue is here, 67 meters

– Ba Na hills: a complex of entertainment, famous for world’s longest cable cars, great views, indoor theme park, huge European-style village, and the Golden hands bridge

– The Marble mountains: amazing outcrops with Buddhist temples and caves

– Lang Co lagoon/beach: one of the most fantastic seascapes in Vietnam

– Hue ghost city (An Bang cemetery): famous for massive tombs and temples that are decorated by colorful, sophisticated and expensive ceramic mosaic

– My Khe beach or Non Nuoc beach: two finest beaches in Da Nang

Hue to Hoi An by Private Car

Pros and Cons

Getting from Hue to Hoi An by car is convenient. It takes travelers at least 2,5 hrs if don’t stop anywhere and go through the tunnels. Meaning that if like to visit attractions or join activities between Hue and Hoi An, travelers need a longer trip. A private car transfer is the solution because it’s possible to go to any places at any time requested, and stay there until get bored. This convenience is great for couples, a family or a small group of friends. It helps to optimize traveling time too. Instead of following a fixed reschedule with many pick up and drop off spots, travelers can go on their own plan and enjoy it.

Note: We advise booking a private car transfer from Hue to Hoi An at reliable companies or sites to make sure that everything will like what you expected. Personal belonggings are also safe. 

On the other hand, traveling by car is more expensive than bus, train or motorbike. Compared to tourist buses, it provides more freedom and privacy, and a shorter drive if the itinerary is same. When decide to get on a train, travelers can go to Da Nang only, and then again need to book a car transfer to Hoi An (because of the luggages). So, why not a car transfer from beginning? The motorbike ride or tour isn’t a good choice for rainy or very hot days, elders and kids, and sure, a car drive is safer. 

Private Car Transfers from Hue to Hoi An

Hai Van Pass and Marble Mountains Transfer

After pick up at the hotel (and checking lugguages carefully), the English-speaking driver will take visitors to see Lang Co lagoon first. It’s famous for picturesque sceneries and oyster farms. Here, there is a crystal-clear brackish lake sided by high mountains with cloudy peaks and forests. Hai Van pass is the next attraction. It’s a 20-kilometers-long coastal road packed with beautiful views. A group of bunkers sits on its always-misty top. Of course, the car stops here to take photos and enjoy natural wonders. 

When arriving Da Nang, after the Hai Van pass, visitors can request to stop at a good restaurant to have lunch. The Marble mountains (or the Five element mountains) is the place to visit then. It’s a group of 5 striking marble hills riding spectacularly from the plain. Here, visitors have time to see a local family where handmade stone sculptures are on display, climb stairs to temples and peaks, marvel at caves and photograph. This is a must-see attraction of the area. After meeting the driver again, visitors will go to the hotel in Hoi An and check in. 

Full details in the private sightseeing transfer between Hue and Hoi An. To book, contact us directly via whatsapp +84968009827 or

The Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills Transfer

The Golden hands bridge is a world-famous building today. It’s located in Ba Na hills, former French hill station at the elevation of around 1,400 meters. Since opened in 2018, this uniquely-designed bridge has been loved by so many people. It’s worth seeing and photographing.

After picking up at the hotel, the car goes to Lang Co lagoon, a gem of the region. Here, visitors can drink coffee and enjoy a breath-taking scenery (torquoise waters, cloudy mountains, forests, oyster farms). Hai Van pass is optional. If skip it, the visit in the Golden bridge and Ba Na hills is longer. 

Visitors will come to Ba Na hills after 3 hours. Here, visitors will get tickets and then self-explore the tourist area. Browse for further information. In the end of the private transfer, the driver drops visitors off in the hotel at Hoi An. Travel time from Ba Na hills to Hoi An is about 1,5 hours.

To book this private transfer between Hue and Hoi An, contact us directly via +84968009827 (phone, whatsapp) or

My Son Sanctuary Transfer

My Son sanctuary is a Unesco world heritage site southwest to Da Nang city. Its Hindu temples are built from 4th to 13rd centuries by Cham people to worship the Shiva god. These brick towers experience a long abandonment and the Vietnam war in the 1970s.

Once again, after hotel pick up, the car will go to Lang Co lagoon to have a short break and then up to the top of Hai Van pass. Here, a fortress is constructed to control below areas and the highway in the front. Along the way downhill to Da Nang city, there are mesmerizing bird’s eye views and many photo opportunities. 

After 3,5 hours, visitors arrive My Son sanctuary. Please browse to know everything about this holy land. We recommend spending from 1,5 to 2 hours to sightsee its temples and watch the minishow if possible. To go to Hoi An, it takes visitors one more hour.

To book this private transfer between Hue and Hoi An, contact us directly via +84968009827 (phone, whatsapp) or

Getting from Hue to Hoi An by Train

Pros and Cons

Traveling by train from Hue is easy and cheap. There are several trains during the day to choose from, and their tickets are sold both online and offline. Seatings are 50 minimum in number, so if don’t travel on the weekends or high tourist seasons, travelers don’t have to make a reservation too early. All are in clean and air-conditioned coaches. Compared to car, bus and motorcycle, a train ride is very safe. Lugguages are allowed to carry on and there is no extra fee for heavy or oversized ones.

Hoi An has no railway station and the closest one is inside Da Nang city centre. It means that travelers need another transfer to go to the hotel after the train ride from Hue. After 3 hours on the train, one more hour is required to transfer to Hoi An. 

Train Ride from Hue to Da Nang

The train ride from Hue to Da Nang is 3 hours long. Firstly, visitors have to go to the Hue railway station (30 mins earlier recommended) and then buy or scan the tickets. The best seatings are to the left of the coaches because passengers can see the coastline of Hai Van pass. When arrive the Da Nang railway station, just walk outside and taxi drivers are many there to go to somewhere. It takes around 45 mins to reach Hoi An. To have a good price of private car transfer from Da Nang train station to Hoi An, contact us via whatsapp number +84968009827 or

Browse to know further details. 

How to Get from Hue to Hoi An by Bus

Pros and Cons

Traveling from Hue to Hoi An by bus is convenient and inexpensive. Pick-up place or bus station of local bus companies is not too far from Hue city centre. The most popular tourist bus is sleeper bus in which passengers have a bunk bed to stretch legs. It’s great to lie down, sleep or relax and see the world. The bus drops off in Hoi An centre too, so visitors can walk or pay a cheap transfer by taxi to the hotel. Some places and rest stops are designed en route, to sightsee, eat and drink or go to toilet. The price is absolutely much cheaper than private transfers.

However, with a fixed reschedule, passengers can’t decide when to leave Hue city, which place they want to see and how long they’re there. Hai Van pass is included, but the bus stops at its top only. View points along the pass route will be missed (and visitors don’t have any photo opportunities). Like train, the seats are not so large and comfortable for westerners.

Tourist Buses from Hue to Hoi An – Schedule and Prices

Tourist buses will pick up at their office. In general, it’s in the city centre. To buy the ticket, visitors can go to booking desks, travel agencies or the office directly (at least 1 day before). At the present, the sleeper bus is more popular than others in Hue. Passengers can lie or sit in the upper or lower beds, middle beds or window beds.

The bus departs in the morning or early afternoon and then goes on the highway until Lang Co town. Here, passengers can have breakfast, drink coffee or take a break. After that, it rides up to the top of Hai Van pass and of course, this is the next stop. The old fortress, bird’s eye views, and local souvenirs are what to see. Before arriving the Hoi An office, there is no sightseeing places or restaurants to go. 

Local Buses from Hue to Da Nang

Local buses only go from Hue to Da Nang’s central bus station (Ton Duc Thang St). After arriving this city, passengers need another transfer to Hoi An, and it’s about 45 minutes long. Car is the best choice now thanks to the convenience, lugguages and affordable price. 

Traveling from Hue to Hoi An by Motorbike

Pros and Cons

Traveling from Hue to Hoi An by a motorbike is one of the best options. A bike can take one traveler and the luggages (bags only) if he or she needs a local driver. During a long transfer between Hue and Hoi An, passengers will join the traffic, see scenic landscapes and life of local people. Of course, the bike stops at interesting spots to learn about something and photograph, such as Vietnam’s largest and most beautiful lagoons, beaches, fishing villages, temples, old trees, farms, and the Hai Van pass – a natural wonder. These places are impossible or excluded in the itinerary of cars or buses (if don’t drive by yourself). Here is details of Hue to Hoi An motorbike tour with sightseeing.

We advise not to miss Hai Van pass. This is among the most amazing mountain routes in the country, and the best of the region. Twists, turns and bird-eye views here are definitely worth it. If travel by train, travelers can’t see or experience these highlights. Usually, the cars are prohibited pulling over the road when needed, and the buses only stop at the top of Hai Van pass. 

However, if have many (or big) lugguages, travelers can’t accompany them in the transfer. It’s needed to pay extra to bring them to Hoi An. This transfer is not suitable for elders, children or who is nervous about the traffic. In the rainy season, it’s wet, dirty and the views are blocked by clouds. We advise checking the weather forecast carefully once reserve anything.

Self-Driven and Pillion Motorbike Tours from Hue to Hoi An

If have license and experience, travelers can ride the motorbike and enjoy a free journey then. A full day should be planned to see all highlights between Hue and Hoi An. Motorbike rental providers in Hue are happy when someone just needs to ride to Hoi An and drops the bike there. If not confident in Hai Van pass route, let’s find out a local driver to have a ride pillion. Sitting behind also allows travelers have free hands to take clear pictures or make memorable videos. Moreover, researching the maps isn’t required anymore (just follow the guide/driver).

Here are some motorbike routes from Hue to Hoi An that travelers may be interested:

– The classic route (the best seller drive): go to Hoi An by QL1A highway and Hai Van pass, cool-water streams at the foot of Bach Ma national park or attractions of Da Nang are optional

– The coastal route: go from Hue to Hoi An by the roads running the coast all the times, coupled with visiting the Ghost city (An Bang cemetery), Lang Co pass, Hai Van pass and the Marble mountains  

– The Annamite range route: travelers go to A Luoi district first and then Dong Giang district, allowing to see beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls, and hill tribers. Hai Van pass will be missed.

– The motorbike route going through Bach Ma national park is closed due to the new expressway construction

Getting to Hue to Hoi An by Jeep

Pros and Cons

Jeep is the American military car which is introduced and used in the Vietnam war. Today, it’s driven by local people to show interesting places around the area. For travelers who like a special adventure, a tour/transfer by jeep car should be considered. It still provides the freedom and exploration moods to passengers, and they will go together, and help each other to take photos. So, the experience is fair to the motorbike transfer. Jeep cars allow travelers to breathe fresh air, and fully view the scenery.  

However, a jeep car usually can take 3 people maximum, and if going with a guide, only 2 people are possible. For bigger groups or families, it’s needed to book more cars. The price of jeep services is not cheap. 

Jeep Tours and Transfers from Hue to Hoi An

There is a couple of companies providing a private jeep transfer from Hue to Hoi An and vice versa. The itinerary is exactly the same to cars and it’s possible to customize. If need a tour guide, tours are available too.

Hue to Hoi An by Bicycle

Many travelers go across Vietnam by bike to see its spectacular landscapes and cities. The route between Hue and Hoi An definitely isn’t missed by these adventure lovers. The highlight is 20-kilometers-long Hai Van mountain pass, a dream ride for cyclists worldwide. Its top is at an elevation of nearly 500 meters. Views from this point are mind-blowing, and occasionally blocked by dense mist or clouds. 

If ride along the coastline – the best ride, the distance is some 150 kilometers. From center of Hue, visitors go to Thuan An beach town first and then follow QL49B until Phuoc Tuong pass. After it, ride along QL1A highway and then climb Phu Gia pass and Hai Van pass respectively. In Da Nang, cycle along the southern edge of Da Nang bay, across the river by Thuan Phuoc bridge, along My Khe beach and keep going southwards to Hoi An. A visit to the Marble mountains is for those who want to have one more exploration.

When you need a mechanic/guide who assist you during the ride between Hue and Hoi An, please contact us by phone number +84968009827 (zalo, whatsapp) or

The Best Ways to Travel from Hue to Hoi An

The best way to get from Hue to Hoi An depends on personal likings and purpose of travel. Those who love adventures, a transfer by motorbike or jeep is prefered by them. With less adventurings, a train ride will be better if travel with elders or children and in the rainy season. The scenery along the track is unseen when take any other vehicles. Due to lenthy distance and rugged terrain, cycling from Hue to Hoi An is only for cyclists and professionals. About the cost, if carry many lugguages (not just a backpack!) or suitcases, a motorbike transfer requires an extra fee. 

The private sighseeing car transfer is a balance between exploration, safety (for both passengers and luggages), flexibility/convenience and cost. Its itinerary covers Hai Van pass, the Marble mountains, the Golden hands bridge at Ba Na hills or My Son sanctuary. These attractions are must see in the area, so if include some of them in the transfer, travelers can save time and money. Time to depart is personalized too, to make sure that passengers feel good and fully ready for a long journey. Lugguages are always kept carefully in the car, so no worries. If possible, the driver who knows English (but not excellent) will introduce something or recommend good spots to eat en route. Indeed, the best way to travel from Hue to Hoi An is a private sightseeing transfer by car.

How to Get from Hoi An to Hue

Travelers can go from Hoi An to Hue directly by private car, tourist bus or jeep car. The jeep and car will pick up passengers at the hotel but it’s needed to the bus company’s office or a designated pick-up place. Sightseeing is included in the drive, such as the Marble mountains or Hai Van pass.

If like traveling by train or a local bus, it’s needed to go to Da Nang city, the Da Nang railway station and the Da Nang central bus station respectively. Although the price of these transfers is lower but the time can’t be saved. Train is a different case because passengers will enjoy beautiful sceneries along the ride through its end.

In addition to, day trips from Hoi An to Hue allow travelers to stop the tour in Hue after everything and not back to Hoi An. The price won’t cheaper but this is another method. 

Please see all the ways to travel from Hoi An to Hue in

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